NJP-2000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Qualipak’s NJP-2000 automatic capsule-filling machine unlocks unprecedented productivity in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Enhance your production process with fast turnover, accurate drug delivery and flexibility. Reliability and regulatory compliance are guaranteed. Modernize all operations through the use of Qualipak’s latest technological advancements.

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Parameter Specification
Model NJP-2000
Production Capacity Up to 120,000 capsules/hour
Capsule Size Range 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#
Filling Precision ±2%
Power Supply 380V 50Hz (can be customized)
Power Consumption 7.5 kW
Vacuum Degree -0.02~-0.06MPa
Noise Level <75 dB
Weight 1200 kg
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200mm x 1100mm x 2000mm

Introduction to NJP-2000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The NJP-2000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is the epitome of capsule-filling technology. Made with modern pharmaceutical production in mind, this machine merges advanced engineering and user-friendly design to allow for more effective production by pharmaceutical manufacturers. It has many uses so from small-scale to large industrial facilities, the NJP-2000 can be used almost anywhere making it a favorite choice of corporations globally.

Design and Components

At its core, the NJP-2000 has an efficient and accurate design. The machine consists of various main elements which all play their role in the process of filling capsules:

Capsule Hopper: Empty capsules are put here before being filled. It is fitted with a highly accurate feed system that ensures a steady flow of capsules during operation.

Powder Hopper: This vessel holds the drug powder or granules that will be encapsulated. It is equipped with mechanisms for precise dosing and distribution of the filling material.

Filling Stations: The NJP-2000 contains several filling stations, each serving different capsules with necessary doses of medicinal products. These stations work simultaneously thus ensuring high performance without reducing accuracy.

Tamping Pins: Tamping pins ensure uniform packing of the powder within the capsules, minimizing variations in dosage and enhancing product consistency.

Capsule Closing Mechanism: After being filled up, the capsules are closed by following certain procedures as directed by the Bosh closing mechanism. This ensures they do not leak or let substances contaminate them through advanced mechanisms employed in NJP 2000 only leading to tight sealing after closure processes have been carried out on them.

Control System: The control system acts as a brain that supervises every aspect of the filling process inside it. It enables one to set parametric values while watching how it performs and problem-solving if any happens.

Functionality and Operation

On a simple but highly effective principle does the NJP-2000 work? This is a simple process that involves loading empty capsules into the hopper of the machine, and then by use of filling stations, they are fed with capsules at the same time as powders or granules for encapsulation are dispensed from the powder hopper into them. Uniformity in packing material is achieved through the compacting action of tampering pins. For example, after being filled, these capsules will be sealed tight in the following. In this case, during this process of speed control and dosage administration, other key parameters were regulated so that each capsule could meet its specific demand requirements.

Key Features and Advantages

Many features separate the NJP-2000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine from traditional filling equipment:

High Throughput: With multiple filling stations and efficient operation, the NJP-2000 can fill more than hundreds of capsules per minute leading to an increased production capacity on a large scale.

Precision Dosing: The machine’s accurate dosing mechanisms allow precise doses to be used while filling capsules hence minimizing deviations in doses thus making its products even better.

Versatility: Many different sizes of capsules can fit into NJP-2000 as well as a wide range of materials used for filling allowing use in various pharmaceutical formulations.

Ease of Use: Despite its advanced technology, the NJP-2000 is designed for user-friendly operation, with intuitive controls and minimal maintenance requirements.

Quality Assurance: By automating the filling process, the NJP-2000 reduces risks associated with human error thereby guaranteeing uniform quality throughout and adherence to regulatory standards.

Cost Efficiency: The machine’s high throughput and reliability translate to lower production costs per unit resulting in considerable savings over a period.

Integrated Safety Features: The NJP-2000 comes with safety features which include sensors and alarms that detect malfunctions or deviations from the parameters set, thus ensuring the operator’s safety as well as the integrity of the product.

Modular Design: The modular design of this machine makes it easy to maintain and service hence reducing downtime while maximizing productivity.

Applications and Industry Impact

The NJP-2000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine finds use across the entire pharmaceutical industry including generic drugs’ production to specialized formulations’ development. As a result, its impact on the industry is immense since it enables producers to meet increasing demand without compromising on quality. For example, by automating and optimizing the capsule filling process, NJP-2000 speeds up production timelines, reduces wastage, and improves overall efficiency thereby placing pharmaceutical firms in a better place for success in a highly competitive market environment.

Future Developments and Trends

With technology advancing at such an unprecedented pace; there are prospects that NJP-2000 will be enhanced further; as such adding things like artificial intelligence, robotics, and real-time monitoring systems. Consequently, these improvements guarantee even better performance characteristics such as improved efficiency, and adaptability among others making new doors open for pharmaceutical manufacturers who want to stay ahead of everyone else within their respective industries. Similarly, future versions of the NJP-2000 could be made from environmentally friendly materials if sustainability becomes more important while energy-saving features might also be added in line with efforts across industries aimed at minimizing environmental pollution.


1. What is this NJP-2000 automatic capsule-filling machine?

An advanced pharmaceutical machine called NJP 2000 fills empty capsules with accurate doses of powdered or granulated pharma products automatically. It simplifies the process of capsule filling thereby improving productivity while ensuring uniform quality.

2. How does this work on NJP-2000?

Upon being fed into stations fitted with fillers, empty capsules are filled with desired quantities of pharmaceutical material from the powder hopper on the NJP-2000. For example, filling material is then compacted using tamping pins, and thereafter, capsules are sealed before they leave the machine.

3. Which types of capsules can be filled by NJP-2000?

NJP-2000 supports a broad range of capsule sizes including 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Moreover, it fills both gelatin and vegetable capsules thereby offering variety to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

4. What are the advantages of using NJP-2000?

The benefits associated with the usage of NJP-2000 include high throughputs; accurate dosage delivery; adaptability to multiple products; ease of operation; quality control ensuring low rejection rates as well as cost savings. The safety features are integral while maintenance is made easier due to modular design.

5. Can this be used for small-scale operations?

Although it can deliver at high throughputs, NJP-2000 has also been developed to cater to small-scale users. It thus serves a wide range of plant sizes such as batch systems for small production runs or even large industrial lines.

6. Does one need special training to operate an NJP-2000?

Though some knowledge in pharmaceutical manufacturing may be useful the machine will feature user-friendly interfaces that require limited orientation since it will have direct controls and simple interfaces that do not need much training course before one operates them.

7. Is there room for different kinds of drugs in this NJP-2000?

Yes. Other pharma powders/granules like APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), excipients, etc., all these forms can be handled with this particular model. Therefore the formulations involved could vary widely thus providing great flexibility during manufacture.

8. How does the equipment ensure that dosing mistakes do not happen?

For instance, to maintain uniform packaging within each capsule when filling materials precision dosing mechanisms and tamping pins are used. Further, during the filling process, modern control systems watch over the parameters continuously adjusting them to keep up with the required accuracy.

9. What maintenance is required for the NJP-2000

A modular design for the NJP-2000 makes it easy to maintain and service. It is recommended that regular cleaning, lubrication, and component inspection be done for optimal performance and product life.

10. Does the NJP-2000 meet regulatory standards?

The NJP-2000 has been manufactured and designed to comply with strict regulations in pharmaceutical equipment. It follows Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMP) and may require validation activities to ensure industry conformity.


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