NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine

Precision and efficiency revolutionize the packaging process via Qualipak’s NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine. This sleek, flexible machine guarantees uniform sealing of pharmaceuticals, food, and others. It is user-friendly with controls that are easy to operate and long-lasting design which will streamline your operations while enhancing your product presentation. Upgrade with Qualipak for unbeatable packaging solutions.
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Parameter Specification
Model NSL-260B
Packing Material PVC/PE/PTP/AL
Max. Film Width 260mm
Max. Forming Depth 12mm
Max. Speed 30-120 packs/min (depending on material and size)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz, 1.6kW
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 2400mm × 950mm × 1450mm
Weight 800kg
Compressed Air Pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air Consumption ≥0.3m³/h
Noise ≤70dB(A)
Optional Features Embossing, Coding, Perforation, Easy tear, Photocell
Control System PLC Control

Explanation of the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine

The NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine is a sophisticated machine used to pack pharmaceuticals, food products, and other similar items in long narrow strips. It works on the principle of creating continuous strips of packing material around each product thereby ensuring that it remains safe during transportation.

Working Processes

For efficient packaging, the working process of NSL-260B takes several sequential steps, which include:

  1. Feeding: Items are manually or automatically fed into the machine through a conveyor system.
  2. Forming: The rolls of packaging materials normally take shape in the form of strips that surround products.
  3. Sealing: Packaging material edges are sealed for safe enclosure of products inside.
  4. Cutting: Packages are then cut into individual units by cutting lengths from formed and sealed strip packages.
  5. Discharging: After being packed, the finished products leave the machine for further processing or distribution.


The NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine finds applications across various industries, including:

  1. Pharmaceutical: Strips containing tablets, capsules, and other medicines are packaged.
  2. Food: Packets carrying confectioneries like sweets, chewing gum, and snacks are done individually using this equipment.
  3. Cosmetics: Lip balms, sachets, and sample packs fall under this category too.
  4. Household: The likes of batteries as well as wipes plus small hardware components can be packaged using it amongst others.


Several critical functions essential for efficient packaging operations are performed by the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine including;

  1. Forming; produces continuous strips out of all packing materials wrapping up their items,
  2. Sealing; ensures hermeticity (airtight sealing) on closure as well as tamper evidence thus maintaining product purity,
  3. Cutting; accurately cuts these produced strips to make individual pieces,
  4. Monitoring; regulates several parameters like temperature, pressure, and speed in ensuring quality standards are maintained,
  5. Control; the user can set different packaging specifications to suit any product and packing material.


Numerous advantages accrue to manufacturers and packagers from using the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Automates the packaging process resulting in reduced manual labor and increased throughput.
  2. Enhanced Product Protection: Securely packages products against damage, contamination, or tampering.
  3. Versatility: It has a wide range of applications for different products and materials used in manufacture thus making it versatile during production.
  4. Consistency: Reduces wastage as well as possible rework by maintaining consistent packaging quality.
  5. Space-saving: It has a small footprint which makes it fit in limited space areas within factories where it is installed.

Roles and Advantages

In the production environment, the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine serves critical roles and offers distinct advantages:

  1. Primary Packaging: Acts as a primary packaging solution for individual products giving them the first layer of protection,
  2. Secondary Packaging: creates pre-packaged units ready for bundling or display hence facilitating secondary packaging processes,
  3. Cost Reduction: ensures optimization of material use therefore low labor demand leading to decreased cost per unit
  4. Regulatory Compliance: effective labeling and proper packaging help manufacturers adhere to regulatory guidelines,
  5. Market Competitiveness: since looks matter in marketing, improving product presentation boosts competitiveness on shelves for instance.

Advantages in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine offers additional advantages within the pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Batch Traceability: The machine provides unique identification marks that allow traceability of drugs belonging to specific batches.
  2. Dosage Accuracy: It achieves precision when dispensing medicines hence ensuring dosage consistency with subsequent patient safety maintenance
  3. Compliance Packaging: medication can be sorted into daily and weekly doses for patient convenience.
  4. Tamper Resistance: This enhances the security of pharmaceutical products by providing tamper-evident seals.
  5. Extended Shelf Life: This protects drugs from any environmental factors thereby increasing their shelf life and efficiency.

Advantages in the Food Industry

In the same way, the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine has some specific advantages as far as the food industry is concerned:

  1. Freshness Preservation: It seals food items within airtight packages to maintain their authentic smell and flavor.
  2. Portion Control: Provides for portion control by having individual units of meals.
  3. Brand Visibility: The personalized designs on packages help develop brand recognition.
  4. Hygiene Maintenance: This ensures that packing materials are hygienic hence there can be no contamination or food spoilage.
  5. Convenience Packaging: For takeaway snacks, it makes grab-and-go packaging possible while you are on the move.

Advantages in Cosmetics and Household Industries

Unique benefits of using NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine in cosmetics and household industries include;

  1. Sample Packaging: A low-cost method of packaging sample sizes of cosmetics intended for promotion purposes.
  2. Customization Options: To suit particular brand requirements, packing formats, sizes, and designs can be changed upon request
  3. Shelf Space Optimization: Visually attractive yet small-sized package types maximize the exploitation of shelf space
  4. Product Protection: Protects fragile cosmetic products during shipping or storing from being damaged
  5. Brand Differentiation: Innovative packaging solutions and branding strategies help brands stand out in the market.Inv%20more…


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which kind of Products Can Be Packaged Using the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine?

NSL-260B is versatile enough to accommodate pharmaceutical products, foods, and beverages including confectionaries, beauty materials, and personal care items among others plus other household items.

Can perishable foodstuffs be packed by this machine?

Yes, indeed because the machine offers air-tight sealing which protects perishables.

How will NSL-260B ensure packaging accuracy?

The machine uses its precise control system, monitoring and adjusting variables such as temperature, pressure, and speed to ensure that the packets are accurate.

Can the machine handle different packaging materials?

Yes, the NSL-260B is compatible with a range of packaging materials including foil, PVC, and laminated film among others.

What maintenance is required for the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine?

Cleaning; lubrication and checking of parts must be done regularly to maintain it in proper running condition. Further still preventive schedules as per manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed.

Does the machine offer customization options for packaging designs?

Yes, this particular model can be adjusted to fit various package formats – shape size branding elements according to individual customer requirements

How does it cope with product shapes and sizes that vary from one another?

The NSL-260B has adjustable settings and tooling enabling it to accommodate many types of products with different shapes as well as sizes hence compatible with diverse product lines.

Is there an operator training program for using the NSL-260B Strip Packing Machine?

This is necessary to acquaint them with its operational techniques and maintenance procedures besides observing safety measures.

What safety features are incorporated into the machine?

To avoid accidents while using this machine emergency stop buttons have been fitted alongside other interlocks thereby making it safe for an operator who uses fingers instead of gloves.

Can the machine integrate with existing production lines?

NSL-260B can be easily integrated into a production line or act as standalone equipment depending on specifications.


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