GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine

Welcome to the GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine, one of Qualipak’s fabulous inventions! Make your packaging process easier and save time. The machine has been designed to handle all types of cartooning jobs without any issues with product quality. The cutting-edge technology that you have always trusted from Qualipak will help maintain your elevated standards of production. Increase productivity and improve quality using minimal effort.
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Feature Specification
Model GSZ-120G
Type Automatic Cartoning Machine
Packaging Speed Up to 120 cartons per minute
Carton Size Range Length: 50-200mm, Width: 20-100mm, Height: 15-80mm
Power Supply 380V/50Hz (or customized)
Power Consumption 5kW
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 120L/min
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 3200mm x 1350mm x 1600mm
Machine Weight 1200kg
Material Stainless Steel 304
Control System PLC Control System with Touch Screen Interface
Feeding System Automatic Feeding System
Folding Method Continuous Mechanical Folding
Carton Closing Method Tuck-in Flap or Hot Melt Glue Sealing
Safety Features Emergency Stop Button, Safety Guards
Optional Features Date Coding, Leaflet Inserting System
Certification CE Certified

In modern manufacturing and packing industries, efficiency and accuracy are everything. As technology continues to grow, every automatic solution designed to streamline processes and improve productivity is in high demand. One of those systems that have revolutionized the cartooning process is the GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine. This machine uses advanced technology to mechanize cartoning processes that offer multiple benefits for different industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages among others. This complete guide approaches GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine by examining its working, applications, functions, benefits as well as advantages.

Operations Process

GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine is guided by meticulously executed operational steps aimed at minimizing human inputs during packaging activities. The major operation stages include:

Product Feeding: This machine has an inbuilt product feeding mechanism that accurately deposits the products ready for cartonization. Whether it’s blister packs bottles or tubes, the feeding system ensures accurate positioning that guarantees smooth cartoning.

Carton Erecting: The flat blanks are converted into cartons using an automated erecting mechanism. A machine that quickly folds and seals these boxes preparing them for receiving merchandise.

Product Insertion: Once the boxes have been set up, items are automatically put inside them. This step guides perfectly what goes where ensuring proper arrangement within the box.

Carton Closing: Either with adhesive or tuck flaps depending on specific requirements, this machine seals up after goods have been loaded in it. It also secures contents thus preventing any damage while being handled or transported.

Quality Control: Throughout this process of cartooning itself, quality control measures have been incorporated by this machine to detect any irregularities or mistakes made in it such as missing products among others although misaligned boxes, etc only allow good ones in the production line to move forward.

Carton Labeling and Coding: There may be instances whereby labeling and coding systems can be incorporated into the machines to print relevant information like expiry dates, batch numbers, and barcodes on the cartons making them traceable while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Carton Stacking and Discharge: Ultimately, these boxes are stacked up and then discharged from the machine for further processing or distribution.


GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine is highly versatile for utilization in various industries. Some of its key fields of application include:

Pharmaceuticals: Tablets, capsules, vials, and other pharmaceutical products are packed using the GSZ-120G in this industry. It has diverse packaging options as well as serialization and tamper-evident capabilities that help meet strict regulations.

Food and Beverage: This machine is used to package different types of foodstuffs including cereal boxes as well as beverages such as juice cartons. In an environment where production levels are usually high, it improves packing efficiency while still maintaining product quality and freshness.

Cosmetics & Personal Care: Cosmetics come with very attractive packages and they need to be secured before they reach consumers. The GSZ-120G accommodates a variety of cosmetics products which can come in different shapes and sizes thus ensuring their pristine condition upon reaching customers.

Household Goods: Products like detergents, and soaps among others require efficient and reliable cartooning provided by GSZ-120G. It is a valuable asset in the household goods industry due to its ability to handle diverse packaging configurations.

The packaging of such things as batteries, cables, and small electronic devices is also applied to the electronics industry. The machine must therefore be efficient and fast to satisfy the rapidly changing demands of this sector.

Automotive and Industrial Products: Whether it’s auto parts, tools, or accessories, GSZ-120G can pack a wide variety of automotive and industrial products. It is a heavy-duty case having customizable characteristics that make it suitable for moving around with heavy loads or specialized items.


The GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine is an essential element in the manufacturing and packaging industry, with each role having its own merits:

Primary Packaging: This machine functions as a primary packaging solution by ensuring that the products are secured inside cartons thereby protecting them from external factors like moisture, light, and physical damage.

Secondary Packaging: Besides primary packaging, this machine carries out secondary packing activities such as bundling together several units or creating a of variety packs that provide more convenience and value to consumers.

Brand Enhancement: Among the benefits provided by this machine is allowing companies to make their packages prettier which makes products more noticeable on shelves and enables manufacturers to put forward important messages about their products.

Supply Chain Optimization: By automating cartoning processes, the machine optimizes supply chain management by reducing lead times, minimizing inventory levels, and improving general logistics efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction: In addition to reliable material for packaging that can be developed with this machine; customer satisfaction would be achieved by making sure that products reach customers as they were packed from factories provoking repeated business deals and loyalty.

Environmental Sustainability: Its efficient use of materials with the least wastage results in a small carbon footprint in terms of both production and disposal coupled with its packaging technology hence an environmentally sound approach.


The GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine has various advantages over traditional cartons:

High Speed and Efficiency: The speed at which this device works is very high due to its automated nature, thus enabling it to achieve high productivity levels in the shortest time possible without any delays caused by the production process.

Precision Engineering: The precise mechanical systems incorporated into the design along with the advanced control mechanisms ensure that consistent accurate cartooning results are obtained thereby giving uniform product presentation as well as quality all through.

User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use controls as well as interfaces have been included so that operating these machines may not present much challenge thereby resulting in minimal training costs which are attributed to human-made blunders.

Modular Design: These machines have been designed with modularity in mind for easy packaging customization and future expansion thereby making it possible for the investment to grow as the business expands.

Robust Construction: The machine is built with sturdy materials so that it can be used in harsh industrial environments where it should undergo rough handling, hence, its long-term operation would be ensured by the use of reliable parts and durable construction.

Comprehensive Support: Technical support such as installation, training, and maintenance services are provided by manufacturers of GSZ-120G throughout the machine’s life cycle to enable it to operate optimally while minimizing downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of products can the GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine manage?

The machine handles various types of products including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage items, cosmetics, household goods, electronics, and automotive parts among others.

Does this require manual adjustment for different packaging formats?

No. It has automatic format changeover therefore there is no need to reprogram the system every time a customer decides to switch from one size or shape of packing to another.

Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes. The GSZ-120G will integrate perfectly well with other machinery such as fillers, sealers, and labeling machines that exist on either side hence creating a completely automated line that improves efficiency.

What are the advantages of using GSZ-120G compared to manual cartoning techniques?

Increased productivity; higher accuracy; enhanced protection against damage; cost savings due to automation; simplified compliance with regulations; streamlined operations

Is this machine suitable for small-scale or niche production runs?

It is flexible enough to handle both large-scale and small-scale batches because it adjusts easily according to demand by changing its setting therefore accommodating production volume variances irrespective of their sizes.

Can this process fragile or delicate products?

Yes, this machine has soft touch handling devices as well as adjustable settings to handle delicate and fragile items without causing any damage or deformation.

What is done by the machine to ensure quality control during cartoning?

Consequently, some of its qualities include the incorporation of sensors, vision systems, and other quality control mechanisms which can detect defects, missing components, or irregularities thus making sure only high-quality cartons move on the production line.

How can I maintain the GSZ-120G Automatic Cartoning Machine?

Such regular maintenance tasks involve cleansing, greasing, and checking mechanical parts together with adjusting sensors and control systems. Producers give out guidelines that aid in maintaining the machine.

Is it possible for the machine to be tailored to fit various production needs?

Certainly! The module structure of the machine makes it possible to customize options, configurations, and accessories based on specific production requirements or personal preferences.

What kind of technical support is available for GSZ-120G users?

Such manufacturers usually offer a wide range of technical support such as installation guidance, operator training programs, troubleshooting steps, and continuous maintenance activities among others to enhance maximum performance plus uptime.


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