GGS-118P2 Automatic Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

Qualipak introduces the GGS-118P2 Automatic Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine! Have your production line revolutionized with precision and efficiency. Maximize productivity and quality by filling and sealing liquid products in an integrated manner. For cutting-edge solutions that will take your packaging process to another level, Qualipak is the best option to choose.

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Parameter Specification
Model GGS-118P2
Filling Volume Adjustable, 5ml - 500ml (Customizable upon request)
Filling Accuracy ≤ ±1% (Depends on the nature of the liquid)
Sealing Method Heat sealing or Ultrasonic sealing (Selectable)
Capacity 30 - 100 bottles per minute (Depends on bottle size)
Bottle Diameter 20mm - 100mm (Customizable upon request)
Bottle Height 50mm - 250mm (Customizable upon request)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz (Customizable upon request)
Power Consumption 2.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 - 0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 0.8 m³/min
Machine Weight 800 kg
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 2600mm × 1200mm × 1800mm
Material Stainless steel 304 (Contact parts), Carbon steel (Frame)
Control System PLC control with touch screen HMI
Optional Features Nitrogen flushing system, Date coding system
Safety Features An emergency stop button, Overload protection
Certification CE certified

The GGS-118P2 Automatic Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine takes liquid packaging technology one step ahead of the rest. Developed by major manufacturers to meet increasing demands for efficient liquid packaging solutions, this machine provides the best performance through the combination of advanced automation and precision engineering.


Working Processes

The GGS-118P2 has some coordinated procedures that facilitate the proper filling and sealing of liquid products. The major working processes are as follows:

Liquid Filling: It measures accurately the desired amounts of liquids into containers, therefore ensuring uniformity while minimizing wastage.

Sealing: Containers are sealed tightly after being filled to prevent spoilage and leakage thereby retaining the product quality.

Capping: In some instances, the machines also provide capping services, thus enabling them to fulfill all the tasks involved in packaging.

Labeling: Some versions may be incorporated with labeling features for further streamlining packing process automation.


There is a wide range of industries where GGS-118P2 can be used in different types of liquid packaging including:

Pharmaceuticals: syrup, suspensions, and other liquid medications filling and sealing;

Food & Beverage: packaging for juice, sauce, oil other drinkable stuff;

Cosmetics: cream filling/sealing or lotions/ shampoo among other beauty products;

Chemical: solvents/paint stripper/ thinners/detergents among other chemicals in liquid form package


To optimize its use in handling fluid packages, GGS-118P2 comes equipped. These functions include:

Automatic Filling: Automated measurement and dispensing minimizes human error while maintaining accurate quantities poured into bottles.

Sealing: To prevent leakage and spillage, containers are sealed properly.

Capping: Automatic capping of filled containers adds more convenience hence reducing manual labor.

Customization: The machine can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of the bottles for flexibility in packaging purposes.

Integrated Controls: Packaging operations can be controlled easily using a simple user interface

High-speed Operation: Fast throughput makes it ideal for large-scale liquid packaging hence increasing productivity. These functions act in unison to smoothen the packing process as well as increase its efficiency at large.



For all those manufacturers who want their liquid packaging activities to be even better, GGS-118P2 has quite a lot of advantages as follows:

Increased Efficiency: Automation reduces the need for manual labor, minimizing human error and maximizing throughput.

Improved Accuracy: This ensures that products are filled uniformly by dispensing them accurately improving quality control

Enhanced Productivity: High-speed operation allows rapid packaging of large quantities resulting in high output levels.

Cost Savings: Labour costs are reduced over time with minimal wastages being incurred during production.

Versatility: The adaptability of this machine covers various kinds of liquids and packaging styles thus making it useful in diverse manufacturing situations

Quality Assurance: Sealing bottles prevents contamination or spoilage therefore preserving product freshness and shelf life.

Compliance: Products meet safety requirements set by regulating agencies which ensure that they comply with industry standards

Ease of Integration: Seamless incorporation into existing production lines reduces downtime and disruption experienced when installing new equipment parts,

Reliability: Advanced technology together with sturdy construction design enhances durability and performance over time

Customer Satisfaction: If the customers find out that your brand is not reliable enough, they will stop buying from you. Therefore, consistent quality packaging helps build trust thereby retaining existing clients while attracting new ones thereby maintaining the image of a good product maker on the market, Therefore, this makes the GGS-118P2 a useful tool in the hands of manufacturers who want to improve their liquid packaging processes.


Roles and Benefits

Several crucial roles are played by GGS-118P2 in the manufacturing and packaging ecosystem, each of them with its own set of advantages:

Efficiency Facilitator: This machine automates liquid packaging thus increasing efficiency and allowing manufacturers to achieve desired production levels.

Quality Guardian: The machine ensures constant standards of product quality through accurate measurement and sealing thereby protecting the brand's image and consumer trust.

Innovation Driver: The industry is driven innovatively and competitively forward by continuous advancements in liquid packaging technologies typified by GGS-118P2 machines amongst others.

Scale Enabler: Machines scalability enables manufacturers to cope with market dynamics without compromising on efficiency or quality.

Sustainability Promoter: It minimizes wastage, optimizes resource usage and thus contributes towards sustainable manufacturing practices hence reducing environmental impact. These roles and advantages demonstrate the importance of modern manufacturing and packaging operations that involve the use of GGS-118P2.



What types of liquids can be accommodated by GGS-118P2?
Any kind of liquid like syrups, juices, and creams among others may be used with this machine.

Can it accommodate different container sizes or shapes?
Yes, various container sizes can be fitted into the equipment depending on the packing needs.

Is it easy to operate?
The system has a simple interface that does not require extensive training to make one understand how it works.

How does it ensure accuracy during filling?
Moreover, this helps in precision while measuring as well as dispensing fluids so that deviation during filling is very low.

The throughput capacity for GGS-118P2 is what?
However, given factors such as viscosity, size of the container as well as the required volume for filling varies throughput capacity. In any case, high volumes can also be processed since this machine operates at a high speed.

Does this machine require regular servicing?
Nevertheless, just like any other industrial equipment, it is advisable to have a regular maintenance program for the best performance and longevity. Also, this machine is highly reliable and has very minimal downtime.

Can GGS-118P2 be integrated into an existing production line?
It can seamlessly fit into production lines already in place hence no need for stopping operations during installation.

Is this machine compliant with regulatory requirements?
The machine’s design and manufacturing processes are intended to meet all necessary regulatory standards as well as industry requirements thus assuring product safety and conformity.

What are the safety measures taken by GGS-118P2?
Thus, there are emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors such as those that prevent accidents or protect operators from danger. 



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