NJP-800 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Enhance your pharmaceutical production with Qualipak’s NJP-800 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine. Attain unmatched efficiency and accuracy in capsule filling procedures. The NJP-800 is a multi-purpose, customer-oriented and dependable machine that serves as the mainstay of modern pharmaceutical manufacturing. Upgrade your production capabilities with Qualipak today.

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Parameter Specification
Model NJP-800
Production Capacity 800 capsules/minute
Capsule Size 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#
Filling Material Powder, granules
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Power Consumption 6 kW
Vacuum Degree -0.08~-0.095 MPa
Noise ≤75 dB(A)
Overall Dimensions (L × W × H) 1160mm × 1310mm × 1820mm
Weight 1800 kg
Operator 1-2 persons

Understanding Capsule Filling Machines

Capsule-filling machines play an essential duty in the drugstore industry as they ensure precise and consistent encapsulation of drugs. These devices automate the process of placing filled powders into empty capsules, ensuring homogeneity and precision in each capsule. NJP-800 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is an outstanding example of cap sealing technology that incorporates modern design features and progressive functionalities to match the ever-changing needs of pharmaceutical producers.


The Features of the NJP-800 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

High-Speed Operation: NJP-800 is a machine meant for high-capacity production by filling many capsules in seconds. It significantly improves throughput with efficient design and advanced mechanisms enabling companies producing medicines to meet very tight deadlines.

Precision Dosing: Precision is everything when it comes to manufacturing drugs; this is what makes NJP-800 special. It has accurate dosing systems and control platforms that enable it to fill each capsule with the correct amount of medicinal ingredients. This reduces risks related to inconsistency in dosage forms while maintaining a persistent level of healing activity.

Versatility: NJP-800 offers flexibility in terms of capsule size and type, accommodating various specifications. It can produce different types or sizes ranging from normal ones to specialty formulations, thus being adaptable to varied manufacturing requirements. Its versatility makes it suitable for drug manufacturers with diverse portfolios.

User-Friendly Interface: The hallmark of a user-friendly machine such as NJP-800 is simplicity. With its easy-to-use interface and ergonomic layout, operators can easily regulate the process of adding powder into capsules. For this reason, it has a simplified GUI that eliminates the learning curve which slows down productivity rates at pharmaceutical facilities.

Integrated Quality Control Systems: The main concern about pharmaceutical manufacture is quality control and this aspect was taken into account while designing NJP-800. From automatic inspection tools to continuous monitoring systems, all filled capsules are tested against strict quality benchmarks. Therefore, product defects are prevented and patients’ safety is ensured by this focus on quality assurance.

Sanitary Design: NJP-800 was designed with the idea of cleanliness in mind because hygiene is a prerequisite for any pharmaceutical manufacturing area. The machine incorporates various features like its sanitary materials and smooth surfaces that can be easily cleaned to improve hygienic conditions during production runs. Hence, cross-contamination risks are minimized while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Robust Construction: The inherent characteristics of NJP-800 are its strength and durability. Made from sturdy elements and highly precise components, it will not wear out during tough working conditions in drug manufacturing plants. Therefore, this machine requires less time for maintenance resulting in uninterrupted operation at facilities.


The Functions of the NJP-800 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Alignment: By aligning capsules correctly before the process of filling them, NJP-800 minimizes chances of misalignment which causes a non-uniform appearance of caps.

Powder Filling Mechanism: It has a well-built system for powder dispensing into capsules to ensure consistent dosages with high accuracy.

Capsule Closing: After filling up the capsules, NJP-800 seals them tightly to prevent drug spillage.

Automatic Rejection of Defective Capsules: Advanced inspection systems allow NJP-800 to detect faulty caps thus preventing low-quality drugs from being produced.

Real-Time Monitoring: Operators can keep track of how the process is unfolding as it occurs, thereby making necessary interventions immediately and ensuring optimal performance levels.


Benefits of NJP-800 Full Auto Capsule Filling Machine

Increases Productivity: The NJP-800 has a high-speed operation and is efficient in its operations; it therefore, improves productivity in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for higher production volumes and shorter lead times.

Improves Accuracy: The NJP-800 has precise dosing mechanisms that ensure the filling of capsules with accuracy to avoid variations in dosages or low drug efficacy.

Cost Efficiency: By streamlining capsule-filling processes and minimizing wastage, the NJP-800 assists pharmaceutical firms in reducing production costs and raising overall profits.

Conformity to Regulatory Standards: To ensure compliance with strict regulatory standards, thereby assuring product quality as well as patient safety, the NJP-800 incorporates integrated quality control systems along with its sanitary design.

Versatility: Being able to accommodate various sizes of capsules and formulations enables the NJP-800 to be considered a versatile solution for pharmaceutical producers operating with diverse product portfolios by eliminating multiple machines around thus reducing the cost of purchase.

Dependability: Due to robust construction and precision engineering, the NJP-800 offers long-term reliability that leads to minimal downtime hence maximizing efficiency during operations.


Applications of the NJP-800 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-800 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine finds wide usage across different sectors within the pharmaceutical industry:

Substitutable Drug Manufacturing

Specialized Products

Clinical Research

Contract Production


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an NJP-800 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

The NIP 800 is a sophisticated tool for producing drugs that helps these companies efficiently fill empty gelatine capsules with specific quantities of medical components. It is characterized by high-speed operation, and accurate dosage measurements among other features directed toward the efficient manufacture of capsules.


2. What kind of capsules can be filled by an NJP 800?

The machine allows for the filling of various sizes and types of capsules that include standard gelatine, vegetarian, and other specialized formulations.


3. How quickly can the NJP 800 fill capsules?

It operates at high speeds with the ability to fill numerous capsules within a minute. However, this rate may be affected by multiple factors such as formulation type and machine settings among others.


4. What are the main advantages of using the NJP-800?

The key benefits of the NJP-800 include increased productivity, improved accuracy in dosing, cost savings through efficiency, compliance with regulatory standards, versatility in capsule sizes, and long-term reliability.


5. Is NJP-800 simple to use?

There is no doubt that the NJP-800 is of a sanitary design and has smooth, easily cleanable surfaces to ensure thorough cleaning before production can be done. This will call for minimal routine maintenance requirements with maximum performance and machine life.


6. What are the common uses of the NJP-800?

The NJP-800 is used in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry including generic drug manufacturing, specialized formulations, clinical trials, and contract manufacturing. It is efficient and versatile which makes it a valuable asset in pharmaceutical production facilities around the globe.


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