GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine

The GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine by Qualipak is here! Make your packaging operation simpler with this machine which runs fast and accurately. This advanced machine will carry out efficient cartoning thereby saving you time and other resources. It’s the ultimate answer for seamless packing in various industries. Experience Qualipak’s ingenuity in boosting your production today!
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Feature Specification
Model GSZ-120P
Carton Size Range Length: 50mm – 200mm<br>Width: 20mm – 120mm<br>Height: 15mm – 90mm
Speed Up to 120 cartons per minute
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 10 m³/h
Machine Weight 1200 kg
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 3000mm x 1200mm x 1800mm
Material Stainless steel
Control System PLC control system with touchscreen interface
Feeding System Automatic feeding of products
Carton Closing Hot melt glue or tuck-in closure
Optional Features Date coding, leaflet inserting, embossing, etc.

GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine Overview

GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine is an advanced machine used for automating the process of cartoning. Its cutting-edge technology allows for easy integration into diverse production lines in different industries. From pharmaceutical blister packs to foodstuff and cosmetic products, among other products, this machine is excellent in handling a wide variety of goods ensuring flawless, cost-effective packing.

Working Procedures

The GSZ-120P works through several consecutive processes that are all coordinated very well thus contributing to its effectiveness and dependability at large:

Product Feeding: The first step involves feeding the forthcoming carton products into the loading area. This can be done either manually or automatically depending on requirements.

Carton Erecting: The machine erects flat carton blanks into the desired shape so they can accommodate the product to be inserted.

Product Insertion: Once assembled, the merchandise is carefully inserted into the boxes. This task requires precision in order not to damage any of them and also maintain uniformity in packaging.

Carton Closure: After putting in place the items, such flaps as adhesives or tuck-ins are used to shut up cases tightly.

Batch Coding and Printing: There even exist some versions of GSZ-120P with batch coding and printing capabilities that enable applying important details including barcodes, batch numbers, and expiry dates onto those boxes.

Carton Ejection: Finally, sealed cartons come out ready for distribution or further processing sessions from this device.


The adaptability of GSZ-120P makes it usable across various industries for various applications:

Pharmaceuticals: In the healthcare industry this includes – tablets, capsules blister packs, and vials packed using GSZ-120Ps’ within set regulatory standards governing pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Food & Beverages: For instance; breakfast cereal boxes snack packs beverage containers etc., packed using GSZ-120Ps to maintain freshness and integrity.

Cosmetics: For instance, cosmetic companies use the GSZ-120P for packaging skincare products, makeup items, and fragrance sets in beautiful cartons that enhance brand appeal and customer satisfaction.

Consumer Goods: From electronic gadgets to home appliances, a GSZ-120P plays a crucial role in packaging different consumer goods which protects them while in transit and improves their visibility on the shelf.

Medical Devices: These include medical devices such as syringes, medical kits, and diagnostic equipment among other things packed using the GSZ-120Ps providing sterile and tamper-evident packaging for healthcare applications.

GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine Functions

GSZ-120P has several functions that ensure efficient cartooning:

Automatic Carton Loading: It aids in automatically loading carton blanks thus reducing human intervention and leading to process efficiency.

Adjustable Carton Sizes: The GSZ-120P is capable of handling various sizes of packages due to its adjustable settings hence can be used for various packing purposes.

Precision Product Insertion: Product wastages are minimized because developers have installed modern sensors and mechanisms that enable accurate product placement into containers thus improving product outlooks.

Integrated Coding and Printing: On some models of this machine there are integrated coding and printing systems that help in placing essential details on the boxes thereby supporting traceability as well as adherence to regulations governing them.

Carton Sealing Options: This machine offers multiple options for sealing cartons like adhesive-sealed or tuck-in flaps which cater to varied types of packaging requirements.

User-Friendly Interface: GSZ-120P has intuitive controls together with a user-friendly interface making it easy to operate minimizing training time and hence increasing operator productivity/savings(encouraging less time put into training new operators).

High-Speed Operation: It works at higher speeds enabling quick throughput rates without compromising quality.

Quality Control Mechanisms: Packaging errors are detected by built-in quality control mechanisms and rectified, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Robust Construction: The GSZ-120P is made of strong materials with many precise components making it capable of withstanding harsh production environments thus providing durability.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics: Real-time performance monitoring, as well as troubleshooting, can be done through remote monitoring and diagnostics settings in some models to reduce downtimes.

