GS-16 Counting And Filling Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s GS-16 Counting And Filling Machine Without Cover: Revolutionize your production efficiency with precision counting and seamless filling. Designed for accuracy and speed, this machine ensures consistent results for your packaging needs. Streamline your process and elevate your output with Qualipak’s trusted technology.

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Feature Specification
Model GS-16
Capacity Up to 16,000 pills/capsules per minute
Counting Accuracy ± 1 pill/capsule
Hopper Capacity 50,000 pills/capsules (approx.)
Tablet/Capsule Size Range 5mm to 25mm (diameter)
Voltage 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 200 L/min
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1500mm x 1200mm x 1800mm
Weight 600 kg
Material Stainless Steel 304/316
Control System PLC Control System with Touch Screen Interface
Counting Method Photoelectric Counting
Filling Method Vibratory Filling
Operating Environment Temperature: 10°C to 40°C, Humidity: <80% RH

In the modern landscape of industrial production, efficiency, and precision are critical. Different manufacturers in different sectors are always looking for new ideas to streamline their operations and improve productivity. One such invention that has gained popularity is the GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine. This is a highly sophisticated machine that has revolutionized how goods are counted, filled, and packaged thus making it an invaluable asset in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to foods and beverages.


Working Processes

The GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine operates on a simple yet highly efficient principle. At its very heart, the machine employs sensors that are equipped with complex algorithms enabling them to count products quickly. The working process can be broken down into several key steps:

Feeding: The products being counted and filled are supplied through the machine hopper or conveyor belt system. Depending on how this is set up this can either be done manually or automatically.

Counting: Once inside the machine all the products go through numerous sensors which identify each piece individually consequently enabling accuracy when counting takes place. These sensors use diverse technologies like optical sensors, and electromagnetic sensors among others based on weight ensuring correct counts.

Filling: After they have been counted off, these products then move towards where they will be filled by the machine’s filling mechanism only if there is any within it; however different types of products may need different kinds of mechanisms including volumetric filling equipment gravimetricity filling equipment piston filler among others that may be used depending on whether one wants a package or not.

Packaging: After being filled, these products enter into the packaging stage where they are packaged into containers, pouches, bottles, or any other desired form of packaging. For a fully automated packaging process, this machine can be integrated with downstream packaging equipment.

Quality Control: The machine incorporates quality control measures to ensure that the filled products are accurate and correct throughout its operation. Additional sensors or inspection systems may be used to check for any defects or abnormalities in the products.



The GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine is highly versatile making it suitable for various applications within different industries. Some common applications include:

Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, precise counting and filling of tablets, capsules, and other medication forms are crucial for ensuring dosage accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. As such; these machines have been designed to be used extensively in most pharmaceutical production plants as they help in automating this process which makes it more efficient.

Food and Beverage Industry: From candies and snacks to grains and nuts, the GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine can handle a diverse range of food products with ease. It is widely used during food packaging processes to count accurately before filling them into containers or pouches thereby reducing wastage as well as maintaining consistent product quality.

Nutraceutical Industry: Nutraceutical products such as vitamins, supplements, and health foods often require precise counting and filling to meet strict quality standards. To cater to these needs of the nutraceutical industry; the GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine provides a dependable solution for counting accurately while also giving provision for efficient filling services.

The cosmetics industry: The GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine can be used to handle various types of cosmetics as well as personal care products which may come in the form of powders, creams, and liquids. This enables cosmetic manufacturers to simplify their production processes and meet a rising demand for high-quality beauty products.

Hardware and Fasteners Industry: In small hardware components industries, accurate counting and filling are crucial in preventing inventory discrepancies while enhancing operational efficiency. Nowadays, Hardware manufacturing facilities widely employ GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine for automating the process of counting and filling screws, nuts, bolts, etc.



GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine is equipped with several features aimed at improving productivity & performance. Some of its key functions include;

High-Speed Counting: That means it counts products at extremely fast speeds hence increasing throughput rates while reducing production downtime.

