DI-200 Desiccant Filling Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s DI-200 Desiccant Filling Machine Line Without Cover! Streamline your packaging process with precision and efficiency. Designed for seamless desiccant filling, this machine ensures consistent results every time. Boost productivity and maintain product quality with Qualipak’s innovative solution. Upgrade your packaging workflow today!

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Specification Details
Model DI-200
Filling Method Desiccant filling
Filling Capacity [Specify capacity, e.g., 200 packets per minute]
Desiccant Type [Specify desiccant type, e.g., silica gel]
Power Supply [Specify voltage and frequency, e.g., 220V/50Hz]
Power Consumption [Specify power consumption, e.g., 2.5 kW]
Air Pressure [Specify required air pressure, e.g., 0.6 MPa]
Air Consumption [Specify air consumption, e.g., 0.5 m³/min]
Dimensions (L x W x H) [Specify dimensions, e.g., 1200mm x 800mm x 1500mm]
Weight [Specify weight, e.g., 500 kg]
Control System [Specify control system, e.g., PLC]
Material [Specify construction material, e.g., Stainless steel]
Operation Mode [Specify operation mode, e.g., Semi-automatic]
Warranty [Specify warranty period, e.g., 1 year]
Certification [Specify certifications, e.g., CE]

In manufacturing, especially in areas such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, moisture control is a critical aspect. Extensive amounts of moisture can lead to the deterioration of the standard and quality of products provided hence causing spoilage, decreased self life, and even health risks. To mitigate this problem desiccants are very important on their own. Desiccants are substances that take in moisture from the atmosphere around them so that they do not affect the quality of products.


Working Processes

DI 200 is based on simple but very effective principle working processes. It automates the process by which desiccants are introduced into packages such as bottles or packets used for various capacities such as jars or bottles. Additionally, to ensure no wastages occur while maintaining efficiency it makes use of accurate mechanisms to measure the exact amount of dryers used.

Container Feeding: The containers that need to be filled with desiccants pass through a running belt or other devices into the machinery. This can be tailored-made according to condition-specific requirements during production.

Desiccant Dispensing: Inside the machine, a hopper or reservoir stores desiccant material. The machine uses state-of-the-art dispensing technology to measure out and release just the right quantity of desiccants into every container.

Sealing: When filling jars with desiccants their containers have to be sealed securely to protect them from contamination. Various sealing methods can be used depending on the kind of container or packaging material, including heat sealing or capping.

Quality Control: The DI-200 Desiccant Filling Machine is fitted with sensors and monitoring systems to ensure quality and precision in the filling process. Any abnormalities or mistakes are detected and rectified thereby guaranteeing consistency and dependability in its operation.



The DI-200 Desiccant Filling Machine is flexible enough to be applied across various industries for multiple purposes. Some of the prominent areas where this machine is widely employed include the following:

Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, maintaining the purity and efficacy of drugs is paramount. By extending their shelf lives and preserving their potencies, DI-200 ensures that pharmaceutical products are well protected from moisture.

Food Processing: To prevent food spoilage as well as maintain its quality, moisture control in the food processing industry is indispensable. The DI-200 helps fill desiccants into food containers such as bottles or sachets hence keeping away moisture from the foodstuff thus maintaining it fresh.

Electronics Manufacturing: Moisture exposure to electronic components leads to failures and malfunctions. The DI-200 puts desiccants into electronic product packaging so that they cannot absorb water while being stored or transported.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: To avoid degradation cosmetics and other personal care items that may lose value upon contact with moisture must be properly packed. The DI 200 fills these packets with desiccants thus ensuring their integrity remains intact throughout their life cycle.



For moisture control, the DI-200 Desiccant Filling Machine has several specifications that contribute to its efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the main functions of this machine include:

Exact Dosage: This equipment measures correctly and disburses accurate quantities of desiccated fillers into every bottle. That keeps a constant filling system.

Changeable settings: The versatility of the DI-200 allows it to be quickly modified to fit different sizes of containers, types of desiccants, and production requirements hence making it highly versatile in accommodating different manufacturing processes.

Speedy Performance: By pumping out a large number of containers within a short time due to its automated working mode and modern dispensing technique, DI-200 increases productivity as well as throughput.

