ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machine

Meet the ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machine from Qualipak, a perfect example of efficiency and accuracy in packaging. By using its highly developed tools for automation, you can simplify the process of production in your company which will result in high-quality cartoning of the products with no glitches at all. Take your packaging to a higher level with Qualipak’s proven technology that guarantees reliability and perfection every time.
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Feature Specification
Model ZH-120
Carton Size Range Length: [range] mm, Width: [range] mm, Height: [range] mm
Output Capacity [number] cartons per minute
Power Supply [voltage] V, [frequency] Hz, [power] kW
Machine Dimensions Length: [dimension] mm, Width: [dimension] mm, Height: [dimension] mm
Weight [weight] kg
Material Stainless steel or other specified material
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Operating Interface Touch screen or HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Carton Closing Mechanism Tuck-in, glue, or other specified method
Optional Features Date coding, leaflet insertion, embossing, etc.
Safety Features Emergency stop button, safety guards, etc.

Working Procedures

Cartoning Process: The ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machine operates via a chain of well-coordinated processes that ensure flow-less carton packaging with minimal human intervention. 

Feeding: The machine starts by accurately feeding the products into the specified carton opening stations. This step is important in ensuring product uniformity and avoiding any damage.

Carton Opening: Afterward, this machine quickly opens horizontal cartons with high precision in preparation for receiving the products. This process can handle different types and sizes of cartons without difficulties.

Product Insertion: Once the boxes are opened, precise product insertion takes place based on already established parameters. Accuracy is needed at this stage to avoid mistakes and maintain product quality.

Closure and Sealing: Subsequently, when goods have been properly inserted into the containers, they are securely sealed for content protection. Modern sealing techniques guarantee ideal carton integrity in such cases.

Quality Control: Right from start to finish, quality control systems are employed to detect any anomalies or defects which may occur during processing hence only perfect finished goods will be manufactured using these machines.

Batching and Stacking: Finally, this process ends by batching and stacking the finished cartons according to specific requirements ready for distribution or other processing purposes.



ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machine’s Application Zone Spans Across Industries With Different Packaging Needs And Requirements. Some key applications include:

Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry for example; it assists in packaging tablets, capsules, and vials among others as per required standards expected by regulatory bodies with strict rules on drug commercialization in different countries globally.

Food and Beverage: It ensures sanitary packaging of food as well as beverage products ranging from cereal packages to drink packs while maintaining their freshness so that they can last longer before being consumed by consumers.

Cosmetics: Delicate handling of cosmetic products such as lotions, creams, and perfumes must come hand in hand with attractive packaging. ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machine addresses both aspects, making it possible to improve the look of goods and attract consumers.

Electronics: This machine is preferred by electronics manufacturers when packing different products such as smartphones, tablets, or gadgets among others so that they are safe while in transit or storage.

Automotive: In addition, even in the automotive sector this machine can be utilized for packaging spare parts, accessories, and components to ensure accurate placement with maximum efficiency while ensuring the required level of protection during transportation.



The ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machine has numerous functions that cater to the current needs of modern manufacturing processes. Some key functionalities include:

Automatic Carton Feeding: With this feature, the device automatically feeds carton blanks thus reducing manual intervention and increasing operational efficiency.

Product Orientation and Insertion: Advanced sensors and mechanisms enable correct product orientation and insertion into cartons thus minimizing mistakes while increasing productivity.

Variable Speed Control: The machine provides variable speed control which allows it to handle different production requirements hence bringing flexibility as well as maximizing throughput.

Integrated Quality Control Systems: For purposes of maintaining reputation, built-in quality control systems check for any flawed items thus rejecting them on time before they get out there in markets.

User-friendly Interface: It is made up of intuitive controls and interfaces which make operation as well as maintenance hassle-free thereby reducing downtime and enhancing productivity levels within a company.



Choosing ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machines has its advantages for those involved in the manufacturing industry;

Increased Efficiency; Automating this process results in shorter time spent on production leading to reduced costs on labor translating into higher efficiency levels at the companies’ level

Better Product Quality; However, this equipment assures packaged accuracy resulting in minimal errors or defects hence improving consumer satisfaction arising out from high-quality products 

Cost Savings; When the labor force gets reduced and productivity increases over time, there will be huge cost savings for producers thereby adding up their profits.

Greater Flexibility: The machine can be integrated easily into running production lines since it is very versatile and market demands can be adjusted to it without much problem as it enhances business agility.

Compliance and Consistency: There are industries like food and pharmaceuticals where regulatory standards must be followed while the packaging must also remain consistent. However, this machine ensures conformity with regulations and uniformity of packaging quality.


Roles and Advantages

The ZH-120 automatic cartooning machine performs different roles in the modern manufacturing environment which comes with several benefits as well:

Streamlining Production: This equipment that has automated the process of cartoning aids in speeding up production activities thereby eliminating bottlenecks and increasing overall workflow efficiency.

Ensuring Precision: Packaging should be as precise as possible, particularly for fragile or delicate products. Therefore, this tool ensures accurate handling and packing with minimum mistakes thus promoting product integrity maximization.

Facilitating Scale-up: Its’ properties allow a smooth scale-up when firms expand their operations because they maintain high-quality levels even as business volumes increase; hence, backing up growth and extension process.

Enhancing Competitiveness: Today’s competitive market landscape necessitates operational efficiency coupled with quality for brands to keep ahead. Manufacturers take advantage of using this machinery to optimize production processes thereby delivering better products to the market hence outdoing competitors.

Promoting Sustainability: By minimizing waste, and utilizing resources efficiently, its use has been associated with sustainable manufacturing techniques that align companies with environmental initiatives worldwide and corporate social responsibility objectives generally.



Increased Production Output: With its fast speed functionality plus consistency in performance, this device enables businesses to produce more at a time therefore meeting increased demand effectively.

Reduced Labor Dependency: Automation decreases reliance on human labor making work cheaper due to lowered labor costs while enhancing operational effectiveness.

Enhanced Safety: Office automation technology minimizes workplace injuries by reducing manual handling thus making workplaces safer places for persons employed thereon than before doing otherwise.

Customization Options: It is possible to customize it to accommodate different product sizes and packages as well as various industrial standards thus making it flexible and adaptable.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: This would allow the manufacturing company to take prompt actions based on the data therefore increasing the efficiency of production processes through continuous improvement.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of products can the ZH-120 Automatic Cartoning Machine handle?

The machine can easily handle a variety of things including pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, electronics, or even automotive components.

Is the machine suitable for small-scale production?

Indeed, this machine can be configured in line with differing scales of operation hence ideal for both small-scale and large-scale firms in terms of manufacturing.

How does the machine ensure product quality and integrity?

To achieve uniformity throughout the packaging process, this tool includes advanced sensors as well as quality control mechanisms that help it identify defective items thereby rejecting them consistently.

Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Certainly yes because it is designed such that one can seamlessly integrate it within another already established process due to its scalability and flexibility based on dynamically evolving business needs

What maintenance requirements does the machine have?

There are regular activities that need to be complied with to sustain peak performance. Thus, users will find out how easily they can keep up with tasks such as cleaning, lubricating, or checking components through its user-friendly interface.

That is, there are safety sensors, protective guards, and emergency stop systems to prevent accidents during operations.

Can I get any technical help when using the machine?

Sure, the manufacturer can provide you with technical support regarding installation, training, problem-solving, and maintenance so that you face no problems when running the machine.

What energy levels does this machine consume?

It has components that are designed to save on power through optimization and therefore minimize energy consumption for cost-effective reasons and environmental conservation.


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