NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine; it is your solution for efficient packaging. This machine ensures precise sealing and cutting by using advanced technology, maximizing productivity. It is designed to be compact but powerful enough to handle pharmaceuticals, food, and other products. Get reliable equipment from Qualipak for your packaging process. Elevate efficiency, quality, and financial power today.
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Specification Description
Model NSL-350B
Packaging Type Strip Packing
Machine Dimensions (Length) x (Width) x (Height) in mm
Weight Weight of the machine in kg
Power Supply Voltage and Frequency (e.g., 220V, 50Hz)
Power Consumption Maximum power consumption in kW
Capacity Maximum output per hour or minute
Material Construction material (e.g., stainless steel)
Control System Type of control system (e.g., PLC)
Packaging Material Compatible packaging materials (e.g., aluminum)
Features Special features or functions of the machine
Optional Accessories Are any additional accessories available
Certifications Compliance with relevant standards or regulations
Manufacturer Name of the manufacturer or supplier
Warranty Duration and terms of warranty

NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine under principles

The NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine is a complex and updated machine used in the packing of various commodities into strips or pouches. It is designed with modern mechanisms that ensure precision and consistency at all stages of the packaging process. From sealing to cutting, every step is done carefully to achieve the desired results.

Working Process

  1. Feeding: The product for packaging is loaded on the machine through a specific inlet into its system.
  2. Forming: A roll usually containing packaging material comes in contact with the machine which shapes it up resulting in strips or packages.
  3. Filling: Product material itself can be packed inside already shaped ones either by hand or using an automatic system.
  4. Sealing: Pouches or strips are sealed around their edges thereby securing the contents well within them.
  5. Cutting: By sealing these packets and forming continuous packaging material then separate them into individual pouches or strips by cutting them apart.
  6. Discharge: Packaged products are released by this machinery ready for distribution or further processing purposes.


The NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine finds extensive applications across various industries, including:

Pharmaceuticals: This device is used to pack tablets, capsules, pills, and other pharmaceutical products in easily handled strips before distribution and retailing.

Food and Beverages: This equipment packages snacks such as chips one serving at a time as well as condiments, and seasonings among other food items/products.

Cosmetics: Beauty creams and gels are packed using an NSL-350B strip packing machine efficiently among other cosmetic skincare products.

Household Products: Detergent pods, wipes, and disposable razors are packaged in these strip forms for ease of usage storage, etc

Hardware & Tools: Small hardware parts and tools can be distributed and packed securely in strings meant for sale to end-users or industrial use.


The NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine is equipped with several essential functions to facilitate efficient packaging operations:

Automatic Feeding: The device is installed with automatic feeding mechanisms which ensure that products are constantly available for packaging

Precise Forming: Advanced forming technology ensures consistent dimensions of pouches or strips

Accurate Filling: Use of the machine ensures the right amount of filling avoiding wastage and compromising product quality, as it can handle powders, granules, liquids, or solid products.

Sealing Integrity: This gadget employs specialized sealing mechanisms, which guarantees tight seals enhancing security against contamination and tampering.

Efficient Cutting: The high-speed cutting mechanisms minimize waste by quickly separating the packaged items from the continuous packaging material.

Customization Options: The machine may be adjusted to accommodate various packing materials, types of goods as well as formats thus providing flexibility in manufacturing processes.


The NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine offers a myriad of benefits to manufacturers and businesses alike:

Increased Efficiency: By automating the packaging process, this machinery reduces manual labor hence enhancing overall efficiency and productivity

Enhanced Product Quality: With better control over filling and sealing activities it has a more consistent product quality and better packaging integrity thereby improving brand reputation.

Cost Savings: Reduced labor costs and minimized material wastage translate into substantial cost savings for manufacturers in the long run.

Faster Time-to-Market: Quick packing of goods enables new products to be introduced at the market at a faster rate.

Improved Safety: Automated processes, as well as manual packaging operations, decrease the danger of accidents and harm that may result to the workers during work.

Versatility: This means that the machine can be used in various manufacturing applications as it can handle different products and materials for packaging.

Roles and advantages

Primary Role: Usually, the NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine’s main role is to automate the packaging process starting right from forming pouches or strips up to filling, sealing, and cutting thus optimizing production efficiency.

Advantages: Several benefits are associated with this machine which include advanced technology, precision engineering, and versatility such as increased productivity, improved product quality, cost savings, and improved workplace safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which products are possible to be packaged with an NSL-350B strip packing machine?

The machine is applicable for packaging a variety of items including drugs, food and beverages, cosmetics, household goods as well and hardware.

Does the machine work for large-scale and small-scale production?

NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine is engineered to suit both small-scale and large-scale production needs that have varying demands.

Does the machine accommodate different packaging materials?

Yes, the collection of materials used in packaging including aluminum foil, laminate, and plastic films can be put into it allowing manufacturers more flexibility.

What should one consider while selecting a strip packing machine for any given application?

When choosing a strip packing machine some factors must be considered such as production volume requirement, product type, packaging material, desired output speed as well as budget.

Must the NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine be frequently maintained?

However modern designs require regular servicing so that they will provide optimum performance and extend the life of the equipment. But once again it is good to note that the latest versions have been made with ease of maintenance in mind hence minimal downtime.

Can your machines work within existing lines of production?

Very easily, the NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine can fit well within existing production lines which is important in optimizing workflow effectiveness.

What safety measures are included in this system to avoid accidents?

Normally there are built-in safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective guarding panels, or sensors designed to minimize cases of accidents or injuries related to machines operation.

Do you train operators about how the NSF 350b strip packing machine works before selling it out?

However basic operator training on how this particular machinery works and device controls may be quite useful whereas current models are especially user-friendly requiring little or no learning process at all.

How fast does NSL-350b typically pack its products?

Nevertheless based on various things like the product being packed and pack format, the machine’s speed can vary from one type of strip packing device to another but it is possible to get fast speeds with which present models are capable of making high volumes in production.

Can you adjust the machine to suit a given packaging need?

Indeed, the NSL-350B Strip Packing Machine is flexible since it comes with different alternatives as well as setups that can be matched together to fulfill unique packaging requirements by manufacturers.


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