GGS-118P2 Review

This device is an automated machine that fills and seals a variety of liquid products. This equipment is multifunctional as it can work with different viscosities of liquids and containers made of various materials.

Major Characteristics and Advantages

High Precision Filling

The GGS-118P2 uses modern volumetric filling technology for each canister to get filled with the exact amount of liquid required, which minimizes wastage and ensures uniformity in production for quality control purposes.


The device can be used for both thin and thick liquids ranging from water to syrups or creams. The machine can also accommodate various shapes/sizes of the containers thereby allowing diversified packaging options.

Efficiency and Speed

Being designed for high-speed operation, this model can considerably accelerate productivity. To some extent this feature helps to reduce human intervention during manufacturing, thus minimizing labor costs as well as chances for mistakes happening.

Hygienic Design

The pharmaceutical industry must be kept perfectly clean while the food sector has strict requirements regarding hygiene issues. The main material used in constructing GGS-118P2 is stainless steel combined with easily washable parts ensuring compliance with demanding sanitary standards.

User-Friendly Interface

The sophisticated control panel on the machine makes its operations very easy even though it is complicated. Consequently, even an operator should adjust settings on run, keep track records of the procedure, or change them without interrupting workflow.

Sealing Integrity

Its sealability function represents one of the most significant aspects after filling processes are completed by GGS-118P2. These seals maintain hermetic conditions which ensure product safety and satisfaction among consumers at large.

Technical Specifications

To fully understand what the GGS-118P2 does, let us take a closer look at its technical specifications;

Filling Range: The range goes from 1ml up to 50ml making it possible to use the machine for various products and packing sizes.

Production Capacity: The maximum production speed of GGS-118P2 is determined by the viscosity of the liquid being filled and container size, ranging from 80 units per minute.

Accuracy: This device has a filling error of ±1% hence it can save as much product as possible.

Power Supply: The device uses the standard voltage of 220V/50Hz as such suitable within most industrial environments.

Air Pressure: It operates at an air pressure of 0.6-0.8 MPa which is common in many manufacturing sites.

Dimensions: With a small footprint, the machine measures about 2800mm x 1400mm x 1800mm thus it can be placed directly in any production line without significant modifications to available space.

Applications Across Industries

The key advantage of this model is that it can be used in many different sectors depending on their own needs:


Precision has become very important in the drug manufacturing industry. For example, correct dosing and sterile packaging are essential criteria for liquid drugs or medical supplies like saline solution.


As regards cosmetics aesthetics plays a crucial role together with preservation. Consequently, creams may appear attractive when packaged using various viscosities which this equipment handles effectively and beautifully too.

Food and Beverage

Food processing companies must maintain high levels of hygiene at all times, especially during the packaging stage where speed matters a lot. The range varies from juices to ketchup maintaining original taste and freshness.


In the chemical industry dealing with liquids having variable consistencies or those that must not leak while stored makes sense. Thus, GGS-118P2 meets such requirements allowing lines like cleaning fluids or industrial chemicals among others to utilize it seamlessly.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety ranks first among issues related to automated machines; GG S-118P2 did not fail us here.

Safety Shields: The machine is built with safety shields to prevent any accidental contact with mobile parts.

Emergency Stop Function: If the device malfunctions or there is a hazard, operators can promptly stop it by accessing an emergency stop button that is very visible.

Overload Protection: This machine contains overload protection devices that safeguard its components from damage and increase its operational life span.

Maintenance and Support

For machines to last longer and work optimally, maintenance and support are vital:

Easy Maintenance: It is simple to replace many parts of GGS-118P2 since they are easily reachable. In this way, there will be limited downtime while guaranteeing constant operation of the system.

Technical Support: Technical assistance provided by producers typically encompasses such things as operator training, regular maintenance checks, and prompt addressing of any problems that might come up in manufacturing operations.

Availability of spare parts ensures reduced production delays through quick replacement of worn-out or damaged parts.