DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

Be introduced to Qualipak’s DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine! This will help you simplify your packaging process in a very precise, and efficient manner. With this innovation solution in place, there is always an assurance of the same good quality products delivered instantly and easily as well as being flexible for use with different industries. The cutting-edge technology from Qualipak enhances the quality of your packaging materials. By sealing each blister boost productivity and ensure the highest quality possible.
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Parameter Specification
Model DPB-140
Blister Size Customizable
Forming Depth 12mm (adjustable)
Cutting Frequency 6-50 times/min
Capacity 140 blisters/min
Max. Forming Area 140mm x 110mm
Max. Forming Depth 25mm
Travel Range for Stroke 40-160mm (adjustable)
Heating Power of Sealing Roller 1.5KW
Power Supply 380V/220V 50Hz (can be customized)
Total Power 6KW
Air Compression Pressure ≥0.6MPa
Air Consumption ≥0.3m³/min
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) 4800mm x 850mm x 1800mm
Weight About 1500kg
Packaging Material PVC, PET, PP, PE, PS, etc. (thickness: 0.15-0.6mm)
Suitable Material Capsules, Tablets, Pills, Candy, Electronic Components, etc.
Control System PLC + Touch Screen
Optional Extras Date Coding Device, Perforation Device, Cooling Device, etc.

In the ever-changing world of packaging, automation has become a key factor in ensuring efficiency as well as speed and precision in different areas. The DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine is remarkable among other numerous kinds of packaging solutions available to customers. This article is made up of various parts; addressing intricacies of recent technology, descriptions of manufacturing processes, reasons for choosing this equipment, and its role in modern packaging systems without which they cannot run.


Working Processes

The DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine has an advanced system that incorporates many stages in the process of packing items. The working processes are:

Feeding: By feeding the machine with a film that makes blisters, it molds them into specific shapes to fit products meant for packaging.

Filling: Once formed into a blister, each product is placed accurately within every cavity with almost absolute precision and uniformity.

Sealing: After forming the blister pack, compatible backing material is used to seal it thereby ensuring safety and reliability during transportation.

Cutting: After complete processing by this machine, there comes a time when it will be cut into separate units to be sold through various distribution channels or direct retailing.

These make the process very efficient thus reducing unnecessary human intervention while streamlining packaging operations.



The versatility associated with the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine enables its usage in diverse industries. Some examples include:

Pharmaceuticals: It is commonly applied in drug tablets, capsules, and medicines packages for dosage accuracy maintenance purposes.

Food and Beverage: Candies, chewing gums, etc are some food products that can be effectively put into this kind of machine to maintain their freshness as well as extend their expiry dates.

Consumer Goods: Batteries, electronics accessories, and small hardware components are often found inside blister packs produced by this tool hence improving how they look physically and providing extra protection against damages such as scratches or even breaking.

Cosmetics: It enables more classy packaging of beauty products like lip balms, eye shadows, and any other skincare items; this improves brands’ appeal as well as instills trust and confidence among customers.



DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine has several functions that raise the efficiency and accuracy levels in the packaging industry. The following are some of them:

Automated Feeding and Forming: This means that there is no need for manual labor in packing because it operates on its own such that packing consistency is maintained throughout.

Accurate Filling: The machine has highly advanced dosing systems which enable it to put precisely measured quantities of various products inside each blister hole hence reducing wastage while enhancing resource management.

Seamless Sealing: It seals blister packs at a high speed without any variations thus tampering or contamination is eliminated during the packaging process.

Customization: By permitting alteration in design packaging, one can have different kinds of blisters concerning sizes, shapes, and configurations depending on what the product needs are.



Acquiring the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine will lead to several advantages for the packaging department including:

Enhanced Efficiency: Automation helps increase production cycles while reducing lead time for manufacturing operations making critical processes faster therefore leading to improved productivity in terms of operational efficiency.

Improved Accuracy: The equipment ensures high precision for filling dosages and, thus minimizing wastes through optimization or reduced reject rates thereby helping reduce costs within the plant’s budget.

Consistent Quality: Following standardized procedures, it provides consistent pack quality which aids in building brand prestige as well as consumer loyalty via customer satisfaction derived from reliable packages at all times.

Cost Savings: This machine leads to real cost savings through increased output and decreased wastage hence contributing towards profitability in the long run.


Roles and Advantages

The DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine fills several important roles within packaging operations, each accompanied by unique benefits.

Production Streamlining: The machine’s automation of labor-intensive tasks streamlines production workflows, enabling easy response to soaring demand by manufacturers.

Compliance Insurance: The machinery is great for regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals because it can be used to ensure that companies comply with strict packaging standards and regulations thus reducing the risk of legal action.

Innovation Facilitation: It has been attributed to being able to encourage innovative thinking through its customizable features in terms of packaging design which enables producers to make their products different from those of other competitors.

Sustainability Empowerment: The machine ensures that all environmental stewardship goals are aligned through enhanced resource utilization as well as reduced wastage of materials thus promoting sustainable initiatives, in line with sustainability concerns among packaging operations.



What is a blister packaging machine?
A blister packaging machine is a specialized equipment used for packaging products in blister packs, consisting of a formed cavity or pocket, usually made of plastic or aluminum and a backing material such as paperboard or foil.

How does the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine differ from traditional blister packaging machines?
DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine operates differently from conventional blister packagers which are semi-automatic because everything can be computerized including feeding fillings sealing cutting into one streamlined processing method thereby making it more efficient and accurate compared to other types.

What types of products can be packaged using the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine?
It is suitable for packing various types of items like medicine drugs grocery foodstuffs consumer goods and even cosmetics among others which gives its versatility advantage.

How does the machine ensure the accuracy of dosing and sealing?
To achieve this goal, it employs advanced dosing systems and sealing mechanisms integrated with fine-grained control algorithms that smoothen out imprecisions during dosing and sealing while also mitigating the chances of mistakes in rejection.

Can the machine accommodate custom packaging requirements?
Yes, individualized blister shapes and sizes can be chosen to suit different product needs which means that to meet any custom specification for blister configuration.

What are the key advantages of using the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine?
The main benefits include efficiency increment, accuracy increment, uniform quality standards, and savings in costs hence being essential in contemporary packaging activities.

Is the machine suitable for use in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals?
Yes, this is because this machine meets stringent packaging standards and regulatory requirements which are expected by authorities within regulated sectors.

How does the machine contribute to sustainability initiatives?
It enhances resource efficiency while minimizing material wastage thus reducing its ecological footprint which in turn makes its operations compliant with sustainability efforts towards packaging processes.

What factors should be considered when integrating the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine into existing production lines?
When integrating the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine into an existing production line, factors such as production volume, product specifications, space requirements, and compatibility with existing equipment must be considered to achieve smooth integration and maximize operational excellence.

Is training provided for operating the DPB-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packaging Machine?
Manufacturers generally provide comprehensive training programs for operators to equip them with knowledge on how to operate a machine including procedures used during maintenance and safety measures that should be taken when around it so that they perform optimally when at work.


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