GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine

Qualipak presents the GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine. It will help you simplify your packing without much struggle and with a high level of accuracy. Other than this, it is an innovative machine that allows packaging to be done smoothly hence saving time and money in your firm; therefore, Qualipak brings you the best option for all your packaging problems.
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Parameter Specification
Model GSZ-130P
Capacity Up to 130 cartons per minute
Carton Size Range (Length x Width x Height) 50mm – 200mm x 20mm – 80mm x 15mm – 70mm
Power Supply 380V/50Hz, 3 Phase
Power Consumption 3kW
Air Pressure 0.6 – 0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 120 – 160 L/min
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) 2000mm x 1200mm x 1800mm
Weight Approximately 1000 kg
Material Stainless Steel SUS304
Control System PLC Control with Touch Screen Interface
Packaging Material Cardboard, Paperboard, or similar materials
Cartoning Style Automatic Horizontal Cartoning
Features Automatic feeding, forming, filling, and sealing

Given the fast-paced nature of manufacturing, there is a need for efficiency, precision, and reliability. Packaging is not an exception for these attributes. This is where the GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine excels. By revolutionizing the packaging industry, this advanced equipment offers exceptional performance, versatility, and convenience. The GSZ-130P has been redefining how goods are packaged from pharmaceuticals to food products thus providing a seamless resolution to businesses worldwide.

GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine Overview

The GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine is a highly technological equipment that aims at improving the packaging system. It comes with advanced automation technology that enables it to perform different tasks with speed and accuracy. Every step involved in the packing process from folding cartons to inserting products is done by this machine effortlessly.

Working Processes

To ensure optimum efficiency and precision, GSZ-130P operates through several meticulously organized processes. The main working processes of this machine include:

Carton Forming: Flat carton blanks are turned into three-dimensional cartons by the machine.

Product Insertion: After forming the cartons, robotic arms or mechanical systems place products in them.

Carton Closure: Once products are placed securely inside the cartons, adhesive sealing or tucking seals them shut among other techniques used by the machine.

Batch Coding and Labeling: Depending on requirements for traceability and regulatory compliance issues; batch coding as well as labeling may be incorporated in the GSZ-130P.

These processes work smoothly requiring minor human intervention which maximizes efficiency while minimizing the chances of errors occurring along the way.


GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine can be applied across various sectors such as:

Pharmaceuticals: From blister packs to vials, this machinery effectively packages a diverse range of pharmaceutical products under strict conditions set forth by legislation authorities.

Food and Beverage: Cereal boxes or snack pouches are effectively packed using this machine with high precision and speed.

Cosmetics: GSZ-130P is used by cosmetic industries to package their products safely and beautifully. This implies enhancing brand appeal and increasing customer satisfaction.

Consumer Goods: The packaging needs for GSZ-130P range from electronics to household products thereby providing versatility as well as reliability required in such a machine.


The GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine has several functions that contribute significantly to its remarkable performance:

Automatic Operation: The machine can work on its own, thus reducing human intervention and cutting back on labor costs.

Versatile Carton Sizes: It can handle different carton sizes which makes it suitable for packing various kinds of products.

High-Speed Packaging: High throughput is assured by the rapidity of carton forming and product insertion capabilities of GSZ-130P thereby maximizing productivity.

Quality Control: By having built-in sensors, and inspection systems; only defect-free products are packed, thus maintaining quality standards.

Customization Options: For specific packaging requirements, the machine can be tailored offering flexibility alongside adaptability.


GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine comes with many advantages for companies:

Increased Efficiency: Through automation in the packaging process, this equipment speeds up production rates leading to reduced lead times hence overall improved efficiency.

Cost Savings: As time goes by, businesses realize substantial cost savings since they need fewer employees while optimizing resource utilization.

Improved Quality: There is uniformity in the way products are packaged due to precision as well as consistency maintained by the device thus enhancing quality hence satisfying consumers better than before.

Enhanced Safety: By lessening manual handling coupled with minimizing chances of mishaps; safety at the workplace is guaranteed due to GSZ-130P

Market Competitiveness: The GSZ-130P gives businesses a competitive advantage by enabling them to deliver their products more quickly and reliably than their competitors.

Roles and benefits

The GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine has different roles in the packaging industry with its advantages such as:

Streamlined production: Automating repetitive tasks, eliminates redundancies in manufacturing activities, helping firms to focus on innovation and other value-additive processes.

Scalability: As companies expand, the device is capable of handling increased volumes of demand therefore enlarging without disrupting productivity levels.

Regulatory Compliance: In regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, this machine ensures adherence to strict packaging standards as well as regulations thereby reducing risks associated with non-compliance penalties.

Resource Optimization: By using resources efficiently and materials economically, the GSZ-130P reduces waste generation and thus environmental damage hence it is aligned with sustainability goals.

Market Penetration: Through the delivery of goods in attractive cartons that are well-packaged, businesses can be able to reach out to new markets thereby attracting their discerning consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum speed of the GSZ-130P Automatic Cartoning Machine?

GSZ-130P may operate at [“insert speed”] cartons per minute making it suitable for mass-scale off-take situations.

Can the machine accommodate various carton sizes?

Yes. This equipment handles different sizes of boxes and it can be considered versatile and flexible when multiple packaging designs are involved.

Does the machine require frequent maintenance?

Although routine maintenance is essential for optimum performance, this product has a long life span due to its reliability minimizing loss of production period from downtime or costs incurred through servicing requirements.

Is the GSZ-130P suitable for packaging fragile items?

It does not compromise product integrity but still packages delicate items thanks to soft handling mechanisms plus accuracy control systems integrated into it which makes it appropriate for fragile or vulnerable items packaging.

Can the machine be integrated with existing production lines?

Indeed, it is a seamless process that does not disrupt current manufacturing facilities since the GSZ-130P can be assimilated into them.

What safety features does the machine incorporate?

GSZ-130P has emerged as one of the most advanced devices in terms of operator safety because of its emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and protective guarding among others.

Does the machine offer customization options for branding and labeling?

Yes. A company may choose to customize this system to include brand logos, batch coding equipment, or label applicators which enhance the appearance and these are some additional requirements for particular customers.

What are the power requirements for operating the GSZ-130P?

However, standard electrical power sources are typically used. The actual power inputs depend on how it has been arranged and designed though.

How long does it take to set up and calibrate the machine?

This will differ based on factors such as the complexity of the packaging procedure plus any requested changes. But with proper training and guidance, setting up time shall be minimized.

What technical support and maintenance services are available for the GSZ-130P?

It is usually accompanied by manufacturers’ technical support helpline contacts besides other after-sales services like maintenance training to ensure continuous functionality up to the maximum utilization period.


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