NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine: Revolutionize your packaging efficiency with accuracy and speed. This machine is aimed at drugs, and food processing sectors to ensure perfect tightness, safety, and preservation of products. By employing advanced technologies from Qualipak Company you can enhance your productivity and improve quality together. Upgrade your packaging process today!
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Parameter Specification
Model NSL-160B
Packing Material PVC/PE Composite Film, Aluminum Foil
Maximum Width of Film 160mm
Maximum Diameter of Roll 300mm
Packaging Speed 30-100 packs/min (Depending on material)
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5kW
Overall Dimensions 2400mm × 950mm × 1650mm (L×W×H)
Weight 750kg
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Noise ≤70dB

The NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine is an innovative packaging solution that makes it easy to package various products into strips. It comes with advanced features and functionalities that make it efficient and accurate in packaging, therefore, a must-have tool for manufacturers who want to streamline their production processes.

Working Process of NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine

The NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine is based on a simple but complex principle. First, the machine is fed with a packaging material, usually as a roll. Then the machine will cut this material into strips of the desired dimensions. Afterward, the product meant for packing finds its way into separate pockets created by these strips. As such, the machine seals these pockets to ensure a safe product enclosure. Lastly, sealed strip packs are sliced into single parts ready for sale.

Applications of NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine

One major reason why the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine has been widely adopted across industries stems from its versatility which makes it fit for many uses in different sectors including:

Pharmaceutical Packaging: The device is commonly used within pharmaceutical companies for packaging tablets, capsules, and other solid dose forms in convenient strip packs.

Food Packaging: It is used when packing food items like candies gums or even snacks in unit dose strips.

Cosmetics Packaging: This machine can also be applied to beauty and personal care commodities such as facial masks, patches; wipes, etc., all delivered through strip packs easy to use.

Industrial Products: This machine also packages small parts of industrial products like electrical components or hardware into orderly strips which make them easier to handle and store.

Functions of NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine

Several functions have been integrated into the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine to enhance efficiency and quality during packaging operations; these include:

Automatic Feeding: The machine has automatic feeding mechanisms that ensure a continuous supply of packaging material and products, reducing downtimes.

Precise Cutting and Sealing: The machine can accurately cut the packaging materials and seal the pockets so that the integrity of the product is maintained.

Adjustable Parameters: Different parameters like strip size, sealing temperature, cutting speed, etc., can be adjusted by operators to suit different types of products and their packaging requirements.

User-Friendly Interface: This machine has a user-friendly interface for monitoring or controlling the packaging process.

Benefits of NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine

There are several reasons why manufacturers prefer using NSL-160B Strip Packing Machines for their packaging activities. Some of these merits include:

Increased Productivity: Use this machine as it increases productivity and output by automating most operations done while packaging thus minimizing human interventions.

Improved Product Quality: Because of its precise cutting and sealing methods, it guarantees consistent high-quality packing so that products are not damaged or contaminated during this process.

Cost-saving measures: In terms of efficient use of materials or decreased labor demands on manufacturers, this translates into long-term cost savings.

Enhanced Flexibility: Due to its adjustable parameters as well as versatile design, it is capable of packing a broad range of goods in various package configurations giving more flexibility to manufacturers.

Compliance with Industry Standards: The NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine is designed to meet tough regulatory standards and industry benchmarks. It keeps up with quality and safety guidelines at all times hence acting within a compliance framework.

Roles of NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine

Some crucial roles played by the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine in the manufacturing and packaging process include but are not limited to;

ENHANCING THE EASE OF PACKAGING: The machine automates the packing process. It thus makes it faster, more efficient, and less laborious.

PRESERVATION OF PRODUCT INTEGRITY: This machine helps maintain the quality and integrity of packaged products through its exact cutting and sealing capabilities such that they reach consumers in the best condition possible.

IMPROVED PRESENTATION: Packaging strips produced by this machine are neatly done They contribute to enhancing the marketability of products as well as the consumer experience.

easier handling, storage, and inventory management for manufacturers and retailers alike by packaging products into organized strips.

Advantages of NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine

The NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine has numerous benefits compared to traditional packaging methods:

The rate at which these machines can package products is much higher compared to manual or semi-automated means hence increasing efficiency and throughput.

Errors are minimized during packaging since its automated system ensures uniformity and accuracy to minimize rework.

It fits perfectly for those people who have limited space because it comes with an extremely small footprint allowing maximum utilization of floor space for manufacturers.

Its design is easy to service making it possible for the manufacturer to maintain a continuous operation without having any downtime on their machines.

Advanced characteristics and capabilities make the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine able to meet future requirements of the packaging industry providing a future-proof solution for manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of products can be packaged using the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine?

NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine is highly flexible in that it can package a variety of items including pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, and cosmetics among others used in industries like industrial components.

2. How does the machine ensure the safety and integrity of the packaged products?

Precise cutting mechanisms incorporated in it enable safe and secure products helping to reduce the chances of contamination or damage of the packaged goods.

3. Can the machine accommodate different sizes and shapes of packaging material?

The machine is designed in such a way that it can accommodate various sizes and shapes of packaging materials and hence can package items in different configurations.

4. Is the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine easy to operate?

These machines are user-friendly having an easy interface and controls which allows even personnel with minimal training to be able to operate it.

5. What are the maintenance requirements of the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine?

Regular maintenance and servicing help ensure that this machine works optimally despite being relatively simple and may require basic tools as well as expertise when being carried out.

6. Can the machine be customized to meet specific packaging requirements?

NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine on its part can be tailor-made for any preferred features like strip size, sealing parameters, and output speed among others based on what one wants their packing done.

7. How does the machine contribute to cost savings for manufacturers?

By automating the packaging process, minimizing wastage of material and labor costs, etc., these machines help manufacturers make huge savings over some time.

8. Does the NSL-160B Strip Packing Machine comply with industry standards and regulations?

Yes, quality assurance guidelines have been enhanced through stiff industry rules which this particular system meets without fail thereby guaranteeing safety precautions too.

9. Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?

The NSL-160B Strip Packing Machines can be easily incorporated within earlier set-up production units so that companies do not have to go through extensive shutdowns while upgrading their packaging processes.

10. What are the environmental consequences of employing the NSL-160B strip packing machine?

This saves on materials and reduces waste, which is important as regards packaging carbon footprint; hence, it makes a more sustainable option for manufacturers.


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