WTB-C Labeling Machine

Enhance your efficiency in packaging through Qualipak’s WTB-C Labeling Machine. Harmonize your production line through accurate labeling that maintains uniformity and professionalism for all the packages. You will increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy while keeping within budget. Trust Qualipak for trustworthy options to upgrade the packaging process.
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Feature Specification
Model WTB-C
Labeling Speed Up to 200 labels per minute
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm
Labeling Width 10mm – 180mm
Labeling Length 15mm – 300mm
Bottle Diameter 20mm – 150mm
Bottle Height 20mm – 300mm
Label Roll Diameter Inner diameter: 76mm; Outer diameter: 380mm max
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 60 L/min
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 2400mm x 1100mm x 1200mm
Machine Weight 350kg
Control System PLC control system with touchscreen interface
Material Stainless steel SUS304
Labeling Type Single-sided or double-sided labeling
Suitable Label Material Adhesive paper labels, adhesive transparent labels, adhesive aluminum foil labels, etc.

In the world of contemporary production, efficiency and accuracy are crucial. This means each part of the production process must be optimized to ensure that high-quality products are produced at a minimal cost and time. One major component in manufacturing is labeling which calls for a high level of precision and consistency. The WTB-C Labeling Machine is the epitome of this innovative approach; it has introduced efficient and dependable systems that make label processes easy. In this detailed report, we examine various aspects of the WTB-C Labeling Machine such as its operations, applications, functions, benefits as well as the advantages it has brought to packaging across industries.

Working Processes

WTB-C Labeling Machine uses several automated steps that precisely apply labels on different types of packages. It works according to these stages:

Feeding: Packaging units like bottles, jars, or boxes are transported by the machine through a conveyor belt or feeding mechanism.

Label Dispensing: Labels come from stacks or rolls and are then guided by highly sensitive sensors and mechanisms into their correct positions.

Application: Proper labeling sites are appropriately marked with consistent dispensation of labels on them.

Pressure & Adhesion: Thereafter, pressure or adhesive techniques activate secure attachment between surfaces leading to longevity in use.

Quality Control: By quick detection through integrated cameras with sensors even after labeling thus eliminating errors while the product is still online.

Packaging Output: These labeled packages then move onto further stages in the production line ready for dispatch or other forms of processing.


The wide applicability range makes the WTB-C Labeling Machine fit for use in many sectors among which there may be mentioned food processing where bottles, jars, and cans have their labels containing sauces, drinks, condiments, and snacks,

Therefore, the pharmaceutical sector becomes another area where such machines could be utilized since applied labels can be found on medical bottles, vials, blister packs, etc which have strict regulatory guidelines,

Moreover, cosmetics and personal care consist of containers as well as packaging for cosmetics, skincare products, perfumes, and toiletries with elaborate designs and brand names,

So, chemicals and cleaning products contain bottles, jugs thus their labels must be placed on household chemicals like detergents, disinfectants as well and industrial cleaning solutions,

Further, the automotive industrial sector is characterized by the labeling of automotive parts such as components and packaging used in selling oils, additives, and maintenance products,

The electronics industry also needs this machine for putting labels on electronic devices or components especially when they are being packaged for consumer electronics, appliances, or gadgets,

Equally important, products are labeled so that they can easily to identified at a distance while being displayed in retail shops or even during transportation in logistics. This includes barcodes among others.


To streamline label operations and enhance efficiency during the production process WTB-C Labeling Machine has several functionalities which include;

Automatic Label Dispensing: For instance, modern sensors guarantee that all labels are dispensed accurately saving raw materials with no errors.

High-Speed Application: The device is capable of sticking a thousand units each hour thereby boosting output level.

Adjustability & Customization: Therefore, one can tailor make this tool to suit different-sized packages by adjusting label position, and orientation alongside other settings.

Integration & Connectivity: Moreover it’s compatible with other machines within the plant such that data transfer becomes simpler indicated by synchronization plus remote monitoring.

Quality Assurance: In-built inspection systems prevent mistakes arising from miscalculated size hence reducing defective items sold due to wrong placing or not putting them at all.

User-Friendly Interface: User-friendly interfaces together with intuitive controls decrease operational errors hence taking down learning duration.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting: Built-in diagnostics and maintenance features aid in troubleshooting issues and preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime and optimizing uptime.


The use of the WTB-C Labeling Machine comes with several benefits to manufacturers and businesses:

Increased Efficiency: Streamlined labeling processes and high-speed operation result in enhanced productivity and reduced lead times, enabling faster time-to-market.

Cost Savings: Reduced labor costs, material waste, and rework contribute to significant cost savings over time, improving overall profitability and competitiveness.

Improved Accuracy & Consistency: Automated processes ensure precise label placement and adherence, eliminating human errors and inconsistencies commonly associated with manual labeling.

