DZB Flow Wrapping Machine

Efficient, precise packaging has been introduced by Qualipak in their new DZB Flow Wrapping Machine. It is a machine for wrapping seamlessly different types of products that use advanced technology and are designed to be user-friendly. Boost your productivity with no effort using Qualipak’s dependable packaging solutions that help you maintain quality standards all the time.
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Feature Specification
Machine Model DZB Flow Wrapping Machine
Capacity Variable, depending on product size
Packaging Speed Up to X packs per minute
Packaging Material Heat-sealable films (e.g., polyethylene)
Max Film Width X inches / X mm
Max Product Size L: X inches / X mm, W: X inches / X mm, H: X inches / X mm
Min Product Size L: X inches / X mm, W: X inches / X mm, H: X inches / X mm
Power Supply X volts, X Hz
Power Consumption X kW
Air Pressure X bar
Air Consumption X L/min
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) X inches / X mm x X inches / X mm x X inches / X mm
Weight X kg
Control System PLC with a touchscreen interface
Operating Language English (other languages available)
Safety Features Emergency stop, protective guards, safety interlocks
Optional Features Date coder, automatic feeder, product counting
Warranty X years

DZB Flow Wrapping Machine is a high-speed packaging solution that automates product wrapping with flexible packaging materials such as plastics or foils. It is commonly applied in different industries to package different types of goods including foods, drugs, beauty, and many more.

Working Process

The process of the DZB Flow Wrapping Machine involves several steps:

Feeding of Products: This entails loading products onto the machine by use of hands or automated conveyor belts.

Film Unrolling: The film for packing comes from a reel and then enters into the apparatus.

Wrap-Up Product: As a result of overlaying excess film on it, this product then gets to be positioned on top of moving film and hence becomes tightly sealed as shown in the figure below.

Sealing and Cutting: The machinery seals together the edges while removing unwanted film therefore leaving separate packs.

Discharge: Packed items are removed from one conveyor belt onto another output conveying system where they can continue to be processed further or distributed inside containers for customers’ services.


Some applications of the DZB Flow Wrapping Machine include but are not limited to:

Food Industry: Packaging snacks, sweets, bread, fresh foods, and frozen foods among others.

Pharmaceutical Industry: The machine wraps medicines like tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical items.

Cosmetics Industry: It packages soap and lotion among other skin care products like creams etc..

Electronics Industry: Packing electronics components such as batteries cables accessories etc.

Textile Industry: These wrap clothes fabrics and other textile add-ons.


To attain efficient packaging that it can depend upon with confidence, this means that DZB Flow Wrapping Machine must execute various key functions including:

Feeding Film & Controlling Tension: Takes care about correct material feeding thus avoiding any creases throughout covering activities through optimal tension maintenance.

Cutting And Sealing Technology: A smooth tearing-off procedure on the movie’s joints therefore neat parcels are formed.

Temperature Adjustment: This regulates the level of heat in the sealing parts allowing her to pack different types of products.

Control of Speed: Different speed settings are applicable for packing different goods as required by individual requirements.

Safety Measures: That is why there are stop buttons and fences.


Here are some benefits of the DZB Flow Wrapping Machine to manufacturers and packagers:

Higher Efficiency: This increases efficiency by automating packaging therefore reducing labor cost during the manufacturing process.

Better Product Presentation: The tight seals that come with professional wrapping make packages look neat, hence enhancing the attractiveness of a product.

Versatility: Due to its ability to accommodate any form, size, or type of material; means that it can be easily adjusted when necessary for those changes in labeling regulations concerning fresh produce, for example.

Uniformity in Quality: Maintains product quality through constant package appearance and seal as well as preserved brand reputation thus customer satisfaction remains consistent across all production lines irrespective of whether there’s more than one country involved in the manufacturing network or not at all.

Cost Savings: Cost savings and improved profitability are realized when labor costs, material wastage, and operational inefficiencies are reduced.


The benefits of a DZB Flow Wrapping Machine do not stop at operational efficiency:

Time Savings: The packaging process is streamlined to save time for other vital tasks.

Enhanced Product Protection: Goods are protected from damage, contamination, or theft by offering secure and tamper-evident packaging.

Market Competitiveness: Possibility of delivering well-packaged products that meet consumers’ demand hence making it more competitive.

Regulatory Compliance: It ensures compliance with packaging regulations and standards thereby reducing the risk of fines, recalls, legal issues, etc.

Scalability: As production volumes increase and product lines expand it can grow effectively supporting business growth plans or expansion initiatives.

Frequent Questions

1. What kinds of goods can be packed using a DZB Flow Wrapping Machine?

DZB flow wrapping machine can wrap different commodities like foodstuffs, drugs, cosmetics, or textiles for example.

2. Is the machine suitable for packaging perishable goods?

The DZB Flow Wrapping Machine can pack perishable items including fresh produce like fruits and vegetables among others; bakery products such as breads cakes etc., which extend their shelf life through its secure-packed nature thereby conserving environmental conditions inside them.

3. Can the machine accommodate different packaging materials?

Yes the DZB Flow Wrapping Machine will accept various types of package materials like plastic film laminate foils that offer flexible choices in terms of package ideas.

4. How does the machine ensure product safety during the packaging process?

Protection guards and emergency stop buttons have been incorporated into this machine to prevent any accidental injuries while working on it thus ensuring the safety of the products packed therein.

5. Can the machine handle high-speed packaging requirements?

Certainly yes. The speed settings can be altered depending on individual needs different commodities or quantities of production to be achieved; a factor that has therefore made it possible for the company to run in high-speed packaging for quite some time now.

6. What maintenance is required for the machine?

It requires routine upkeep like cleaning, lubricating, and checking parts so that it can work optimally and serve better in the days ahead.

7. Is training provided for operating the machine?

Yes, manufacturers usually provide hands-on training to operators on the safe operation of the DZB Flow Wrapping Machine including machine setup, operation, and care.

8. Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes! The DZB Flow Wrapping Machine easily blends with any existing production line as a modular and scalable solution for packaging demands.

9. What are the energy consumption and environmental impact of the machine?

Additionally, material-saving contributes to reducing waste hence saving energy which is also environmentally friendly as compared to other machines while designing one feature like automatic shutdown mode among others methods such as using a mode option that saves power usage instead most machines do consume more power than expected thereby increasing their operational cost only but this does not mean it reduces wastage on materials used at all.


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