SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine

Welcome to the future, Qualipak’s SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine! The packaging process is about to be changed completely with speed and accuracy. The machine is able to do double aluminium packing effortlessly hence increasing efficiency and preserving product quality. Raise your packaging levels with this latest innovation from Qualipak.
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Specification Details
Model SLB-150/220
Packaging Material Aluminum foil
Packaging Type Double aluminum packaging
Packaging Capacity Variable, depending on product and settings
Power Supply 220V AC, 50Hz (other options available)
Power Consumption <Insert power consumption in watts>
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) <Insert dimensions in mm>
Machine Weight <Insert weight in kg>
Control System PLC control with a touchscreen interface
Packaging Speed Adjustable, up to <insert speed> packs/min
Sealing Type Heat sealing
Feeding System Automatic feeding
Suitable Products Pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc.
Optional Features Date coding, batch numbering, etc.
Certification CE, ISO9001, etc.

Efficiency, precision, and reliability are paramount in the field of industrial packaging. The SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine is a game changer in that regard as it offers a seamless resolution to packaging challenges across various sectors. This write-up will cover working processes, applications, functions, benefits, roles, advantages, and FAQS concerning this innovative packaging equipment.


Working Process

For optimum and efficient results in the packaging process, the SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine employs carefully sequenced stages of operation. It follows these steps in its workflow:

Feeding: At this point, the machine receives feeding aluminum material for packaging from a feeding mechanism. It can be rolls or pre-cut sheets depending on what is needed.

Aluminum Forming: Afterward, the machine starts forming the aluminum to take on its required form as per necessity. These may include forming trays or containers among other custom shapes as per product specifications.

Product Placement: After shaping the aluminum material, the finished product is placed into these molded aluminum containers with accuracy. This process requires care to achieve proper alignment with minimal gaps left between the product and the walls of the container.

Sealing: Furthermore, this appliance seals off these aluminium-made packages completely ensuring they remain intact after being closed shut. Sealing provides an added advantage since it prevents contamination or damage from outsiders.

Cutting and Trimming: Finally, there is cutting out excess sheets which happens when sealing has been completed so that everything looks clean and professionally made including neatness around the packaging area enhancing its overall look.

Final Inspection: In addition to being monitored all through its manufacturing process journey; before being released into market shelves it goes through a final inspection stage where any defective units are identified if any among other issues that violate stipulated prescriptions are dealt with hereupon.

Packaging and Labeling: Once the inspection has been carried out successfully upon completion of packaging it enters into the packing and labeling state where labels are put onto them after that among others they can go into boxes or cartons.



The versatility of the SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine allows it to be used in various industries for multiple purposes. It has been found appropriate by many industries in different sectors such as;

Food Industry: These are food items like milk products, chocolates, ready-to-eat meals, and snacks that need to be packed

Pharmaceuticals: Here, hygiene and safety are emphasized through the encapsulation of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, and other medical drugs.

Cosmetics: Beauty creams, lotions, serums etcetera come under this category where product freshness and appeal must be maintained.

Electronics: This means safeguarding electronic components and devices against damage during transit or when being stored away.

Chemicals: contained here are chemicals and hazardous materials thus packaging is done to ensure containment plus follow safety regulations as required by law.



The SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine performs a variety of functions aimed at smoothing out the whole packaging process. Some of the main functions that it performs include:

Forming: Preparing aluminum stock for various product configurations to accommodate them properly within given spaces

Sealing: Producing good seals that will not allow external contaminants or moisture into the product package

Trimming and Cutting: Making clean cuts around excess material to provide a better presentation look on products thus making them more appealing

Product Placement: Ensuring proper positioning of goods within unit packages thereby minimizing waste levels while maximizing space utilization efficiency



The SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine is extensively attractive due to a multitude of merits that make it indispensable for all packaging companies. Here are some of the notable benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency: automated packaging procedures cut down the workload and lead to higher efficiency in general operations.

Productivity Improvement: the machine’s high-speed attribute facilitates quick passage through packs, thus increasing its productivity and outputability.

Better Product Quality: accurate control over the packing methods produces better product quality, ensuring more customer satisfaction.

Reduced Costs: reduced labor cost; low material wastage and maximized use of resources results in considerable savings with time.

Adaptability: varying shapes or sizes of products are supported by this model making it useful for multiple packing requirements such as flexibility and versatility

Security and Compliance: To guarantee the safety of the product under consideration, tight conformity with quality standards has been put in place to avoid breaking industry rules;

Good Reputation: A good reputation comes with good packaging which tells well about any company improving trust among consumers.


Roles and Advantages

When it comes to different actors involved in the packaging process, the SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine has assigned roles as well as special advantages:

Producers: It is a dependable tool for manufacturers intended to streamline production processes, maintain a consistent standard of packing, and satisfy market needs effectively.

Retailers: This enables retailers to have readily available shelf presentation through fantastic-looking packed products that can reach their destination within no time thereby increasing consumer appeal.

Consumers: Thanks to its precision in packing as well as protective sealing capabilities, final users are guaranteed healthy, fresh foodstuff every time they purchase from this automatic double aluminum packager.

Environmentally Friendly Features: The machine also helps save resources and decrease waste materials that affect the environment negatively by curbing carbon emissions made during the production process while promoting green technology measures globally.



What is the maximum speed at which the SLB-150/220 Automatic Double Aluminum Packaging Machine packs?
The machine is capable of speeds up to 220 trays per minute, thereby ensuring a fast throughput and high productivity.

Can the machine accommodate different product sizes and shapes?
Yes, the equipment can handle different products having diverse shapes or sizes. As a result, it has proved itself as very flexible and versatile in packaging operations.

What types of materials can be used with the machine?
This machine is for aluminum packaging materials like rolls or precut sheets that apply to a wide range of uses.

Is the machine easy to operate and maintain?
Absolutely yes! This machine comes with a user-friendly control panel and requires minimal maintenance for ease of use thus avoiding any trouble during maintenance.

Does the machine comply with industry standards and regulations?
Certainly, this apparatus adheres to all industrial requirements thus ensuring quality output as well as safety during the manufacturing process.

Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?
Yes, it works by using existing production lines where it cannot lead to overall inefficiencies in a given company since it can add on the current line without affecting other operations or causing any loss in efficiency

What safety features does the machine incorporate?
The operator’s life is secured by many features including interlocks, emergency stops, and protective guards against accidents within their tracks

Does the machine offer customization options for packaging designs?
Surely, this model can be adjusted so that it suits particular types of packing designs depending on what customers need at any given time.

What is the power consumption of the machine?
Energy consumption may vary with factors such as design specifications and operating conditions allowing energy-efficient modes when required Yes, operators are given all the necessary support and training to enable them to operate the machine effectively and ensure optimal performance.


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