Benefits of the GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine

There are numerous benefits attached to this type of machine for manufacturers who would like to optimize their packaging processes:

Improved Efficiency: Labor costs are saved when using the GSZ-120P which automates cartoning thereby improving efficiency with increased throughput on top of it.

Enhanced Accuracy: For accurate packaging that minimizes errors and rework, the machine features precision product insertion and quality control mechanisms.

Cost Savings: Manufacturers using the GSZ-120P save money through reduced labor requirements, minimized wastage, and increased productivity.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: It has an integrated coding and printing system which complies with regulatory standards thus ensuring that essential information is accurately applied to cartons.

Faster Time-to-Market: Speedy operation coupled with efficient packaging facilities allows for faster time-to-market packaged products hence giving manufacturers a competitive advantage against others.

Versatility: Its capability to package a wide range of products as well as carton sizes makes the machine suitable for different packaging applications hence enhancing manufacturing flexibility.

Improved Product Presentation: As a way of enhancing brand perception along with customer appeal, accurate product insertion together with secure carton sealing enhances the presentation of packaged products. 

Reduced Risk of Product Damage: To minimize risk arising from damage during the packaging process, the GSZ-120P ensures gentle handling of these items so that their integrity remains intact for customer satisfaction. 

Scalability: By allowing flexible production volumes ranging from small-scale operations to high-volume manufacturing, the GSZ-120P is a versatile investment for manufacturers catering to varying production needs. 

Reliability and Durability: The machine is highly reliable due to its robust construction as well as advanced technology in use hence minimizing maintenance costs and downtime.

Roles and Advantages of GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine in Manufacturing

GSZ-120P has many benefits when it comes to modern manufacturing:

Streamlined Production: By automating cartonization, the GSZ-120P eases congestion in production units leading to optimized workflow efficiency.

Consistent Quality: Consistency of packaging quality is assured by the firm’s precision together with quality control mechanisms, thus increasing product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Manual Labor: When manual labor is automated, this process eliminates labor costs reducing human errors associated with cartoning.

Increased Productivity: GSZ-120P enhances productivity through high-speed running while offering efficient packaging methods thereby enabling manufacturers to handle demand effectively.

Adaptability to Market Demands: It is versatile enough for rapid response to changing market demands; hence sustaining competitiveness within dynamic industries. 

Improved Traceability: With integrated coding and printing systems, accurate tracking plus traceability of packaged products are possible which means that there will be good supply chain visibility as well as regulatory compliance. 

Enhanced Safety: Automating repetitive tasks will minimize the chances of workplace injuries commonly associated with manual work on the same project hence a safer environment for all workers.

Optimized Resource Utilization: To support sustainable manufacturing practices involving reduction in waste output and environmental impact, the machine uses resources such as materials and energy efficiently. 

Competitive Advantage: Efficiency, quality, and agility are some of the competitive advantages that come along with the adoption of GSZ-120P making them successful in the marketplace. 

Future-Proofing: Through investing in advanced automation technologies like GSZ-120P, manufacturers future-proof their operations so that they are ready for industry advancements and market trends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which kinds of items can be packaged by the GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine?

Inclusive in the GSZ-120P are pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, general consumer products, and medical devices among others.

Can the machine produce cartons of different sizes?

Yes, the GSZ-120P is adjustable for a variety of carton sizes so that it can accommodate various packaging requirements.

Are there batch coding and printing options available on this machine?

For this reason, some versions of GSZ-120P come with built-in coding and printing systems that put necessary information onto packages to help trace it and meet regulatory standards.

How does GSZ-120P ensure the quality of a product during its packaging?

Through the use of advanced sensors as well as quality control mechanisms, this machine allows for accurate placement of goods into cartons and taping them up correctly minimizing mistakes and ensuring consistent pack quality.

Is the GSZ-120P designed for high-volume production?

Certainly, by working at high rates and being scalable as production increases it is ideal for small-scale manufacturers as well as large-scale ones.

Why should one choose the GSZ-120P Automatic Cartoning Machine?

These are improved efficiency levels, enhanced accuracy ratings; cost savings issues related to process optimization; faster time-to-market factors; increased versatility aspects; compliance with regulatory authorities’ standards; and more reliable equipment.


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