Why us

Why us ?

PROBLEMS you may face or have faced:

European equipment is out of budget; Asian equipment has no quality. Various machines from many suppliers, time and money loss, and different standard and capacity machines do not match each other. -No technical communication, URS not understood or followed up, no quality control. Slow reaction, delayed delivery, nobody responsible for your benefit. Improper production process, low productivity, big loss, low-quality medicine. No troubleshooting and maintenance, slow or wrong response, no service.

Solutions QUALIPAK Guarantees

QUALIPAK PHARMACHINE SOLUTIONS, whatever you thought or not:

European standard high-quality machine with favorable price. One-stop service, a total solution for your project, the whole set of machines with uniform standard, steady capacity, and performance. The experienced technical team understands and follows up with URS exactly, controlling the engineering process’s quality. Short reaction time, responsible working faith, complete services, and maximize your benefits. Global technology assistance, optimized process support, increased productivity, and medicine quality. High standard detailed technical and qualification documents, assist customers realize WHO GMP, Cgmp,21CFR part11 compliance. Local-based after-sales service system, in-time, and proper troubleshooting and maintenance guidance.

Qualipak Machinery

Wenzhou, China

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