THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling And Capping Machine

The THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine made by Qualipak is a precision-engineered system for smooth production efficiency. It fills and caps liquids effortlessly using advanced technology, ensuring accuracy as well as consistency. Get your hands on this dependable solution that will elevate your production line in order to streamline your operations an add to productivity. Experience the exceptional with Qualipak!
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Specification Details
Model THG-100
Filling Volume Adjustable, typically 5-1000ml
Filling Accuracy ±1% (depending on the liquid)
Capping Type Screw capping, with torque adjustment
Capping Speed 20-60 bottles per minute (adjustable)
Bottle Size Range Diameter: 20-100mm, Height: 50-250mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or customized
Power Consumption 1.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 0.6 m³/min
Control System PLC control system with touchscreen
Material Stainless steel 304
Dimensions (L×W×H) 2000mm × 1200mm × 1900mm
Weight 800kg
Suitable Liquid Types Water, juice, oil, shampoo, etc.
Optional Features CIP system, nozzle diving system, etc.
Certification CE certified

Understanding the THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine

In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. Innovation is exemplified by the THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine that offers unrivaled accuracy and speed in liquid packaging. This article will go deeper into how it works, its applications, uses, and advantages, explaining why it is essential for effective pharmaceutical production. The provision of precise liquid filling through to secure capping sets a higher standard in quality assurance for other similar machines as well as dependability. This advanced technology continues to be vital even as this industry changes due to its ability to make work easier while ensuring adherence to set standards for safety hence supporting growth in pharmaceutical production.

Working Processes

The THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine contains various intricate processes that make sure that the accurate filling of liquids takes place with efficiency in the process of caps application. These main working processes include:

Liquid Filling

Precise Measurement: It is fitted with sophisticated sensors and measurement mechanisms that accurately dispense exact amounts into containers.

Controlled Flow: By using carefully controlled systems, the THG-100 controls the way liquid flows so that overfilling or underfilling does not happen thus maintaining uniformity of dosage.

Adjustable Parameters: Regarding different liquid formulations or container sizes, operators can always tweak parameters like fill volume, speed, or timing.


Secure Seal: Leakage or contamination is prevented by the THG-100’s capping technique that ensures tight seals on containers.

Customizable Options: Screw caps, snap caps, or any other special closures are part of what this machine allows to cater to diverse packaging needs regarding capping.

Automated Process: The use of automation reduces human error during capping thereby streamlining this process.


The versatility shown by the THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine has seen it become necessary in a wide range of applications within the pharmaceutical industry. Some examples include:

Pharmaceutical Formulations

Oral Solutions: The THG-100 accurately fills oral solutions, syrups, suspensions, and other liquid pharmaceutical formulations.

Parenteral Products: For sterile injectables and parenteral solutions, the machine ensures accurate filling and capping, maintaining the integrity of the product.

Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements

Liquid Nutraceuticals: Liquid vitamins, supplements, and health drinks are well packaged using this machine to ensure their adherence to strict quality standards.

Herbal Extracts: The THG-100 is capable of efficiently filling and capping liquid herbal or botanical extracts preserving their potency as well as efficacy.

Personal Care Products

Cosmeceuticals: Packaging serum lotions, and creams like facial lotions via the THG-100 always make certain that they are in good condition when displayed for sale.

Hair Care: Liquid shampoos, conditioners, or any hair treatment products can benefit from being filled precisely by this machine after which they are capped to have high-quality products.


The THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine comes with several functions that enhance its performance and effectiveness. Examples of these functions include:

Automated Filling

Precision Control: Minimizing product wastage through precision control during filling is made possible by employing advanced automation technology in the machine to enable uniformity during dosage levels.

Capping Accuracy

Torque Control: Appropriate torque settings make it possible for the THG-100 to apply a given amount of force during capping such that container lids are tightened without damaging them or breaking bottles.


Modular Design: To accommodate various packaging formats and different product features or demands thus fitting into existing production lines easily; this is why the machine has been designed modularly.

Multi-format Capability: The THG-100 can accommodate different types of containers, sizes, and shapes including vials and bottles up to ampoules and vials.


A lot of benefits will come with the adoption of the THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine in pharmaceutical manufacturing such as:

Enhanced Efficiency

Improved Overall Production Efficiency: Automation reduces human intervention in the production process thereby speeding up packaging activities.

Reduced Downtime: With minimal downtimes during the changeover between product runs, manufacturers can use their equipment more effectively for extremely busy production schedules.

Improved Quality Control

Consistent Dosage Level: Proper filling ensures that all products have correct quantities hence improving their efficacy and safety.

