SL-254 Side Labeling Machine

The SL-254 Side Labeling Machine by Qualipak! Make your packaging more streamlined, precise, and efficient. It is a multipurpose machine that can be used for flawless branding of products and labels. To make this possible, Qualipak has come up with an innovative solution that will see you increase productivity and improve the quality of your packaging.
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Parameter Specification
Model SL-254
Labeling Speed Up to 150 labels per minute
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm
Label Height 10mm – 180mm
Label Length 15mm – 300mm
Bottle Diameter 30mm – 110mm
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Machine Weight Approximately 150kg
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 2000mm x 1100mm x 1300mm
Control System PLC control with a touchscreen interface
Conveyor Speed Adjustable
Material Stainless steel SUS304
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Air Consumption 60L/min
Operating Environment Temperature: 10°C – 40°C; Humidity: 15% – 85% RH

Today’s manufacturing landscape is very dynamic and efficiency, and precision optimization are essential. The SL-254 Side Labeling Machine is a game changer in labeling processes across industries. This article will look at the details of SL-254 by examining how it works, its applications, uses, advantages, and importance in modern production lines. The machine seamlessly integrates user friendliness and versatility with itself which exemplifies innovation by empowering businesses to raise productivity and keep up with the changing tastes of consumers and market dynamism.


Understanding the SL-254 Side Labeling Machine

1. Working Processes

The operating process of the SL-254 Side Labeling Machine is simple yet highly efficient. It is designed for fast and accurate labeling on the sides of various products. This system typically comprises a conveyor taking items to be labeled while the label head puts adhesive-backed labels on their respective sides. More advanced models could have sensors allowing precise label positioning as well as adjustments to accommodate different product sizes or shapes.

2. Applications

The multi-industry application potentiality of the SL-254 makes it indispensable. Some common applications include:

Food Packaging: bottle, jar, and container labeling

Pharmaceutical Industry: medicine bottles/boxes labeling

Cosmetics: tubes, bottles, packaging.

Chemical Industry: drums/cans/container labeling

Logistics & Shipping: package/parcel labeling


Functions of the SL-254 Side Labeling Machine

1. Label the Application

Branding labels need to be placed correctly so that they appear consistently on every side of a product. Its main purpose is to accurately apply product information, branding, and regulatory compliance labels among others thereby enhancing presentation value.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Compared to manual methods of labeling products this machine has high speed thereby enhancing productivity through an increased number of labeled products per unit of time. This increases efficiency in production exercises while decreasing labor expenses.

3. Versatility

This flexibility allows a wide range of products to be labeled using the same production line since SL-254 can adjust to different container sizes, shapes, and materials. The SL-254 enables manufacturers to label multiple products on a single line with ease.

4. Integration

This machine can be integrated into an existing production line either as a solo machine or as part of a fully automated labeling system. This improves workflow continuity through integration and minimizes downtime


Benefits of the SL-254 Side Labeling Machine

1. Enhanced Productivity

By reducing manual labor intensity and eliminating labeling errors, automation has increased productivity in the SL-254. Thus it leads to high output rates and better operational efficiency.

2. Precision Labeling

The device ensures proper positioning, alignment, and adhesion of labels, unlike hand labeling which is characterized by inconsistencies. This makes them attractive to customers’ eyes thus making the product’s aesthetics more pleasing while improving its brand perception.

3. Cost Savings

The initial costs may be high however over a long duration of time using SL-254 saves money. Reductions in labor expenses, minimizing wastages on materials, and improvement in production efficiency all contribute towards a favorable return on investment eventually.

4. Regularity Compliance

To meet compliance requirements for some industries such as food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals accurate labeling is essential. In this way, information regarding the ingredients that make up particular medicines along with dosage instructions or any warnings about likely side effects will not be missed as there is no risk of being penalized for non-compliance.

5. Adaptability

Manufacturers must be flexible in their approach to readily adapt to the changing tastes and market demands of the consumer. Given the dynamic nature of the market, SL-254’s versatility makes it easy to reconfigure whenever there are changes in labeling requirements, product specifications, packaging designs, etc.


Roles and Advantages of the SL-254 Side Labeling Machine

The streamlining of production processes

By automating labeling tasks, reducing bottlenecks, and optimizing workflow efficiency, this machine plays a critical role in streamlining production processes. Manufacturers can meet ever-growing demand while ensuring that their products remain at par with quality expectations.

Improving Product Quality

The consistency achieved by SL-254 in label placement helps improve product quality as well as brand image. Properly applied labels increase product visibility, provide crucial information to buyers, and reinforce brand identity thereby ensuring consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Facilitating Brand Differentiation

Differentiation is a key factor for any company operating in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Consequently, manufacturers can effectively set apart their products by customizing labels with brand logos, graphics, and promotional messages which are characteristics associated with SL-254.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

Precise label application minimizes the wastage of materials due to SL-254 which promotes sustainability. Furthermore, energy efficient functioning of the system together with reduced dependency on manual workmanship supports eco-friendly manufacturing practices thus enhancing greener future sustainability.

Empowering Innovation

Thus labor-intensive labelling tasks being automated by the SL-254 will enable human resources to be reallocated towards more value-adding activities such as product development or innovation for instance process optimization. It facilitates an atmosphere that encourages continuous improvement hence fostering innovation within the organization.


V. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which types of labels does the SL-254 apply?

Depending on application requirements and product attributes like paper composition; plasticity; vinyl plastics; and fabric materials among others can be used as labels through an SL-254.

Does the SL-254 work for irregularly shaped products?

The SL-254 will adjust its settings accordingly and take up any configuration that helps it to label different shapes of items. In this way, it can be assured that our placement and adherence are always perfect even for objects like these.

Can the SL-254 handle high-speed production lines?

It has been created in such a manner that it runs at very high speeds therefore making it suitable for fast production lines and thus able to meet production requirements that are demanding.

How does the SL-254 ensure label accuracy and consistency?

Thanks to complex sensors as well as advanced control systems incorporated into its body, we can get only those labels that are precise about positioning and stickiness regardless of a particular product being processed by such machines.

Can the SL-254 be integrated with existing production equipment?

Manufacturers do not need to interrupt their workflow when improving labeling processes since this system relates well with other units used in manufacturing.

Is training required to operate the SL-254?

While some basic training might be needed for operators who have never worked with this machine before, user-friendly design principles have made the operation simple thereby minimizing training requirements.

What maintenance tasks are required for the SL-254?

Key elements will require normal cleanings, lubrications, and check-ups to maintain proper performance over time just like with all other similar equipment

Can the SL-254 be customized to meet specific labeling requirements?

It could, therefore, be a good idea if you decided on various variables that would allow customization of an industrialized or any other application such as a shape, size, or material of labels applied through an appropriate mechanism hence tailoring them towards different industries or kinds of products available there (Hu et al., 2014).

What safety features does the SL-254 incorporate?

For example, emergency shutdown switches; protecting barriers; lock-outs, etc. make sure a safe environment is provided for workers who have to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

What is the typical return on investment (ROI) for the SL-254?

The SL-254’s ROI depends on the production volume, labor costs, savings in materials, and improved operational efficiency among others. Nonetheless, many businesses recover a favorable return on their investment within a few months because it increases productivity and lowers expenditure.


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