NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine

Introducing the latest NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine by Qualipak! Simplify your production line with accuracy and promptness. This is a modern device that helps to put effervescent tablets into tubes. Boost your manufacturing standards and meet market needs without straining through reliable answers offered by Qualipak. Step up your productivity now!
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Specification Details
Model NTF-200
Capacity Up to 200 tubes per minute
Tube Diameter Range 10mm – 25mm
Tube Length Range 70mm – 200mm
Filling Volume Range 1g – 20g
Tablet Size Range 5mm – 20mm
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase
Power Consumption 5 kW
Air Supply 0.6 MPa, 0.2 m³/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3000mm x 1200mm x 1800mm
Weight 1200kg
Control System PLC touchscreen control
Material Contact Parts Stainless steel 316L
Filling Accuracy ± 1%
Air Consumption 0.4 m³/min
Operator 1 person per shift
Cleaning CIP (Clean-in-Place) system available
Safety Features An emergency stop button, safety guards, etc.
Compliance CE, GMP

NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine is a cutting-edge device designed to mechanize the process of filling effervescent tablets into tubes with unmatched precision and speed. It has advanced technology and features aimed at enhancing efficiency while maintaining high standards of quality control.

Working Processes

Meticulously engineered working processes of the NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine ensure seamless operation and consistent results as follows:

Feeding Mechanism: This machine works through an exacting feeding mechanism that ensures the availability of effervescence in the filler.

Tube Loading: The empty tubes are inserted into the machine so that they can accurately take up the effervescent tablets.

Filling Mechanism: The machine possesses an intricate filling mechanism, which dispenses exactly the required amount of effervescence into every tube.

Sealing: Once filled, these tubes are sealed to preserve their potency and integrity.

Labeling and Packaging: Tubes may be labeled or packed following their filling and sealing before they are distributed.


The adaptability of the NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine allows it to be utilized in various areas within the pharmaceutical industry such as;

Effervescent Tablets: The primary application for this particular machine would be for putting effervescent tablets inside tubes since these types dissolve quickly and are widely used in many pharmaceutical formulations.

Nutraceuticals: In addition to pharmaceuticals, this device can also fill up tubes containing nutraceutical products like vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, etc.,

Cosmeceuticals; In the cosmetics business, skincare among other personal care products increasingly uses effervescent tablets. Specialized formulations such as these can be accommodated by NTF machines when it comes to filling them into tubes.

Veterinary Medicine; Most veterinary drugs require accurate dosing and packaging. Production of veterinary medicines requires NTF machines that are tailored to their specific needs to ensure precision and effectiveness.


There are several key functions of the NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine that contribute to its effectiveness and reliability, such as:

Precision Filling: The machine uses precise dosing mechanisms to fill effervescence in tubes thus reducing waste and maintaining consistent product throughout.

High-Speed Operation: With advanced automation technology, the filling rate of the NTF machine can be increased significantly which directly affects production output.

Quality Control: In-built quality control features monitor the filling process, detect deviations from standard parameters, and maintain product integrity and compliance with regulations.

Flexibility: This machine is flexible enough to change its settings for different flows of tablets into different tubes meaning it can use any tablet formulation or tube size during a run..

User-Friendly Interface: Using NTF machines does not require extensive training since there is an uncomplicated interface which makes it user-friendly thereby reducing errors made while handling it.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers have many gains when they adopt the NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine:

Increased Efficiency: By automating the filling process, reliance on manual labor is reduced by the NTF machine leading to streamlined production processes that enhance efficiency.

Cost Savings: Over time, material wastage is minimized due to the automation and accuracy provided by this equipment leading to higher yield rates resulting in significant cost savings over time accumulated.

Enhanced Product Quality: Consistent product quality results from accurate dosing through this exactness of the NTF machine hence minimizing mistakes or recall-related issues.

Faster Time-to-Market: Accelerated production rates enable faster product launches, thus gaining a competitive edge for pharmaceutical companies in the industry.

Regulatory Compliance: Strict adherence to industry regulations and stringent quality control standards safeguards against legal and reputational risks while complying with regulatory requirements.

Roles and Advantages

The NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine has several vital roles in pharmaceutical manufacturing, each with unique advantages:

Production Optimization: Automating the filling process enables the NTF machine to optimize production efficiency thereby enabling pharmaceutical companies to increase output without compromising on quality.

Quality Assurance: A precise dosing mechanism and quality control system of this machine ensures that every product is of a high standard hence minimizing variations in products for patient safety.

Resource Utilization: With less reliance on human labor, this NTF device will enable those involved in making drugs to maximize available resources more efficiently by focusing on areas requiring manual expertise and oversight.

Market Competitiveness: Pharmaceutical firms can scale their volumes faster, as well as shorten time-to-market giving them a competitive advantage through the ability to respond promptly to market changes

Innovation Catalyst: The NTF machine operates as an innovative catalyst within the pharmaceutical industry due to its cutting-edge nature that promotes improvements such as packaging efficiencies and drug delivery systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of effervescent tablets can the NTF machine fill?

The NTF Machine can be used for filling different sizes of effervescent tablets such as drugs, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics among others which are dissolvable or dissolve quickly in water

Can the machine accommodate different tube sizes?

Yes, depending on specific manufacturing requirements, the size of tubes filled by the machine can be adjusted accordingly without altering other aspects of its performance.

How does the machine ensure accurate dosing of tablets?

For precise feeding into tubes together with accuracy during filling times; it relies on precision dosage methods embedded with some built-in control attributes.

What are the primary benefits of using the NTF machine?

They include improved efficiency, cost savings achieved through economies of scale, higher quality products, promptness to meet market needs, and adherence to rules.

Is the NTF machine easy to operate?

Yes. The machine has an intuitive interface and is fitted with user-friendly controls that make it easy to operate even by people with little training.

Does the machine require regular maintenance?

The NTF Machine is a durable piece of equipment that requires periodic maintenance like any other industrial machinery to ensure optimal productivity.

Can the NTF machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, this means that processes can proceed uninterrupted while pharmaceutical manufacturers try to expand their capabilities.

What safety features does the machine have?

Therefore, this device has employed various safety measures such as emergency stops for operations and interlocks thereby protecting its operators during operation.

Does the NTF machine offer customization options?

Certainly, we can customize it to satisfy different manufacturing requirements when it comes to tablet formulations and package designs.

Is technical support available for the NTF machine?

Indeed, technical assistance and servicing guarantee the best performance including lifespan longevity of this leading-edge technology hence making it more reliable for drug makers.


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