HDZ-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine

Introducing the Quaipak’s HDZ-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine, an advanced way of packaging. It can help to simplify your production line through its highly automated automation, handling cartons with precision and flexibility in its performance. It will increase productivity as well as ensure high-quality products at the same time reducing labor charges. Let Qualipak upgrade the game of packaging for you.
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Parameter Specification
Model HDZ-100
Production Capacity 50-100 cartons/min (depending on product)
Carton Size Range Length: 70-200mm; Width: 25-80mm; Height: 15-60mm
Power Supply 380V 50Hz (three-phase)
Power Consumption 1.5kW
Compressed Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Air Consumption 120-160L/min
Machine Dimension (L×W×H) 1600mm×1000mm×1800mm
Net Weight 800kg
Control System PLC control
Operating Interface Touch screen
Material Stainless steel 304
Cartoning Material Cardboard cartons
Carton Folding Method Automatic
Carton Closing Method Automatic
Carton Coding Optional
Certification CE

Operation Phrases

A system of processes that are highly engineered, the HDZ-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine, results in fast and accurate cartooning of the products. Its operating processes include:

Product Feeding: To put them for cartooning, the machine takes products from the production line either through manual means or any automated feeding systems.

Carton Erecting: The blank cartons are erected into desired shapes and sizes to accommodate the items.

Product Insertion: This involves placing products inside formed cases with an emphasis on correct alignment and positioning.

Carton Closure: Different techniques such as gluing tuck-in flaps, or adhesive tape are used by this machine to seal the tightly shut cartons.

Quality Control: Throughout the process, HDZ-100 integrates quality control mechanisms for error detection and correction to ensure that packed products are not compromised.

Carton Discharge: After sealing, these cartons exit from the machine ready for distribution purposes or further processing.


HDZ-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine can be used across a wide range of industries because it is highly flexible. Some applications include;

Pharmaceuticals: Tablets, capsules, vials as well as other medicines forms part of what HDZ – 100 does during the packaging process within the pharmaceutical industry (Tanguturi et al., 2011).

Food and Beverage: Packaged food such as snacks as well as beverage sachets require proper cartoning for freshness and hygiene thus this can be done using this particular machine (Tanguturi et al., 2011).

Cosmetics: Packaging creams, lotions serums among other beauty products is one of the tasks performed by HDZ-100 hence it ensures product integrity and aesthetic appeal (Tanguturi et al., 2011).

Consumer Goods: There are so many things like electronics household items personal care materials etc. which need packaging therefore while doing this manufacturers use the HDZ-100 (Tanguturi et al., 2011).

Automotive: They package automotive parts, components, and accessories for better inventory management and logistics purposes (Tanguturi et al., 2011).


HDZ-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine is a packaging machine that has many functions that are aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of packaging. The key functions include;

Automatic Carton Erecting: This eliminates the need for manual intervention by deploying machines during the carton erecting process hence it speeds up packaging.

Product Orientation and Insertion: To minimize mistakes or wastage related to product orientation in cartons; HDZ-100 employs precision-guided mechanisms in guiding products into cartons (Tanguturi et al., 2011).

Adjustable Speed and Settings: Since production demands may change from time to time, operators can vary the machine’s speed as well as settings to accommodate different product specifications thus increasing throughput.

Integrated Quality Control: It helps to identify defects in products or with packaging materials as they happen immediately thus safeguarding consumer interests (Tanguturi et al., 2011).

Versatile Carton Closure Options: Different carton closure methods have been provided by the machine due to customization sealing solutions based on product requirements/packaging preferences (Tanguturi et al., 2011).

User-friendly Interface: Operator training periods can be cut down by having user-friendly interfaces plus controls that are easily understandable hence reducing operation as well as maintenance costs (Lan et al., 2018).


The benefits of adopting the HDZ-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine for its users especially producers include:

Increased Efficiency: It significantly improves production efficiency due to automation of cartoning process thereby reducing cycle times and labor costs.

Enhanced Accuracy: Errors in product placement or rework due to inaccurate sealing can be minimized by using precision-guided mechanisms.

Cost Savings: The packaging process is made efficient through the reduction of waste in materials, reduced labor expenses, and better resource utilization (Lan et al., 2018).

Compliance and Consistency: This machine ensures adherence to standards as well as continuity in product packaging with the help of its built-in quality control features.

Scalability: Due to its modular design, HDZ-100 can be scalable, allowing for growing production volumes and changing business requirements.

Improved Brand Image: High-quality packaging consistently enhances brand image and consumer perception thereby creating loyalty and market position.

Roles and Advantages

The modern manufacturing and packing activities have several pivotal roles that the HDZ-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine plays whereby each of them is associated with distinctive advantages:

Primary Packaging: The machine acts as a primary packaging solution since it is in direct contact with the product thus ensuring its protection, containment, and presentation in the retail environment.

Secondary Packaging: In terms of secondary packaging applications, HDZ-100 facilitates primary package bundling/grouping/unitizing hence streamlining handling logistics.

Tertiary Packaging: When products reach the tertiary packaging stage, they are usually palletized, stretch-wrapped, or containerized by the machine before being placed into bulk quantity quantities storage or distribution areas.

Supply Chain Optimization: Through automation of packaging processes; this machine optimizes supply chain operations by reducing lead times reducing inventory levels while improving order fulfillment capabilities

Customization and Personalization: With adjustable settings alongside versatile configurations, HDZ 100 allows customization/personalization of its packages catering to different market preferences/requirements.

Sustainability: This machine achieves sustainability through efficient material use and waste reduction measures that minimize environmental impacts while promoting responsible packaging practices.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are some examples of products that can be handled by the cartooning machine HDZ-100?

This can range from pharmaceuticals to foodstuffs and beverages also cosmetics as well as consumer goods including automotive parts among others within its wide product range.

Can the machine handle small-scale production or large-scale manufacturing?

Highly flexible (versatile) regarding capacity, it accommodates both low-scale as well as high-scale productions with varying speed rates depending on customer’s requirements.

How does this system help in ensuring product integrity and quality control?

HDZ-100 includes advanced sensors and detectors for real-time quality control, which can detect defects or irregularities in the product or packing materials therefore sending a signal to maintain the integrity of the product.

Can the machine handle different carton sizes and closure methods?

The HDZ-100 is flexible enough to work with diverse sizes of cartons as well as different methods of closing hence can be customized according to the packaging preferences and specifications of a particular product.

What are the maintenance requirements for this kind of cartooning machine, and how should it be handled?

To achieve maximum performance and life span, regular maintenance including proper cleaning, lubrication as well as inspection of components is necessary. Follow manufacturer guidelines on maintenance procedures

Does this system necessitate any special training so that operators can operate it?

Even though HDZ-100 has an interface that is friendly to users, basic training about how to use its control settings and maintenance would be useful for those who will run this machine.

Can one integrate this machine into existing production lines?

Yes, HDZ-100 is designed with features that allow easy integration into existing production line layouts through configurable versions depending on specific layout configurations/workflow processes.

What are its power consumption levels and other environmental factors for instance?

HDZ-100 has been engineered towards high energy efficiency where the newest technology systems have been incorporated driving down overall power consumption besides having minimal environmental impacts thus promoting responsible packaging practices using sustainable design.

Is technical support available in case troubleshooting or maintenance issues arise?

Manufacturers often offer comprehensive technical support services such as troubleshooting assistance, guidance on maintenance operations availability of spare parts meant for continuous operation.

The cost of the HDZ-100 varies depending on factors like configuration, capacity as well as additional features. However, efficiency, dependability, and long-term cost savings justify the expenditure for many firms that want to optimize their packaging operations.


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