DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and precision with Qualipak’s DPP-110 and DPP-150 Blister Packing Machines, now available without covers. Seamlessly package your products with advanced technology, ensuring superior quality and streamlined operations. Elevate your packaging process with Qualipak’s innovative solutions, optimizing your production to new heights.

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Parameter Specification
Model DPP-150
Machine Type Blister Packing Machine
Cover Without Cover
Max. Forming Area 140mm x 110mm (Customizable)
Max. Forming Depth 20mm (Customizable)
Max. Output Up to 40 cycles/minute
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz
Total Power 4.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
Air Consumption ≥0.2 m³/min
Cooling Water Tap water or circulating water
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 2900mm x 760mm x 1600mm
Weight Approximately 1200 kg
Material Compatibility PVC, PET, PVDC, ALU, etc.
Optional Features Printing, Embossing, Batch Coding,
Automatic Feeding, etc.

The DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover is the epitome of engineering in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Manufactured by leading companies who understand well the specific requirements of drug production, this apparatus incorporates aspects such as innovation, efficiency, and dependability among others. Its compactness and user-friendly interface make it a must-have for any pharmaceutical firm trying to optimize its packing processes and offer quality products.


Work Processes

DPP-150 blister packaging machines that are without cover work through some intricate sequences to convert raw materials into well-packaged pharmaceutical products. Several procedures take place during this process:

Feeding: In this case, the machine can comfortably feed packing material like PVC or aluminum foil into the designated area.

Forming: This process involves heating up and molding the material to turn it into the required shape of blisters that can be used to pack each piece of medical product.

Filling: This involves putting in place drugs into blisters thus providing accuracy and making sure of dosage consistency.

Sealing: After filling, the blisters are then sealed either by heat or pressure thus guaranteeing safety from outside agents.

Cutting: Finally, sealed blisters get cut into pieces meant for single distribution units after becoming ready for delivery purposes.

These procedures are executed with precision and efficiency due to advanced technology combined with high-level skills incorporated in DPP-150 blister packing machines that do not have covers.



Packaging of Tablets and Capsules: Tablets and capsules are some of the most common forms of medicines that must retain their effectiveness but be protected from all environmental factors. Innovations in this area include child-resistant packaging, tamper-evident seals, and desiccants to maintain product stability by controlling moisture levels. Furthermore, there have been improvements in blister packaging like unit-dose formats which improve dosing accuracy and allow for easy transportation making sure it is patient-friendly and compliant too.

Pills versus Capsules Encapsulated: Encapsulation technology has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by enabling precise dosage delivery as well as masking unpleasant tastes or odors. Modern encapsulation techniques utilize polymers and coatings to protect active ingredients from degradation thus ensuring their potency throughout the shelf life. Furthermore, specialized encapsulation methods facilitate controlled-release formulations, allowing medication to be absorbed optimally within the body for sustained therapeutic effects.

Medical Tools Blistered: Blister packaging is integral to medical devices since it guarantees sterility while keeping sensitive equipment away from contaminants. Advanced materials with barrier properties shield devices from moisture, oxygen, and microbial ingress, extending their shelf life and maintaining efficacy. Moreover, blister packs developed for simple opening and disposal enhance user-friendliness, particularly in healthcare settings where efficiency and hygiene are paramount.

Dietary Supplements Packaged: The dietary supplements market needs packages that maintain the quality of products as well as provide important information to buyers. Transparent packaging allows visibility of the product which instills trust in its quality. Lastly, eco-friendly packaging options such as compostable materials or recyclable containers appeal to environmentally conscious consumers supporting sustainability initiatives within the industry.

Healthcare Products Wrapped: Beyond medications healthcare products comprise a variety ranging from diagnostic tools to wound care supplies.. Packaging for these products prioritizes sterility, durability, and ease of use. Sterile barrier systems like pouches or trays ensure aseptic conditions during storage and transportation thereby minimizing contamination risks. User-centric design features such as ergonomic handles or clear labeling make it easy to know and handle them hence increasing their overall usability.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking streamlined packaging processes capable of meeting different market needs should select adaptable machines such as this one.



Equipped with advanced features, various functions are performed by the DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover to facilitate packaging. These functions include:

Material feeding: Packaging material is fed into the machine.

Forming blisters: The material is heated and molded into blister shapes.

Product filling: Blisters are filled with pharmaceutical products with accuracy.

Sealing: Products are sealed for protection against contamination.

Cutting: Sealed blisters are cut to size for individual units.

Temperature control: Maintains optimal temperature settings for various packaging materials.

