FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine

Experience the FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine by Qualipak, which is intended to harmonize your labeling process and make it more efficient. This flexible alternative allows you to seamlessly put labels on both the front side and back of your products, thereby improving their branding as well as professionalism. Improve your packaging with this innovative labeling technology from Qualipak.
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Specification Details
Model FBL-360
Labeling Speed Up to 200 labels per minute
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm
Label Size Width: 10-120mm, Length: 10-300mm
Bottle Size Diameter: 30-110mm, Height: 30-300mm
Label Reel Core Diameter 76mm (3 inches)
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz (or customizable)
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Machine Dimension (L×W×H) 2100mm × 1600mm × 1550mm
Weight 280kg
Material Stainless Steel
Control System PLC with touch screen interface
Labeling Type Front and Back Labeling
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa

FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine is a cutting-edge solution that transforms the packaging industry. It has been designed for precision and efficiency with simultaneous labeling of the front and back surfaces of products. It is applicable in various industries such as food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals due to its high-speed operation, customization options, and integration capabilities. The machine offers precise label positioning, and labeling regulations compliance while increasing productivity. There are several ways through which modern manufacturing has improved its processes through this innovative technology; it is assisting in quality control while redefining packaging procedures.

Working Processes of FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine

The FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine is constructed specifically to label both the front and back sides of items quickly and with accuracy. The operations involve several stages as follows:

Product Placement: Accurate placement of products on the conveyor belt.

Label Dispensing: Labels are fed from the roll onto specific areas on the product’s surface at the front or its back.

Adhesive Application: Labels are applied adhesive by this machine and stick well on their respective products.

Label Pressing: Once applied, labels should be pressed firmly against each product surface to ensure effective adhesion without any air bubbles.

Quality Inspection: Integrated sensors and cameras inspect whether the produced labels conform to specifications so that they can be standardized across production.

Packaging: Labeled goods are delivered into the packaging process where they may undergo further processing or be distributed as required.

Applications of FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine

The flexibility exhibited by the FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine makes it ideal for many sectors;\

Food and Beverage: Precise branding and regulatory compliance require accurate labeling of bottles, jars, cans, and containers found in this sector.

Pharmaceuticals: Prescription medicine bottles have to bear proper labels containing information about them and their safety.

Cosmetics: Bottles of beauty products like hair treatment oils or shampoos depend on beautiful words written on them to attract consumers.

Household Products: Detergents, bleach, and related household commodities must be labeled for use and branding purposes.

Chemicals: In the industrial sector, chemicals are labeled for precautionary measures as well as instructions on how they should be used.

Functions of FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine

The FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine can perform several vital functions such as;

Dual-Sided Labeling: Allows simultaneous labeling of front and back surfaces thus enhancing efficiency.

High-Speed Operation: Labels hundreds of products per minute leading to quick production rates.

Accurate Label Placement: Uses advanced technology to place labels at precise positions for consistency in labeling.

Customization Options: It is possible to adjust label size, orientation, and placement among others depending on product dimension and design due to its flexibility settings that allow this feature.

Integration Capabilities: For seamless workflow and automation it can easily fit into an existing line of production.

Quality Control: It checks whether labeling errors were made and if quality standards were adhered to during the process by incorporating inspection systems thus acting as a quality control measure.

Benefits of FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine

There are different advantages associated with the implementation of FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machines in manufacturing firms:

Increased Efficiency: Labeling processes become streamlined reducing labor costs and thereby increasing overall productivity levels;

Enhanced Accuracy: It reduces labeling inconsistency error resulting in high-quality products;

Cost-Effectiveness: Optimizes resource utilization through reducing materials wastage and rework associated with manual labeling;

Versatility: makes it possible to carry out many other types of labeling requirements for different kinds of products during production hence there is scope for versatility;

Brand Enhancement: Enables the creation of professional-looking labels that help strengthen brand identity and customer perception.

Ensures that all regulations and standards on labeling are established, thus lowering the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Roles and Advantages

A couple of benefits are offered by the FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine in the present-day manufacturing set-ups:

Automation: Labels are placed automatically which makes it less human-oriented and with very minimal errors.

Speed: It can also operate at a high rate of speed enabling it to have quick throughput thereby meeting production requirements.

Precision: This machine ensures better product appearance and legibility through its precise label placement and alignment.

Scalability: It keeps up with growing numbers so that production can fluctuate without sacrificing efficiency.

Integration: It works well within current production lines and equipment resulting in streamlined workflow as well as optimization.

Reliability: With advanced technology and robust components, this is achieved to ensure consistent functioning all along without any downtime at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine handle different size labels?

Yes, the machine offers a customization option that allows for the use of different sizes and shapes of labels.

Does this machine need frequent servicing?

It should be serviced routinely to guarantee optimum performance while still being designed specifically for reliability and longevity purposes.

Can FBL-360 integrate with other packaging equipment?

Yes. This includes conveyors, fillers, cappers, etc. among others since it is made for general packaging operations.

Is the whole labeling process adjustable according to the dimensions of the various products that will be labeled?

There are diverse requirements concerning label positioning when designing so many labels on a single type of product since they vary from one brand or item to another.

How does the machine handle label alignment and placement accuracy?

The whole thing entails precise mechanisms along with advanced sensors for accurate placement plus orientation during the process where labeling occurs.

What types of labels can the machine apply?

Different media including paper, plastic, or film labels can be used with this machine.

Is training required to operate the FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine?

At least some primary training is desirable, but this system offers intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces for easy operation.

Can the machine handle fragile or irregularly shaped products?

One of the outstanding characteristics of this machine is that it can manage various shapes and materials gently and precisely.

Does the FBL-360 offer any error detection capabilities?

Yes, embedded inspection systems find errors in labeling such as misalignment, missing labels, etc., thus maintaining quality.

What are the energy requirements of the FBL-360 Front And Back Labeling Machine?

Depending on their type, these machines usually run on ordinary electrical power supply sources with several energy-efficient measures being added to minimize consumption.


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