KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine

This is the latest innovation in oral liquid filling and capping machine by KGJ-8 under Qualipak’s brand. High quality and efficiency come with this modern machinery that guarantees faultless production of oral liquids better than any other. Boost your packaging process to a new level using Qualipak’s inventive approach be it in pharmaceuticals or even cosmetics. Maximize productivity but maintain quality standards at the highest level possible!
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Feature Specification
Model KGJ-8
Filling Volume 5ml - 500ml (customizable)
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Capacity 2000 - 4000 bottles/hour (adjustable)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz (or customizable)
Power Consumption 1.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.4 - 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 0.5 m³/min
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 2000mm × 1200mm × 1800mm
Weight 500kg
Material Stainless steel 304
Filling Nozzles 8
Capping Heads 4
Control System PLC touchscreen control
Filling Method Peristaltic pump or piston pump (optional)
Capping Method Screw capping or press capping (optional)
Bottle Diameter φ20mm - φ100mm (customizable)
Bottle Height 50mm - 200mm (customizable)
Conveyor System Variable speed conveyor belt
Suitable for Oral liquid, syrup, pharmaceutical products

Understanding the KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine

The introduction of the KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling and Capping Machine represents a major change that is being experienced in the pharmaceutical industry due to advancements in technology. Among them, the KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling and Capping Machine stand out as the epitome of accuracy and efficiency in pharmaceutical production. This machine transforms oral liquid medicine manufacturing through its intricate working processes, wide applicability, and numerous advantages. In this article, we will delve deeper into KGJ-8 by exploring its working mechanisms, applications, functions, benefits, and future trends plus how it is critical in facilitating drug manufacturing.

Working Processes

Sophisticated processes characterize the operation of KGJ-8 Oral liquid filling and capping machine for accurate filling as well as sealing of oral liquid medications. These key operational processes include:

Liquid Filling: The equipment has precise pumps and nozzles that accurately dispense a given volume of liquid medicine into individual containers. This process is closely controlled to ensure there are no spills or wastage which can compromise product quality.

Capping: When filled with liquid medicine, caps or closures are applied seamlessly by this equipment to ensure the tightness of the seal. To prevent contamination throughout the shelf life of a drug is crucial at this stage.

Inspection: After filling and capping bottles go through an intensive inspection process aimed at detecting any abnormalities or defects. Modern sensors together with imaging systems are employed during this step to detect things like underfilled bottles, caps that have been wrongly aligned or damaged containers which make it possible for only high-quality products to find their way to market.

Labelling and Packaging: A full line from filling up to final packaging may also incorporate labelling as well as packaging modules depending on various configurations of KGJ-8.


KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine has found several applications across pharmaceutical companies within this sector which involves the manufacture of different types of oral liquid medicines such as;

Syrups: Oral syrups are prescribed to pediatric and geriatric patients because they might have difficulties swallowing tablets or capsules. For syrup bottles, KGJ-8 ensures that there is accurate filling and sealing thus ensuring dose consistency and quality of the product.

Suspensions: These are formulations where solid particles are distributed in a liquid medium. Filling precision is usually required for these formulas to ensure the even distribution of their active ingredients. The KGJ-8 is a good machine for suspension production due to its reliable and efficient production capability.

Oral Solutions: The KGJ-8 machine can be used in the manufacture of several forms of oral solutions ranging from antacids to cough medicines. It allows pharmaceutical companies to easily produce various formulations consistently.


KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine has numerous functions that make it very effective and efficient equipment for use by drug manufacturing enterprises. Some of the major functions are:

Accurate Filling: Using technologies such as volumetric filling as well as flow control mechanisms, this machine ensures that medication discharge into containers is precise thereby reducing dosage variations and enhancing product quality.

Adjustable Parameters: For accommodating different container sizes in addition to various formulations, operators can adjust different parameters like capping torque, filling volume, and speed during operation providing flexibility in terms of production needs.

High-Speed Operation: Equipped with automatic processes and fast operational speeds, KGJ-8 greatly enhances production throughput thereby enabling pharmaceutical companies to meet stringent delivery times efficiently.

Quality Assurance: Real-time error identification and correction systems within the machine ensure compliance with regulatory standards as well as product uniformity and consistency.


These are the many advantages of pharmaceutical manufacturers’ adoption of the KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine such as:

Improved Productivity: The KGJ-8 automates primary production processes, reducing human labour costs, and cycle time in production hence improving productivity and saving in the cost of manufacturing.