Speed adjustment: Production speed can be adjusted flexibly to meet specific requirements.

Error detection and correction: Quality consistency is maintained through auto error detection and correction.

Such functions work together to ensure smooth operation and exceptional packing quality that meets the strict requirements of the drug industry at large.



Pharmaceutical companies using DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover enjoy a lot of advantages including:

  1. Efficiency enhancement which results in a streamlined packaging process thereby saving labor costs as well as reducing time wastage
  2. Precision improvement that leads to accurate filling and, sealing thus lowering waste production and errors
  3. Better product protection served by secure enclosure preventing outside elements from entering the packed drug product
  4. Versatility that can accommodate different sizes and shapes of products giving rise to varied packaging needs
  5. Compliance to meet industry standards as well as regulations, which guarantee the safety and quality of products

These benefits allow manufacturers in this field to gain competitiveness over others while responding effectively to changing customer preferences in the marketplace.


Roles and Advantages

This device plays several roles in the manufacturing process of drugs accompanied by various benefits one gets from using it such as the provision of tight packages.

Packaging Efficiency: This machine improves efficiency by mechanizing the packaging process and enables companies to meet production requirements easily.

Quality Assurance: The machine controls accurately such parameters as temperature and sealing pressure, reducing the probability of defects or recalls that were made.

Cost-Effectiveness: However, despite all these advanced features, the DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover offers excellent value for money, which helps organizations optimize their operational costs.

Productivity Enhancement: It makes sense that this equipment makes a contribution to overall productivity gains by minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput thus driving profitability and competitiveness.

Flexibility: Customizable settings and modular design render it possible for the device to easily adapt itself to dynamically evolving packaging needs, providing matchless flexibility and versatility in this regard.

The above factors make the DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover highly essential for pharmaceutical companies looking forward to optimizing their packaging processes as well as delivering superior products to consumers at large scale worldwide.



What is the maximum output capacity of the DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover?
The blister packing machine without its cover can have an output of up [insert capacity] blisters per minute depending on specifications and settings chosen.

Can the machine accommodate different blister sizes and shapes?
Absolutely! With this kind of machinery (DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover), there are various sizes and shapes of packs that can be filled hence enhancing its flexibility while still being versatile than others in the market with similar functions for instance in this case where users always want something specific from theirs which is not usually available elsewhere.

How does the machine ensure product safety and integrity during the packaging process?
The latest model has got all sorts of features like error detection systems, and sealing pressure adjustment among others to maintain quality control over each step done from when goods start entering into it. These things make sure that products are safely packed without any form of contaminations whatsoever since they help in ensuring that only appropriate levels of temperature are used, along with sealing pressures being set correctly as well as even detecting what may go wrong at times which also enable it happens through touchpad controls while it is still in the process without having to stop everything just because something went amiss somewhere down there too!

Is the machine compliant with industry regulations and standards?
Yes, this machine complies with all relevant industry regulations and standards. It has to meet high-quality assurance and safety demands.

What types of products can be packaged using the DPP-150?
The DPP-150 can accommodate a wide range of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, pills, medical devices, dietary supplements, and healthcare products.

How user-friendly is the interface of the DPP-150?
The DPP-150 uses an intuitive touchscreen monitor which allows everyone from beginners up through experienced workers alike to navigate easily on this machine by letting them use simple controls without much effort needed so that they can operate their equipment without necessarily having any kind of training beforehand making work easier for all involved parties who may not want anything difficult but just require something which helps make lives less hard when operating machines together especially since its been designed specifically so that anyone could understand how one should handle things here;

Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?
Absolutely! The compact footprint of this particular device makes sure that no substantial adjustment is required enabling it to seamlessly join other available production lines.

What technical support options are available for the DPP-150?
This machine’s backup services include a responsive customer service desk as well as troubleshooting assistance plus on-site maintenance services. Technical support provided here will also prevent interruptions during operations or malfunctions caused by some minor issues at times due to problems arising due to lack of proper handling procedures then leading to breakdowns between routine checkups thereby working smoothly with minimal downtime always happening while trying to solve matters before becomes too late either end up replacing faulty machinery where necessary.

Does the machine offer customization options to meet specific packaging requirements?
Yes, DPP-150 Blister Packing Machine Without Cover can be customized in terms of blister size, shape, material, and sealing parameters.

What are the maintenance requirements for the DPP-150?
The machine has to be regularly maintained for optimum performance and long lifespan. The user manual provided by the manufacturer contains instructions on cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of key components during these routine checks.


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