Quality Assurance: During the filling process the built-in sensors and monitoring systems detect any deviations by comparing them with the required values for quality management purposes or taking corrective actions where necessary.

Merits: Manufacturers benefit from having adopted the Di-200 Desiccant Filling Machine through efficient operations, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness. Key among these are some benefits that accrue from using such materials which include:

Enhanced Productivity: DI-200 automates the whole process associated with filling desiccants thus reducing both time consumption and the labor force needed for such jobs; this enables manufacturers to increase their rates without sacrificing standards.

Better product quality: The Dosage accuracy and perfect filling capabilities guarantee correct dosing amounts for each container thus limiting possible overfills or underfills thereby maintaining product quality.

Lower costs: It is a direct result of streamlining this fill process while minimizing waste as much as possible which lowers manufacturers’ total expenditures leading to improved profitability at the maximum level.

More flexibility: With customizable settings, and adaptability, DI-200 caters to shifting production requirements allowing packaging formats along with diversification in terms of materials used by manufacturers in their industries.


Reasons And Benefits

The role played by DI- 200 Desiccant Filling Machine in the manufacturing process is multi-pronged and its significance cuts across many areas, which are very essential in the modern industrial sector. Some of these reasons and benefits include:

Moisture Control: The main duty of the DI-200 is to fill desiccants accurately into containers used for packaging purposes to enable manufacturing processes to maintain proper moisture control. This ensures that products are protected from any damage caused by moisture or other related factors.

Automation: As an automated filling solution, DI-200 decreases over-reliance on human efforts thus reducing human error and consequently increasing efficiency, uniformity, and reliability during manufacturing.

Accuracy: The DI-200 is purposefully designed for accurate dosing and filling of desiccants by ensuring each container gets the right amount of moisture-absorbing materials. This accuracy is crucial for maintaining product quality as well as compliance with statutory provisions.

Flexibility: With customizable settings and design features, the DI-200 can be easily integrated into existing production lines and adapted to suit different manufacturing requirements; it therefore provides a versatile solution for various applications within multiple industries.

Quality Assurance: By having built-in quality control mechanisms and monitoring systems, the filling process meets specific quality standards set out in business policies or regulatory guidelines thereby giving manufacturers confidence about their products’ reliability.



What types of desiccant materials can be used with the DI-200 Desiccant Filling Machine?
The list of desiccant materials that are compatible with this machine includes but is not limited to silica gel, molecular sieves, activated carbon, clay desiccants, etc.

What mechanisms does the DI-200 use to guarantee that desiccant is dispensed correctly into containers? The DI-200 has advanced dosing mechanisms and exact measurement systems that help it to dose desiccants with accuracy, minimizing wastage and maintaining uniformity in filling.

Is it possible to incorporate the DI-200 into existing production lines?
Yes, the DI-200 can easily be integrated with current production lines thus giving manufacturers a smooth and efficient approach to desiccant filling.

What kind of containers can be filled by the DI-200 with desiccants?
It is suitable for packaging in a wide range of formats including bottles, jars, pouches, and sachets hence making it versatile enough to cater to different packaging materials.

How does this impact on cost savings for manufacturers?
The introduction of automation in the process of filling up desiccants as well as reduction of losses means that manufacturers will save their money while trying to bring down production costs amongst other additional benefits that lead to the high profit margins they have been yearning for.

Can this machine be used in cleanrooms?
Certainly, the DI 200 can be arranged in such a manner as to meet standards put in place for cleanroom conditions thus becoming useful in areas like pharmaceuticals or electronics assembly industry.

Can this machine be customized based on specific manufacturing requirements?
Certainly, This device can easily be modified to take care of diverse container sizes, types of desiccants, and very many other specifications that give manufacturers options during their processes.

Tell me about the maintenance procedures for the Di-200 Desiccant Filling Machine.
The di 200 entails basic scheduled maintenance including cleansing, lubricating moving parts, and checking essential components responsible for optimal performance and long life span.

How does it manage packaging containers’ authenticity/keeping them intact?
It also contains elements such as seals that keep these packages from being exposed and then allow moisture inside; meaning moisture will not affect qualities like drug characteristics.

Any safety features of the DI-200?

Just as an example, these are equipped with safety sensors and interlocks that prevent accidents and ensure operator safety during operation which makes it a more reliable and user-friendly answer for desiccant filling. 


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