Capping Integrity: This machine has a good capping mechanism that ensures reliability hence reducing instances of product contamination or tampering.

Cost Savings

Minimized Waste Generation: By minimizing wastages on items produced and optimizing how resources are used, THG-100 cuts down on costs related to production hence profits go up rapidly.

Decreased Labor Expenses: The introduction of automation technology allows producers to reassign workers from tedious jobs to value additional ones within the company thus cutting down on staff costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Product Traceability: For strict adherence to quality requirements, this machine is designed with integrated tracking and documentation functionalities that meet necessary regulations concerning product traceability.

Future Trends

There are several trends shaping liquid filling & packaging technologies’ future landscape as the pharmaceutical industry evolves. These include;

Integration of Advanced Technologies

Industry 4.0: Real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance decisions, and data-driven processes will optimize performance and efficiencies through Internet things (IOT) driven machines for liquid filling capping (LFC) operations integrated with artificial intelligence (AI).

Robotics: By employing robotic systems for handling as well as manipulation functions, more flexibility in terms of automation is achieved within drug-making plants thereby enhancing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Sustainability Initiatives

Eco-friendly Materials: This will be preceded by migration to sustainable packaging materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that will drive innovative solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency: As part of carbon footprint reduction strategies and general operational cost cutting, manufacturers are expected to increasingly focus on energy-efficient equipment and processes.

Personalized Medicine

Customization Capabilities: In the future, filling packaging machines for liquid medications should be able to handle tailored prescriptions of drugs thereby supporting personalized medicine formulations.

Flexible Manufacturing: Efficient production of low volumes is enabled through modular and scalable equipment configurations which can facilitate rapid response towards changing market demands.

Roles and Advantages

The THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine is a key player in the pharmaceutical industry offering the following gains:

Enabler of Precision

Product Integrity Maintainer: The machine measures exact amounts as well as aligns precisely those fluid quantities into containers thereby maintaining the integrity of products for their usage purposes in medicine

Enhancer of Efficiency

Production Process Streamliner: Automation shortens cycle times thus leading to higher output per unit time while considering improved operational efficiency at the enterprise level.

Promoter of Compliance

Through facilitating compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) among others, the THG-100 meets regulatory requirements and quality standards that take care of these matters.

Catalyst for Innovation

Manufacturers can easily adapt to market trends by using a machine that allows them to make changes its design according to customer preferences; this promotes innovation hence competition becomes stiffer due to access to such sophisticated features as modular design or customizable ones like what we have discussed earlier on above

Driver of Growth

Pharmaceutical companies become larger players globally because they can produce more efficiently hence increasing their profitability levels by expanding geographically into new markets with a wider range of product offerings through which both production quality is as well the overall brand image are improved consequently allowing them to grow top line revenues significantly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What kind of liquids do the THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine handle?

There is a wide range of liquid formulations that the THG-100 can fill such as oral solutions, suspensions, syrups, injectables, and nutraceuticals.

How does the machine ensure the accurate filling of containers?

The machine utilizes superior sensing devices and control systems to dispense the required volume of liquid into containers with utmost precision thus providing standard dosage.

Is it possible for the THG-100 to handle different container sizes and formats?

Yes, the machine is designed in modules that can be adjusted easily to fit a variety of container sizes including but not limited to vials, bottles, ampoules, and cartridges.

Are there options for customization during the capping process?

Certainly; this machine allows for customization at every level of capping including screw caps, and snap caps amongst other special closures as per the different packaging requirements.

How does THG-100 help compliantly?

This machine has provisions for tracking and documentation which make it easy to comply with regulations as well as trace products so that strict adherence to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and other regulatory statutes is ensured.

Can THG-100 be integrated into existing production lines?

Indeed, It can be fully integrated into already existing production lines without causing any disruption through its modular design hence ensuring operational efficiency is attained at all times.

What are the major advantages of using THG-100 in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

These benefits consist of increased productivity, improved quality assurance, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with set standards that result in growth and profitability in drug manufacturing companies.

What role does THG-100 play in promoting sustainable practices within pharmaceutical manufacturing?

By reducing environmental impact through efficient use of resources thereby minimizing product wastage during manufacturing processes

Can THG-100 be employed for small-scale production runs?

Yes; The flexibility in configuration and scalability renders this machine suitable for small-batch processing such as personalized medicine formulations

Which emerging trends are impacting the evolution of liquid filling & packaging technologies?

The future direction will feature advanced technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI(Artificial Intelligence), sustainability efforts, and rising demand for personalized medicine among others. These trends enhance innovative strategies essential in expanding the pharmaceutical packing industry in the future.


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