DPH-250 High Speed Blister Packaging Machine

Experience unmatched efficiency with Qualipak’s DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine. Engineered for precision and speed, this cutting-edge equipment ensures seamless packaging of your products, optimizing production workflow. Elevate your packaging standards with Qualipak, where innovation meets reliability. Boost productivity and quality effortlessly with our state-of-the-art solution.

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Specification Details
Model DPH-250
Packaging Type Blister Packaging
Speed High Speed
Maximum Forming Area [Measurement]
Forming Depth [Measurement]
Maximum Output [Measurement] per hour
Material [Type of Material]
Power Requirement [Voltage, Frequency, Power Consumption]
Air Pressure Requirement [Pressure Requirement]
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Weight [Measurement]
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The DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine is an advanced system that will simplify the creation of blister packs. The process involves sealing products in between a formed plastic cavity and a backing card to create a secure and visually attractive package. This makes the DPH-250 perfect for this job since it has high-speed operation without compromising on quality.


Working Processes

The principles behind the working of DPH-250 involve several precise steps to ensure effective blister packaging:

Material Feeding: It begins by feeding into the system, which could be a roll of plastic film that contains the packaging material.

Forming: After heating up, forming tools are used to mold the film into the desired blister shape.

Product Loading: Depending on the configuration, products can be manually or automatically put into these created blisters.

Sealing: A backing card or some more layer of film is then used by the machine to seal it once all items have found their places.

Cutting: Lastly, sealed blister packs are cut out from the remaining film and separated for distribution purposes.



This machine finds its uses across various industries such as:

Pharmaceuticals: It is a common practice to use it for packing tablets capsules and other pharmaceuticals ensuring safety and wholesomeness.

Food and Beverage: Individual foodstuffs like candies chewing gum single serving snacks etc can be accurately packed using this machine.

Consumer Goods: It protects consumer goods such as electronic components batteries toys among others with visibility in mind during the packaging process.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: Cosmetic skincare toiletries can be attractively packaged using DPH-250 in the form of ‘blister packs’.

Hardware and Tools: These include small hardware items, tools, and accessories that need easy storage/retail display hence they ought to be packed with ease using this specific machine.



To facilitate efficient and reliable packing processes, the DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine performs several critical functions which include:

High-Speed Operation: This machine operates at high speeds due to its advanced technology hence increasing throughput.

Precision Forming: DPH-250 will make blister cavities in various shapes and sizes so that they can accommodate different products accurately.

Automatic Feeding: It eliminates manual intervention by automatically feeding packaging materials and products.

Sealing and Cutting: Blister packs are securely sealed while they are sized down precisely such that packages appear professional.

Customization Options: Packaging design is fully customizable with this machine, enabling branding, labeling, and embossing among others.

Quality Control: Quality control is part of the system used for ensuring standardization, consistency, and reliability in packing.



The DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine has several benefits to manufacturers and consumers as well. These include:

Improved Efficiency: Automating the packaging process and speeding up production, boosts efficiency and cuts labor costs across the board.

Enhanced Product Protection: Moisture tampering or destruction of goods during transportation or handling are some of the reasons why blister packs provide excellent protection against product integrity throughout the supply chain

Space Optimization: The small size makes it ideal for saving floor space both in manufacturing facilities as well as retail establishments.

Versatility: The DPH-250 can be employed within a variety of industries because it can handle numerous kinds of products and packaging materials. This helps companies reduce costs on procurement, transportation, and warehousing activities related to diverse industries

Cost-Effectiveness: Yet while being sophisticated, DPH-250 is an affordable solution when it comes to packing with a high return on investments (ROI).

Brand Visibility: Blister packs have clear visibility of their contents which enhances brand visibility thus capturing consumer attention from shelves in retail outlets.

Environmental Sustainability: In terms of environmental sustainability, their materials could be made recyclable thereby reducing carbon footprint.


Roles and Advantages

The DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine has several functions in the packaging industry with each accompanied by different benefits:

Production Efficiency: It ensures that producers meet the excessive demand quickly thus increasing productivity and profitability through high speeds and automation capabilities.

Product Protection: The machine encloses products in blister packs tightly hence protecting them from elements such as moisture, dust, or contamination which lower their quality and shelf life.

Market Competitiveness: A company’s competitiveness is enhanced when it invests in advanced packaging technology like the DPH-250 which improves product presentation, reduces time-to-market, and matches consumer preferences for convenience and reliability.

Customization and Branding: Companies can customize their packages using this machine thereby incorporating branding features, promotional messages, and product information to improve brand identity and customer involvement.

Supply Chain Optimization: The blisters are easy to handle; store and transport goods in the entire supply chain whereby there is the least possibility of damage or loss occurring resulting in timely delivery to consumers at the end of it all.



What products can be packaged by using a DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine?
A wide range of products can be packaged using this machine including drugs, foodstuffs, household commodities, beauty products, as well as hardware components.

Can small-scale production be done by DPH-250 or does it only target large-scale manufacturing?
This equipment accommodates both small-scale and large-scale production needs while allowing flexibility and scalability for businesses with different requirements.

Can DPH 250 work on multiple materials like PVC as well as PET or aluminum foil?
It is designed to process different materials and hence can work with various alternatives available for fabrication

Is it necessary for one to have expertise in operating or maintaining the DPH-250?
Although maintenance must be performed regularly so that optimal performance may be achieved; still users do not necessarily require being tech savvy since it is a user-friendly machine.

What safety features are included in the DPH-250 for the prevention of accidents or injuries?
This machine features safety guards, emergency stop buttons as well as sensor systems for the prevention of machine malfunctioning and guaranteeing worker protection when it is put to use.

Does DPH 250 allow customization of packaging designs and sizes?
Yes, the machine can provide various options for customizing each design. These include blister cavity shapes, sizes, and branding elements according to the requirements

What is the “normal” speed of production achieved by this DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine?
This depends on product size, packaging material used, and configuration of the equipment among other factors. However, it could go up to [insert speed]packs per minute.

Do you give operators any training on how to operate a DPH-250?
Yes, manufacturers usually train operators so that they can work well with the appliance safely and efficiently.

Can a DPH-250 be integrated into existing packing lines or manufacturing systems?
Yes, this machine fits seamlessly into existing packaging lines or production systems that come with diverse configurations as well as workflows.

How long is the expected life span for this DPH-250 High-Speed Blister Packaging Machine?
With proper maintenance practices and care taken while using it; it stays longer thus giving very many years of consistent service delivery. 



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