DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine, revolutionizing efficiency in tea packaging. With advanced technology and precision engineering, it ensures seamless production without the need for covers. Delivering quality packaging solutions, elevate your tea business with Qualipak’s innovation. Invest in excellence today.

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Feature Specification
Type Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine
Capacity X tea bags per minute
Bag Size Range Length: X-X mm, Width: X-X mm
Power Supply X volts, X Hz
Power Consumption X kW
Air Pressure X bar
Machine Dimensions Length: X mm, Width: X mm, Height: X mm
Weight X kg
Material Stainless steel
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Packaging Material Filter paper, PLA (Polylactic Acid), nylon, etc.
Optional Features Date coding, batch counting, nitrogen flushing, etc.

When it comes to tea production and packaging, effectiveness and exactness come first. Technological advancement in this regard is represented by the DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine. As a result, the packaging process has been made easy, streamlined, and efficient thereby ensuring that uniformity, quality, and speed are achieved. All these aspects will be touched on comprehensively in this article detailing the processes, applications, functions, benefits as well and advantages of the DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine which is very instrumental in the tea industry.


Working Processes

DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine works on a well-designed set of procedures to ensure that it gives its best.

Tea Feeding: Bulk teas are accepted by this machine which measures them out accurately before they are delivered to the packing station.

Bag Forming: Molding of bags into shapes resembling those of tea bags ready for filling takes place.

Filling: Filled with tea leaves precisely measured for consistency.

Sealing: These bags are securely sealed after being filled to keep their freshness and smell intact.

Cutting: Cut exactly where they were previously sealed from continuous pack material

Packaging: Large containers including distribution packs are used to package individual tea bags for final sale or distribution purposes/At each one of them, DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine does not slow down or retard but maintains an accuracy and efficiency that ensures no wastage and maximizes production.



This machine can be used in different settings within the tea industry because it is very flexible. This includes:

Large-scale Tea Production: Ideal for tea factories dealing with large amounts of tea leaves

Retail Packaging: Consistent retail packs of teabags

Specialty Tea Blends: Tailor-made blends with precise measurements made into teabags

Herbal Tea Production: It offers bag tubes suitable for various pack sizes of herbal teas and infusions as well as various sealing options



DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine comes with several functions that have been specifically designed to simplify packaging and improve efficiency.

Automatic Measurement: Accuracy is used in measuring tea leaves to distribute them uniformly.

Precision Sealing: The bags are well sealed for freshness and aroma purposes

Customizable Packaging: Based on the kind of tea, there can be different bag sizes, materials, and sealing parameters

User-friendly Interface: Making use of the more intuitive control system that enables easy operation and monitoring.

High-speed Performance: It is possible for large amounts of teabags to be packaged within a short time frame

Quality Assurance: Tea bags exhibit consistent appearance and high integrity in sealing preventing defects



DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine presents many advantages to both manufacturers and sellers of tea;

Increased Efficiency: The entire process of packaging becomes shorter thus reducing costs related to labor or delays.

Enhanced Product Quality: Consistency in terms of measurements, sealants, and covers ensures quality teas end up packed safely.

Cost-effectiveness: Minimizing wastage maximizes productivity hence reducing the overall cost involved

Market Competitiveness: This is because customers prefer branded tea products which have a constant appeal over non-branded ones.

Adaptability: Different market preferences regarding the taste, size, and type of the package would require different types or sizes of packages.

Consistency Ensured: The machine’s accurate measurement and sealing mechanism guarantees sameness in tea bag contents and visual appearance, dashing up product worth and consumer approval.

Meeting the Market Needs: In a competitive market where consumers appreciate consistency and quality, this machine enables tea makers to meet such requirements quickly and efficiently.

Expanding Product Lines: Tea production firms can have more diversified brandings through their packaging options thereby accommodating many more kinds of customers’ needs as well as fashion demands.

Improving Brand Reputation: Consistent high-quality wrapping enhances the standing of the brand, building trust with the clients.

Increased Profitability: In addition to lessening wastage, streamlining production processes, and producing quality goods for sale, this equipment enhances profitability for tea vendors.



Can the DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine handle different species of teas?
Yes. This machine is designed to accommodate various types of teas including black, green, herbal, or specialty blends

What is the highest speed at which it can be packaged by the machine?
The DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine can pack up to tea bags per minute depending on bag size, and filling volume among other factors.

Does it provide customization options for specific packaging needs?
Yes. Depending on specific package requirements such as a sealing method or material used for making bags or even its capacity; one may choose any given option that matches their description.

How does it keep the packed tea fresh?
By effectively maintaining the aroma and freshness of each tea bag through hermetic sealing made possible by precise seal mechanisms installed on it

What are the maintenance procedures needed for the DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine?
It should be regularly cleaned as well as lubricated. Therefore components have to be inspected frequently to maintain performance levels at an optimum point. The user manual provides detailed instructions on maintenance activities that should be carried out on this device.

Can it pack any other material apart from the traditional tea bag paper?
Yes, this machine can accommodate a variety of packaging materials such as non-woven fabric, nylon, and biodegradable options.

Does it allow for real-time monitoring and control?
This machine has an intuitive interface that enables operators to monitor parameters and make adjustments in real time for maximum efficiency.

What are some of its safety features?
The DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine is built according to strict safety standards and might include emergency stop buttons, safety guards, or automatic fault detection systems.

Is there any technical support available for the installation and operation of the machine?
The manufacturer or authorized distributors provide comprehensive technical support including installation help, training, and troubleshooting.

What are the power requirements for operating the DXDC8IV Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine?
Voltage and frequency specifications depend on regional standards; however, this machine typically runs on standard electrical power sources. 


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