Enhanced quality: Its filling and capping mechanisms are designed with so much precision that they reduce dosage variability and defective products hence improving overall quality and safety to patients.

Conformity to the regulations: Using its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance nature coupled with its built-in quality controls; this device allows drug manufacturers to adhere to stringent policies thus minimizing risks associated with non-compliance besides its consequent penalties.

Flexibility: With a capacity to handle numerous formulations for oral liquids as well as containers, the KGJ—8 has become an important partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to serve a broader range of consumers.

Future Scenario

The future trends in the production of oral liquid medicine will be characterized by several key developments including:

Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: IoT and AI integration into machines used for filling oral liquid drugs is expected to enhance operation efficiency, predictive maintenance capabilities, and quality control functions.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions: In response to increasing environmental concerns, it is probable that firms dealing in pharmaceuticals will begin investing in sustainable packaging materials for their oral liquid drugs leading to the development of eco-friendly filling/capping machines that have low carbon footprints.

Customization/Personalization: There is a growing need for personalized medication hence producers investing in customized production technologies like KGJ-8 can easily meet individual preferences.

Roles & Benefits in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing depends on different roles played by KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine that add value to the performance and competitiveness of any industry players:

Standardized Output: The KGJ-8 streamlines the production cycle by automating key processes, eliminating human errors, and maximizing throughput facilitating effective response to market demand.

Unchanging quality: Consistent product quality is maintained by the highly precise filling and capping mechanisms which minimize variation, leading to high levels of patient satisfaction as well as trust in the brand.

Cost saving: Through enhancing efficiency, reducing labor costs and minimizing waste, pharmaceutical firms can achieve substantial savings over time enabling them to become more profitable and sustainable.

Competitive Edge: Pharmaceutical producers who have invested in advanced filling and capping technologies like KGJ-8 can produce high-quality products within a given timeline thus maintaining compliance with set industry regulations hence giving them a competitive advantage.

Innovation and Adaptability: Being a versatile technology-based solution, the KGJ-8 promotes innovations and adaptability among pharmaceutical manufacturers allowing them to respond quickly to emerging market dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum capacity for filling on KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine?

The maximum filling capacity depends on the specific model or configuration of KGJ-8—8 but usually, it can load several litres of volume per container from a few millilitres upwards.

The KGJ-8 applies precise pumps, nozzles, and capping devices accompanied by sophisticated control systems and sensors to guarantee the accurate discharge and sealing of liquid drugs.

Can the KGJ-8 accept different container sizes and types?

In this regard, it is notable that the KGJ-8 is adapted to different container sizes and types including bottles, vials, jars, ampules etc with parameter adjustments for specific production needs.

What are some of the quality control measures incorporated in the KGJ-8?

Built-in inspection mechanisms like vision sensors, weight checks and fill level detectors have been included within the KGJ-8 to be able to perceive errors in real time and rectify them on time. That is how regulatory compliance will be achieved while also keeping up with product quality.

Does it mean that the KGJ-8 can’t work with pharmaceutical formulations other than oral liquids?

Basing principally on oral liquid medicines; nonetheless, such a device may as well serve as an adaptation for packing products such as creams/ointments/ lotions among others into tubes or cans according to customizing requests.

How does the KGJ-8 support sustainability in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry?

The machine minimizes wastage of products is a good way to achieve sustainable use of materials while enhancing eco-friendly packaging solutions thus making them friendly to the environment.

What are the maintenance requirements for this equipment (KGJ-8)?

Regular preventive maintenance and calibration are required for optimal performance and long life of the KGJ-8. Periodical cleaning, lubrication and check-ups are necessary steps towards prevention rather than a cure approach which guarantees uninterrupted activity periods.

Is it possible to integrate this machine (KGJ 8) into existing pharmaceutical manufacturing lines?

Indeed integration without any issues into the existing production network is one of the important aspects considered when making design decisions for this model. It will be supported by various automation systems and control units available because they will facilitate smooth operation and continuity of the workflow.

What is the role of KGJ-8 in regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

The KGJ-8 strictly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as other pharmaceutical production regulations by implementing quality control measures and documentation requirements that are consistent with industry standards.

What are the key considerations while selecting a KGJ-8 Oral Liquid Filling And Capping Machine for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

Parameters like filling accuracy, flexibility, regulatory compliance, maintenance requirements, capacity, compatibility with existing infrastructure and overall cost-effectiveness must be considered when purchasing a KGJ 80 oral liquid filling and capping machine.


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