Accurate Filling: Advanced counting mechanisms on top of excellent filling technology contained in this machine make it the most accurate filler around.

Versatile: It can easily be switched between an extensive range of product profiles, sizes, or pack formats hence applicable across different industries.

User-Friendly Interface: With simple controls plus an intuitive interface that facilitates easy operation; one does not require much training or technical know-how to use this machine properly.

Integration Capabilities: Thus the GS-16 Counting and Filling Machines comes with the provision for integrating other machines like packaging equipment’s labeling systems or conveyors within a fully automated production line.



GS-16 Counting/Filling Machines have numerous benefits for producers such as

Enhanced Efficiency: Automating these two aspects reduces labour requirements significantly leading to shorter production times hence higher overall effectiveness by far the best choice.

Improved Accuracy: With precise counters/fillers on board there is no room left for human error thus each batch is perfect every time around.

Cost Savings: Substantial cost savings can be made by manufacturers through reduced labor and product wastages.

Better Quality: Besides, the machine itself can ensure that each unit remains within certain quality limits to prevent any disruptions in customer orientation and brand image.

Scalable: The machine’s modular design allows for its easy scalability thus accommodating increased production demands hence making a company more flexible/adaptive.


Positions and Advantages

GS-16 Counting/Filling Machines are indispensable to modern manufacturing in various industries, due to multiple advantages:

Production Efficiency: These machines greatly streamline the counting/filling procedures and processes, which minimizes bottlenecks while improving workflow efficiency.

Legal Compliance: For instance with pharmaceuticals or foods, accurate counting/filling is a must due to strict regulatory guidelines. GS-16 Counting/Filling Machines makes meeting these compliance standards a breeze for any manufacturer.

Customizable: It is possible to adjust the machine according to your specific needs this way ensures more flexibility in production environments as well as provides greater job adaptability overall.

Less Waste: The above-mentioned filling/counting techniques utilized here do not allow for much waste generation meaning that there shall be less cost-related material inputs plus environmental effects too.

Competitive Edge: As such one of the ways manufacturers can increase their relative competitiveness would be investing in advanced automation technologies like GS-16 Counting/Filling Machines to produce superior goods at lower prices than those offered by competitors on similar markets thus gaining an edge over others.

The GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine is versatile and can handle various products such as pills, hard candies, nuts, grains, hardware components, cosmetics, etc.



Can the machine be utilized for small-scale manufacturing?
It is produced in different versions, which can cater to small-size operations as well as large-scale manufacturing plants.

How does the device guarantee that counting and filling are done correctly?
This machine utilizes high-tech sensors and algorithms to ensure accuracy in counting and filling. Built-in quality checks prevent any deviations or errors during production.

Can I connect this machine with my existing production equipment?
Yes; the GS-16 Counting and Filling Machine easily integrates into a complete automated production system together with other systems e.g. packaging machines, labeling systems, conveyor systems, etc.

What are some of the maintenance procedures on this unit?
For optimal performance and service life of your device, you should carry out routine cleaning tasks like lubrication exercises, sensor calibrations, etc.

Is there specialized training required for the operation of this machine?
Although basic training is recommended for operators to familiarize themselves with its functions and controls, its user-friendly interface enables simple use without much technical know-how.

What is its power requirement when running it?
Depending on a specific configuration/capacity of a particular product version it ranges from standard electrical outlets to industrial power supplies.

To what extent can I customize my device for unique production demands?
There are several options/accessories that you could incorporate into these devices so that they are customized according to exact manufacturing requirements such as product size/packing format/output rate among others.

Typically how soon can one recover his/her investment after purchasing GS-16 Counting & Filling Machine?
Due to improved efficiency levels plus cost savings through faster payback many have reported quick recoveries.

Are these machines suitable for handling delicate or fragile items during counting or filling processes?
Yes, these machines could be programmed to handle delicate objects softly during counting or filling processes thus protecting the integrity of products.

Does the GS-16 Counting & Filling Machine conform to industry standards and regulations?
The machine is designed and manufactured in line with industry standards and regulations to ensure safety, quality, and compliance with applicable laws.


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