DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine

The DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine from Qualipak offers you just that. Nothing will ever be the same again in the way we do our packaging, thanks to this machine. Streamline your production and boost your brand image with this state-of-the-art solution. Enhance productivity and quality with innovative technology. When it comes to unmatched packaging results, Qualipak is the only option you can count on.

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Feature Specification
Model DPB-80
Capacity Up to 80 blisters per minute
Forming Materials PVC, PVDC, PET, PP, ACLAR, ALU/ALU, etc.
Max. Forming Depth 12mm (customizable upon request)
Max. Forming Area 220mm x 130mm (customizable upon request)
Max. Blister Size 200mm x 100mm (customizable upon request)
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz (3-phase)
Power Consumption 8kW
Air Pressure 0.6 – 0.8 MPa
Air Consumption ≥ 0.5 m³/min
Packing Material Thickness 0.15 – 0.5mm
Noise Level ≤ 75 dB(A)
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 3000mm x 720mm x 1600mm
Weight Approx. 1600 kg
Control System PLC with a touchscreen interface
Feeding System Automatic
Heating System Adjustable, with PID temperature control
Cooling System Water cooling (optional)
Cutting System Servo motor driven, adjustable cutting length
Punching System Servo motor driven, adjustable punching depth and speed
Detection System Missing material, overloading, overheating, no forming
Optional Features Inkjet printing, embossing, labeling, etc.

This is a complex machine that has been designed for use in such sectors as pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, and electronics to pack different products. It operates by forming cavities on sheets of blisters, filling them with products, and covering them with sealing materials before splitting the sheet into individual units. This packaging machine ensures that the process is smooth, accurate, and effective. Automating its functions not only reduces errors and wastage but also increases productivity. The DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine is now an indispensable tool in many modern manufacturing facilities globally.


Working Processes

The DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine follows a precise series of processes that are both automatic and intricate to create safe, enclosed blister packs. Its operation involves several main stages:

Raw material Feeding: inputs like blister sheets and goods being packed are pushed into the device.

Forming: The cavities are heated up so that they can be formed from the blister sheets.

Filling: The packing of accurately measured quantities of products into these created blisters continuously

Sealing: Once filled, these blisters will have secure packages after being sealed by a foil or film cover.

Cutting: Lastly, packs that had been sealed using blisters are divided into single units which can be sent to different places.



Various industries benefit from having the DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine since it can perform numerous functions well due to its versatility. There are some common applications such as:

Pharmaceutical packaging; tablets, capsules pills among other drugs

Food packaging; chewing gum candies chocolates and snack pieces for individuals

Cosmetics packaging; creams lotions gels etc.

Electronics packaging; batteries small components accessories etc.

Stationery packaging; pens pencils erasers other items commonly found in schools or offices



The DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine performs multiple essential functions relevant to efficient packaging activities. These include:

Blister shaping: Encounter Qualipak’s up-to-date developments in blister molding technology that guarantee accurate product shaping and packaging.

Product placement and movement: We have made our machinery operate more effectively by enhancing its capability to feed and position your items for packaging.

Filling and dosing: Fill and dose all your products accurately, making sure that every process produces the same results always.

Sealing of packages by heat sealing: Seal and pack your merchandise safely with the assurance of freshness wherever it is transported or stored.

Cutting or trimming: Our cutting and trimming systems will ensure perfect finishing, thereby giving your products a professional look.

Garbage collection and management system: Pick waste easily utilizing our incorporated trash collection as well as disposal mechanism which keeps a neat working environment while minimizing environmental pollution.



Both manufacturers and consumers will find different advantages associated with investing in the DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine:

Enhanced productivity: The use of automated systems speeds up the packaging process, freeing it from human intervention thus increasing outputs.

Increased product protection: These blister packs are excellent as far as safeguarding against any form of contamination, tempering, or water is concerned preserving the integrity of their contents.

Improved efficiency: Error-free work with minimum wastage is what happens when accuracy is brought about by a machine, which makes sure that resources are utilized at their best.

Compliance with regulatory standards: Packaging quality, safety, and hygiene rules within this industry are upheld using DPB-80.

Cost-effectiveness: Although initial investment costs may be high, it offers long-term savings on labor, materials used, and operating efficiency hence highly cost-effective in practice.

Versatility: It can accommodate products’ different sizes; shapes; types of packing thereby allowing for flexibility in manufacturing.


What materials can the DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine work with?
The machine works with varied materials such as PVC, PET, PP, Aluminum foil, and composite films.

Can different product sizes and shapes be handled by this machine?
Yes, Different Dimensions of the DPB-80 may be employed for various product XXconfigurationsXX shapes and sizes through an interchangeable tooling system combined with customization options.

Is it easy to operate and maintain this machine?
However, while some initial set-up and training may be necessary, the machine is very easy to use and maintain with a user-friendly design that includes intuitive controls and accessible components.

What safety features are incorporated into the DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine?
The machine is fitted with safety interlocks, emergency stop buttons plus protective guards all aimed at ensuring operator safety during its operation.

How does the machine ensure packaging quality and integrity?
Guarantee packages that are leak-proof or do not get contaminated in any way from outside is what makes DPB-80 achieve stable sealing of packages through accurate temperature control as well as pressure regulation inside it.

Can sensitive or delicate products be placed on this machine?
Yes – The machines can have gentle handling mechanisms attached to them along with customized tooling so that fragile items can go into their packages without affecting them in any way.

What is the production capacity of the DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine?
Typically, rates vary from a few hundred to several thousand units per hour depending on factors including product dimensions or size, packaging configuration, and equipment settings.

Does it meet industry regulations & standards?
Yes – The design & manufacture of DPB-80 have been done conforming to relevant industry standards as well as regulatory requirements thereby ensuring compliance with standard conditions for quality assurance, health/safety standards together with hygiene practices required in such industries.

Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?
Yes, the DPB-80 can be easily fitted into any running production line or customized to serve as part of an end-to-end packaging solution depending on the specific requirements of manufacturing.

What support and services are available for the DPB-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine after purchase?
Our support packages include installation, training, preventive maintenance supplies of spare parts, and technical assistance to have optimal performance and a long lifetime for your machine.


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