Enhanced Product Presentation: Crisp professional-looking labels enhance the aesthetic appeal as well as marketability of products bolstering a brand’s reputation in the market coupled with consumer perception.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with regulatory labeling requirements and standards is ensured through precise application and quality control measures to minimize the risk of fines or recalls.

Scalability & Flexibility: The machine has a modular design therefore it can be customized to meet evolving production needs and adapt to new market demands.

Competitive Advantage: Optimization of labeling processes enhances product presentation and gives businesses a competitive advantage by attracting more customers leading to sales growth.

Roles & Advantages

The WTB-C Labeling Machine plays several roles within manufacturing or packaging operations each accompanied by its advantages

Primary Labeling: Applying primary labels directly onto products or packaging conveying essential product information branding elements as well as regulatory compliance details.

Secondary Labeling: Addition of promotional secondary labels such as special offers, promotions QR codes additional product information among others

Tamper-Evident Sealing: Integration of tamper-evident seals or labels provides security while ensuring product integrity, especially for food pharmaceuticals consumer goods, etc

Serialization & Track-and-Trace: Incorporation serialization track-and-trace capabilities help in product authentication inventory management supply chain visibility among others

Variable Data Printing: Enabling variable data printing for on-demand customization of labels with unique identifier codes or customer-specific information.

Branding & Marketing: Enhancing brand recognition and customer engagement through visually appealing labels, logos, and packaging designs that resonate with target audiences. 

Environmental Sustainability: Supporting sustainability initiatives by optimizing material usage, reducing waste, and promoting eco-friendly labeling solutions.

Advantages in Detail

Accuracy: The presence of precision-engineered components and automated processes ensure accurate label placement as well as adherence thereby minimizing errors and rework.

Speed: High-speed operation enables rapid labeling of products increasing throughput hence meeting demanding production schedules. 

Reliability: Robust construction coupled with advanced technology components enhances reliability plus uptime thus reducing maintenance downtime /production disruptions. 

Versatility: This machine is adaptable to a wide range of packaging types sizes shapes ensuring flexibility in accommodating diverse product lines and market requirements

Compliance: Compliance with regulatory labeling standards plus industry requirements is assured through precise application coupled with quality control measures thus reducing compliance risks

Ease of Use: Intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces simplify operation and maintenance tasks, reducing training time and operational complexities.

Cost-Effectiveness: Long-term cost savings are achieved through reduced labor costs material waste operational inefficiencies contributing to improved profitability.

Innovation: Continuous innovation plus technological advancements keep the machine at the forefront of labeling technology adapting to evolving industry trends and requirements. 

Customer Satisfaction: Consistent high-quality labeling enhances product presentation and helps in creating satisfied customers who become loyal clients to the business over time.

With a wide geographical presence and global distribution system, the WTB-C Labeling Machine offers localized support and service to its customer base around the world thus ensuring peace of mind as well as reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of packaging does the WTB-C Labeling Machine work with?

The machine can handle various types of packaging such as bottles, jars, cans, boxes, tubes, and containers in different shapes and sizes.

Is it suitable for small-scale production as well as large-scale production?

Yes, it is highly versatile and customizable to suit small- or large-scale production requirements hence scalable and flexible.

How accurate is label placement in this machine?

The machine has embedded sensors, vision systems, and high-precision mechanisms that guarantee exact label placement as well as alignment minimizing mistakes.

Can it print specialty labels such as those with variable data or special coatings?

Yes. It accommodates specialty labels for instance; variable data printing or special coatings which means customization alternatives for various labeling requirements.

What are some maintenance procedures on the machine?

Cleaning, lubrication, parts inspection, and sensor calibration are some regular maintenance activities that help this machine function at its optimal level over a long operational period.

Does this integrate with other equipment of a manufacturing nature or systems?

Data exchange between machines through interlink technology in this device enables synchronization between production equipment while also automating them back again when they’re connected to the network therefore enhancing their overall performances.

How long does it take to get the machine installed after ordering?

Usually, it depends on several factors including customizations needed, availability of resources like manpower or materials plus the capacity of output but typically ranges from a few weeks up to months before the installation process can be completed.

Do we get any training on how to operate the machines here?

There are comprehensive operator’s manuals available where operators receive rigorous training programs aimed at promoting proper operation practices and zero-tolerance safety precautions together with routine maintenance exercises carried out on them

Does it support multi-language interfaces?

Yes, it can be fitted with control panels having multilingual interfaces for operators who come from various language backgrounds.

What are some after-sales support and services available to customers?

After the sale is made, we don’t just leave our clients stranded but have a well-equipped service department that comprises technicians who provide technical assistance when needed as well as ensure that spare parts are readily available to them. This assists in troubleshooting and maintenance activities thus ensuring high availability levels and client satisfaction.


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