DPB-65 Mini Aluminium Plastic Blister Packaging Machine

Qualipak hereby introduces a DPB-65 Mini Aluminium Plastic Blister Packaging Machine! Make your packaging process more efficient and precise. It is a small but powerful blister-packing machine, which ensures seamless packing for different types of products. For unrivaled reliability and quality that match the requirements of your packaging, choose Qualipak. Boost your production capability with Qualipak!
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Specification Details
Model DPB-65
Material Aluminium-plastic
Packaging Type Blister
Capacity 20-50 cycles/minute
Forming Area 320mm x 110mm
Forming Depth ≤ 12mm
Power Supply AC 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz (Customizable)
Total Power 5.5kW
Heating Power 3kW
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Air Consumption ≥ 0.3 m³/min
Overall Dimensions 3000mm x 720mm x 1600mm
Weight 1200kg
Packaging Material PVC, PVDC, PET, PTP, Aluminum Foil, etc.
Control System PLC and touch screen control
Forming Heating System Upper and lower heating plates
Cutting System Automatic punching and cutting
Feeding System Automatic feeding
Cooling System Water cooling
Optional Features Embossing, Batch Coding, Perforation, etc.
Certification CE certified

The DPB-65 mini aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is an advanced device for automating the process of blister packaging. Blister packaging involves sealing a product between a thermoformed plastic cavity and a backing of paperboard or aluminum foil. This technique ensures the integrity of products, tamper evidence, and extended shelf life.


Working Processes

The DPB-65 carries out numerous precise and synchronized steps as below:

Material Feeding: Film plastic and aluminum sheets are automatically fed to the forming station.

Forming: The cavities that will hold the products securely are thermoformed in this step.

Product Placement: The products that need to be packed are placed inside the formed cavities.

Sealing: Through individual sealing of each cavity by either paper board or aluminum foil, it makes separate blisters.

Cutting: The individual blisters can now be cut.

Final Inspection: Final inspection is undertaken on finished blister packs for quality assurance purposes.



Its versatility has made it an indispensable tool across several industries:

Pharmaceuticals: It is widely used for tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical product packaging applications

Food & Beverage: Items such as chewing gums, candies, or single servings of food or condiments are packaged using this machine

Cosmetics: Packages cosmetics like creams, lotions, and lip balms with this machine

Electronics: It is used to package small electronic components and devices safely by DPB-65

Stationery: Efficiently packages items like pens, pencils, erasers etc



DPB-65 offers several functions through which manufacturers’ diverse needs can be met:

Automated Forming: This guarantees precision as well as uniformity throughout the entire thermoforming process done by the machine

Sealing Mechanism: It uses sophisticated sealing mechanisms that facilitate airtight and tamper-proof seals.

Cutting Accuracy: The cutting mechanism ensures that the blister packs are accurately separated.

Material Compatibility: It can be used on various packaging materials including PVC, PET, aluminum foils, or paperboard.

Customization Options: This machine can have different sizes, shapes, and number of cavities to accommodate different products.



Buying the DPB-65 has numerous advantages for manufacturers:

Enhanced Product Protection: Blister packaging offers the best protection against moisture, light, and contaminants hence maintaining product integrity.

Improved Shelf Appeal: Displaying the products in transparent blister packs enhances their visual appeal attracting more buyers.

Cost Savings: Less material wastage will occur and also lower operational costs due to the high precision and efficiency of this machine

Compliance with Regulations: The use of blister packaging meets strict regulatory requirements for pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs which allows for safety and conformity.


Roles and Advantages

Role in Production Optimization: Packing is streamlined while downtime is minimized through optimization of production processes by the DPB-65.

Advantage of Versatility: This tool is versatile enough to package many different types of items from drugs to electronic devices with ease and effectiveness hence making it easy for manufacturers who wish to produce a variety of goods

Advantage of Precision: The machine guarantees consistent quality blister packs through precise forming, sealing, and cutting

Advantage of Adaptability: Adjusting the machine to work with different packages or changing materials does not pose any challenge to its users.

Reliability Advantage: With sturdy construction and state-of-the-art technology, DPB-65 assures reliable operation and long life.



What is the maximum production capacity of DPB-65?
The maximum production capacity is dependent on several factors such as blister pack size and product complexities but it can typically produce up to X blister packs per minute.

Can DPB-65 handle different blister sizes and shapes?
Yes, the machine can be customized in terms of cavity sizes, shapes, and arrangements to fit all other products.

Is DPB-65 suitable for packaging delicate pharmaceutical products?
Certainly. It seals airtightly, making it impossible for air to get into the containers or the drugs themselves to escape through tampering.

Which types of packaging materials does DPB-65 deal with?
These include PVC, PET; aluminum, and foil among others which are compatible with this machine.

How easy is it to operate and maintain DPB-65?
The ease of use of this machine comes from an intuitive interface that makes operating it very simple while accessibility during routine servicing is achieved by having components that can be easily reached by technicians using hand tools.

Does DPB-65 conform to industry regulations and standards?
Absolutely! This contributes immensely towards maintaining high high-quality in the food processing industries as well as those engaged in pharmaceutical manufacturing where strict adherence to established GMP is obligatory.

Can DPB-65 find space within existing lines of production?
Yes. To minimize interruptions when implementing this accessory, her designers allowed its smooth integration into various existing production lines hence streamlining industrial processes leading and to increased productivity at reduced costs associated with frequent maintenance downtime due mainly to new machinery installation activities.

What safety features are available on DPB-65?
Operator safety is provided through various protective guards, sensors, and emergency stop buttons.

How does DPB-65 contribute to sustainable packaging practices?
As a result of its material conservation approach aimed at minimizing wastages as well as optimized processes for packing DPB-65 promotes sustainable packaging practices and environmental responsibility.

What technical support and after-sales services are available for DPB-65?
We provide full technical back backup, and comprehensive after-sales support to ensure the machine performs optimally and that customers are satisfied.


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