SHK High Speed Mixing Granulator

Here is the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator by Qualipak. This machine is engineered to blend powders for pharmaceuticals, food and chemical industries to be smooth mixtures that are even. By rapidly mixing products, you can easily increase productivity and ensure quality. Get elevated production standards using SHK Granulator from Qualipak now!
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  • Understanding the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator

  • SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator is a modern machine used in the pharmaceutical industry for granulation processes. Granulation, an important stage in drug production involves the making of granules by joining fine powders together. This increases powder flowability, enhances the compressibility of powders and helps to have uniform dosing and tablet formation.
  • The principle behind the operation of the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator is high-speed mixing followed by wet granulation. It combines dry powders with liquid binders to form granules that are of equal size as well as density. The granulator features a blending container, rotating paddle blades, cutting blades and a control system which are all made with great precision to guarantee maximum efficiency.


  • Working Processes of the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator

  • Loading and Mixing: The process starts when dry powders are loaded into the mixing bowl of the granulator. These include active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients and other additives normally found in these powders. As rotation speeds go very high at once, impellers rotate allowing kinetic energy transfer among particles hence homogenous mixing.
  • Liquid Addition: A controlled manner of addition of liquid binder follows whenever an appropriate blend has been obtained. Typically, this will be aqueous or organic solvent solutions containing binding agents that make particles stick together during agglomeration.
  • Wet Granulation: At this point, moistened granules start forming as soon as a liquid binder is introduced into the mixture. This helps to distribute uniformly binder throughout the mixture due to the fast spinning impeller thus ensuring uniformity during the formation of individual granules.
  • Granule Sizing: Also at this stage choppers fitted with sharp edges serve to break down any oversized granules making sure that particle sizes are spread evenly throughout. This step must be done correctly if one wishes to obtain proper-sized and densified granules.
  • Drying: After drying, granules that were initially wet are now free from excess moisture. It is also during this process that the optimal flow of granules is guaranteed by the manufacturer incorporating either an inbuilt drying mechanism or an interface with external equipment.
  • Final Product Collection: After drying the granules are discharged from the mixing bowl and undergo further treatment like milling or sieving aimed at attaining a specific size uniformity of particle. These granules can now be used for subsequent manufacturing processes such as tablet compression and encapsulation.


  • Applications of the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator

  • The versatility, efficiency and precise control attributes make the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator applicable in most parts of the pharmaceutical industry. Some of its common applications include,
  • Tablet Manufacturing: Here, tablets are produced where they serve as the primary feedstock in the form of granules. The quality, consistency and efficacy of tablet formulations depend on whether or not there was even granulation achieved with the help of the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator.
  • Capsule Formulation: In capsule production, it is convenient to use granulated drugs due to their ease of dose accuracy, well-developed flow characteristics and dissolution features. The reason why these machines are used here is that their built-in techniques enable the production of capsules having an aptly designed formulation best suited for efficient medical therapy and improved patient compliance.
  • Powder Blending: Furthermore it serves additional purposes other than just improving on powder blending operations through homogenous mixing of several types. This ensures that active ingredients incorporated into pharmaceutical formulation products (tablets) are uniformly distributed among the inert mixtures as well as any other excipients present thereby guaranteeing an effective drug action on patients’ bodies too.
  • Pelletization: In some cases, pharmaceutical formulations may require pellets instead of granules. The granulator can be modified to permit pelletization processes whereby agglomeration and subsequent drying result in spherical or cylindrical pellets.
  • Formulation Development: In formulation development activities for the pharmaceutical industry, the granulator is used by researchers to experiment with various formulations, optimize process parameters and scale up production processes efficiently.


  • Functions of the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator

  • The SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator performs several functions that are critical in efficient granulation processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing:
  • Mixing: The machine can mix dry powders well enough to make homogeneous mixtures that have an even distribution of active ingredients and excipients.
  • Granulation: Wet granulation using high-speed mixing turns powder blends into uniform granules that are suitable for further processing.
  • Size Reduction: Oversized granules get broken down into smaller ones by this component in the granulator called a chopper; thus it improves particle size distribution and uniformity.
  • Liquid Addition: Controlled addition of liquid binders facilitates cohesive granule formation having desirable properties such as compressibility and flowability.
  • Drying: Integrated drying capabilities or compatibility with external drying equipment allow for the efficient removal of moisture from wet granules preventing agglomeration and ensuring product stability.
  • Control and Monitoring: Reproducibility is ensured through precise control over monitoring capabilities by advanced control systems equipped with sensors and automation features that monitor process parameters during manufacture thereby maintaining consistency between batches.


  • Roles and Advantages of the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator

  • Enhanced Product Quality: Promoting uniform blending, granulation, particle size distribution etc., contributes towards overall quality and consistency of pharmaceutical products done by SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator
  • Increased Manufacturing Efficiency: Being capable of multiple functionalities within a single unit at a high speed during operation, makes this piece of equipment more productive thus enhancing its efficiency in manufacturing.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: This granulator is produced with various features that help in accommodating different production requirements and specifications especially when it comes to changing processes and formulations within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Process Optimization: Optimal product yields can be achieved through process optimization which requires precise control of input parameters as well as real-time monitoring facilities.
  • Reduced Production Costs: By making granulation more efficient, some of the cost savings that accrue to pharmaceutical manufacturers come from things like streamlined operation, shorter cycle times and reduced material waste.
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards: It manufactures products according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other regulatory guidelines followed by the stringent pharma manufacturing quality assurance systems on which this equipment is based.
  • Scale-up Capabilities: The transition from laboratory-scale experimentation to large-scale production is made simple by the fact that this machine can be scaled up easily thus facilitating commercialization of new drug formulations.


  • FAQs

  • What is an SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator?

  • SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator machine, used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for facilitating the granulation process. It combines dry powders with a liquid binder to form granules of uniform size and density.
  • How does an SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator work?

  • This granulating equipment operates using high-speed mixing and then wet-granulating which entails adding a liquid binder into mixed powder blends when in the mixing bowl. Thereafter, drying takes place; lastly, all dried particles are collected together for subsequent manipulation into the desired shape through appropriate methods.
  • What are the main applications of an SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator?

  • Tablet manufacturing, capsule formulation, powder blending, pelletization, and formulation development are some of the major uses of SHK high-speed mixing granulators in Pharmaceuticals.
  • What are the functions of a SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator?

  • Such granulators carry out various tasks which encompass blending dry powders, wet granulation, size reduction, solution addition, drying as well as accurate control and monitoring of process variables.
  • What are the benefits of using the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator?

  • Improved product quality, increased manufacturing efficiency, flexibility and versatility, process optimization, reduced production costs, compliance with regulatory standards and scale-up capabilities among others.
  • How does an SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator affect product quality?

  • The manufacturer explains that this is achieved through uniform mixing to guarantee perfect qualities in all medicinal items.
  • Can different formulations be used on the SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator?

  • Yes. The machine can accommodate various formulas such as those containing APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), excipients and additives.
  • Which safety measures are set apart for an SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator?

  • It also includes safety interlocks; emergency stop buttons; and being compliant with relevant protection regulations during operation to safeguard the operator.
  • Should one be trained to operate an SHK High-Speed Mixing Granulator?

  • This entails training users on how to use it properly including its maintenance and ensuring their safety when operating it.


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