TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press

Find unsurpassed accuracy and effectiveness with the TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press from Qualipak. This compact machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries and guarantees uniform tablet formation. Improve your manufacturing technique with Qualipak’s revolutionary approach. For high-quality tablet pressing technology, get in touch with us today

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Parameter Specification
Model TDP-0
Type Single Punch
Maximum Pressure 15 kN
Maximum Tablet Diameter 12 mm
Maximum Filling Depth 12 mm
Production Capacity 3600 tablets/hour
Motor Power 0.37 kW
Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz (customizable)
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 540x450x570 mm

The TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press is a compact and versatile machine used for the production of single-layer tablets. This works on a simple principle: powder or granular material is supplied into a hopper where it is compressed into a tablet by one punch. Its compact design and user-friendly interface make it appropriate for small-scale production and research purposes.

Working Process

The working process of TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press can be divided into several key steps as follows;

Material Preparation: The raw material, usually in the form of either powder or granules, is prepared and loaded into the hopper of the tablet press.

Feeding: The material is fed into the die cavity which ensures uniform distribution.

Compression: A single punch descends onto the material, compressing it to form a tablet with a specific size and shape.

Ejection: After this step, the finished tablet comes out from the die cavity ready for collection or further processing.


This means that TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press has different uses across various industries with its main use being pharmaceutical manufacturing. Some common applications are

Prototype Development: Pharmaceutical companies use TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press to develop prototypes and produce new formulations in small quantities.

Research and Development: In laboratories and research institutions, this tablet press is employed for experimental purposes including formulation optimization.

Nutraceuticals: Nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and herbal medicines are among other products made in this press.

Cosmetics: For instance, the cosmetic industry utilizes tablet press to create cosmetic powders such as blushes or eyeshadows in pressed forms.


TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press performs several important functions that make it effective and versatile. Some of them include:

Compression: It refers to compressing raw materials resulting in uniformly sized tablets with the same density.

Adjustability: Parameters such as thickness of tablets, diameter as well and hardness can easily be adjusted using this machine thus enabling flexibility of tablet production.

Controlled Operation: It is equipped with advanced control systems that ensure accurate operation and reduce variations in terms of tablet quality and consistency.

Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface makes the tablet press easy to operate, requiring minimal personnel training.

Future Trends

There are several emerging trends in tablet press manufacturing as technology advances. They include:

Automation: There is a growing demand for automated tablet presses equipped with advanced robotics and artificial intelligence systems to streamline production processes and improve efficiency.

Integration: Tablet presses are increasingly being integrated into larger-scale manufacturing systems for seamless production and real-time monitoring of tablet quality.

Customization: Manufacturers today develop customizable tablet presses suitable for a wide range of formulations, or other production numbers.

Environmental Sustainability: The focus is on developing eco-friendly presses that consume less energy and generate less waste

Roles and Advantages

This means that TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press plays several critical roles in the pharmaceutical industry as well as has numerous advantages. Some of them are listed below

Cost–Effective Production: Due to its compact size and simple operation, it is considered by many as an affordable solution for small-scale productions or research purposes.

High Precision: This machine provides precise control over the parameters of the tablets ensuring uniformity in terms of their size, weight, or hardness.

Versatility: It can work with various types of raw materials thereby making it suitable for different applications.

Time Efficiency: The rapid production cycle of the pill machine allows for tight deadlines to be met and quick responses to market demands.

Quality Assurance: The tablets produced are made using advanced control systems and quality monitoring mechanisms and they meet strict quality standards.

Space Optimization: The compact design of these tablet presses ensures that small manufacturing facilities can utilize their available space wisely, making them suitable for small-scale operations or research laboratories.


What is a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press?

A TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press is an all-around, small-footprint machine used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries to prepare single-layered tablets. It works on the principle that powder or granular material is compressed into a tablet using a single punch.

How does a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press work?

The working process typically starts with feeding raw material into the hopper which then gets distributed into the die cavity. Then the material is compressed into a specific size and shape by descending a single punch on it. Finally, the finished tablet comes out from the die cavity when pushed out by the ejection mechanism.

What are the primary applications of a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press?

Prototype development, Research & Development (R&D), nutraceutical production, and cosmetic manufacturing. It is also used to produce different formulations of tablets with varied shapes.

What are the key functions of a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press?

Functions include those such as compression of raw materials into tablets; adjustability as far as thickness and hardness parameters are concerned; controlled operation; and user-friendliness features among others.

What are the future trends in TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press manufacturing?

In this case, future tendencies include automation through more advanced robotics and AI systems so that they can be integrated within larger manufacturing systems, and customization for varied formulation needs thus taking into account environmental sustainability matters.

What advantages does a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press offer?

Cost-effective production, High precision, Versatility concerning diverse formulations, Time efficiency, Quality assurance, and Space optimization due to its compact design are the benefits of using this machine.

How does a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press contribute to pharmaceutical manufacturing?

Efficient tablet production for research development and small-scale manufacturing; uniformity and quality in tablet production processes.

Is training required to operate a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press?

Even though the equipment has a user-friendly interface, some basic training is necessary for one to handle it effectively and ensure proper maintenance.

What safety measures should be observed when using a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press?

The safety precautions include the use of the right protective clothing by observing operational guidelines as given by the manufacturer while ensuring proper maintenance s

Can a TDP-0 Single Punch Tablet Press be used for large-scale production?

Despite being primarily designed for small-scale production along with research purposes, multiple units can be combined thus enabling bigger volumes of production. However, larger specialized presses tend to be used in high-volume situations.


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