DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine

Qualipak introduces the DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine! It is designed for precision and productivity purposes, as this modern equipment guarantees perfect fluid filling in every eye drop bottle with a full degree of accuracy. Enhance the performance and quality assurance of your production line with our out-of-the-box remedy. Qualipak is the choice for excellence!
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Specification Description
Model DSG2-A
Filling Volume 5 ml – 30 ml (adjustable)
Filling Accuracy ± 0.5%
Filling Speed 30 – 50 bottles/minute (depending on volume)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or customizable
Power Consumption 1.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 0.3 m³/min
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1500 mm × 1200 mm × 1600 mm
Weight 350 kg
Material Stainless Steel 304
Control System PLC Control with Touch Screen Interface
Filling Nozzles 2
Suitable Bottle Size 5 ml – 30 ml
Filling Type Gravity Filling
Conveyor System Included

Understanding the DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine

The automated liquid filling equipment known as DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine is a machine purposely designed for the pharmaceutical industry and specifically meant to cater for eye drop solutions that require precision, accuracy and filling needs. It is made with the latest technology to ensure that it fills uniformly and accurately according to the strictest specifications demanded by pharmaceutical standards.

Working Processes

The DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine works through a series of complex processes aimed at maximizing efficiency and accuracy:

Bottle Feeding: A bottle feeding mechanism in this machine automatically transmits empty containers onto the filling line.

Filling: Once bottles have been placed, the process of filling them with liquid commences. The machine supplies each container with a measured amount of eye drop solution hence ensuring equity and correctness in putting dosage inside each one.

Capping: After the filling processes are complete, caps are used to seal the bottles to preserve product integrity from contaminants.

Labelling: Some models of this machine may include a labelling feature where the filled as well as capped bottles can be labelled with important information about their contents.

Quality Control: In every step of operation, this machine has built-in quality control measures that can identify any abnormalities or inconsistencies thus helping release only products that meet top standards achievable.


DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machines have numerous applications within the medical and pharmaceutical industries particularly in manufacturing eye drop solutions. Its precision and reliability make it indispensable for companies involved in producing pharmaceuticals such as liquid fillers that demand high levels of accuracy.


Precise Liquid Filling: The main role played by these machines is to precisely excrete specified amounts of drops into containers thereby providing similar doses throughout all units under manufacture.

Automation: This equipment automates the filling process so human errors are avoided while reducing manual labour involvement during operations.

Versatility: The machine was specifically made for eye drop solutions but can be used to fill other forms of pharmaceutical liquid products with slight modification.

Quality Assurance: This machine’s filling line includes in-built quality inspection elements which are targeted at ensuring that every filled container meets the required standards of quality and safety.


Enhanced Efficiency: Automating the filling process ensures that more work is done within a shorter period, therefore, increasing productivity because it minimizes delays and labor usage.

Improved Accuracy: Due to the fact it functions with high precision, accurate filling is achieved thus preventing wastage besides making each one have a uniform dosage amount.

Cost Savings: By eliminating errors and streamlining operations, the DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine reduces rework and waste costs incurred by companies while producing their items.

Compliance: It means that any medical product must meet certain industry standards such as those related to its safety and quality which this equipment strictly follows.

Roles and Advantages

Primary Role in Manufacturing: This particular tool plays a crucial part during the production of eye drop solutions since it helps in efficient as well as accurate filing processes.

Advantages in Production Efficiency: It increases throughput by reducing manual labour making it possible to carry out more work at once hence enhancing production efficiency through automation.

Advantages in Quality Control: Incorporation of quality control features has helped maintain consistency of product characteristics thereby reducing defects associated with non-compliance with set standards over time.

Advantages in Cost Management: Minimizing wastage along with optimizing resource utilization leads to cost savings thus making the whole process economical and sustainable eventually. 

Advantages in Market Competitiveness: DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine distinguishes its users by generating highly rated products having specified doses thus strengthening their standing through high-quality reputation on the market. 


What kind of containers can be filled by the DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine?

The machine is designed to fill different types and sizes of eye drop solutions containers such as bottles and vials made of various materials with different shapes.

Can the machine handle liquid formulations with different viscosities?

The machine can be adjusted for other viscosities through modifications and settings where it is majorly intended for low/medium viscosity liquids like eye-drop solutions.

Does the machine have any ease of use or maintenance characteristics?

Yes, this specific model of DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine was devised to be user-friendly, with easy-to-understand controls and minimal servicing requirements. Simple routine checks are all that are needed for maintenance purposes.

Does the filling machinery need calibration to ensure accurate filling?

Calibration is key to achieving precise fills; therefore, machines have been fitted with calibration devices that help maintain precision over time. Regular checks should be done on these calibrations to keep up with the performance standards.

Is there a facility available on this system for sterile filling?

Yes, the DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine can be set up for sterile filling operations that involve sterilizing processes and the provision of a contamination-free surrounding environment.

What safety measures are taken into account within this system?

Different safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective covers or casings, and sensors among others have been integrated into the system to guarantee workers’ safety as well as prevent accidents during operation caused by any malfunctions or abnormalities detected.

How flexible is this equipment when setting up it for specific production needs?

For particular manufacturing demands, some adjustments can be made on aspects such as fill volumes, container sizes and throughput rates by tuning its settings a bit.

Can we get technical support/training alongside this equipment?

Yes, upon its installation and commissioning manufacturers typically provide operators with the necessary technical support and training. This will enable them to be in a good position of setting up, running and servicing the equipment accordingly.

What is the average machine throughput?

Throughput is dependent on several factors including fill volume, container size and production settings. Nonetheless, even as it maintains its accuracy/quality standards, this machine can attain high levels of throughput.

Does the machine conform to industry regulations and standards?

The DSG2-A Eye Drop Liquid Filling Machine has been designed and manufactured by relevant industry regulations and standards for ensuring product quality integrity along with safety and regulatory compliance.


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