KFG2-A Powder Filling And Stoppering Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s KFG2-A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine – the pinnacle of precision and efficiency in pharmaceutical packaging. With its cutting-edge technology, this machine ensures seamless filling and stoppering of powder products, guaranteeing utmost accuracy and reliability. Elevate your production standards with Qualipak’s trusted solution.

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Parameter Specification
Model KFG2-A
Filling Capacity 10-100 grams (adjustable)
Filling Accuracy ± 0.5%
Stoppering Speed 20-60 bottles per minute (adjustable)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption 2.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 1 m³/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1600 mm x 1200 mm x 1800 mm
Weight 600 kg
Material Stainless Steel 304
Control System PLC control
Operator Interface Touchscreen HMI
Bottle Diameter Range 20-60 mm
Bottle Height Range 50-200 mm
Hopper Capacity 30 liters
Filling Nozzle Anti-drip design, stainless steel
Stoppering Mechanism Pneumatic
Filling Type Auger-based
Cleaning CIP (Clean-In-Place)
Validation IQ/OQ documentation available
Compliance cGMP standards

Precision, efficiency, and reliability are essential in the field of pharmaceuticals where the packaging of medications is concerned. The KFG2A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine leads the pack in terms of technology advancement that enables pharmaceutical firms to streamline their packaging activities while ensuring high levels of quality and accuracy. This detailed guide explores how the KFG2A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine works, its applications, functions, benefits and advantages.




The KFG2A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine is a state-of-the-art equipment specially designed for filling vials with powdered medicines before stoppering them. It employs sophisticated technology to help accurately measure the powder into vials while sealing securely to ensure the integrity as well as the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products.


Processes Involved


The processes involved in the working processes are finely crafted for optimal performance and reliability. The machine performs various sequential moves:

  1. Vial Feeding: Vials are loaded onto a conveyor system which carries them to the filling section.
  2. Powder Filling: The machine measures the exact amount of medicine needed for one dose with each vial accurately while preparing it.
  3. Stoppering: Afterwards, it puts stoppers on vials making sure they become sealed properly thus maintaining product quality.
  4. Capping: In some configurations, cap-applying mechanisms may be included within this device to finally close off the stoppered vials thereby ending up packaging them.
  5. Quality Control: Throughout this process line, several Quality Control points are incorporated so that deviations or irregularities cannot unnoticed by the system leading to only the right products being released.




Organizations in the pharmaceutical industry use KFG2A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machines widely due to their ability to serve many purposes such as:

  1. Medication Packaging: Primarily used for filling powders into vials containing drugs such as antibiotics, analgesics and other pharmaceutical preparations.
  2. Clinical Trials: In clinical trials, manufacturers use the machine to make drugs that require very precise dosing and packaging for accurate evaluation.
  3. Customized Formulations: It permits individual requirements of patients to be met through the packaging of customized drug formulations incorporating flexible dosing levels and composition.
  4. Research and Development: The machine facilitates the production of small quantities of experimental drugs used in testing and evaluation during research.




The KFG2A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine is capable of performing several functions necessary for effective pharmaceutical packaging:

  1. Powder Dispensing: Measures accurately doses powdered medications into vials ensuring their proper dosages.
  2. Stoppering: This process involves capping all filled vials with a particular type of stoppers so that they remain sealed reducing chances of contamination or tampering with them.
  3. Capping: In case an extra cap is meant, then the device does it by adding another cap onto the stoppered vial hence offering further protection or convenience.
  4. Conveyor System: Smooth passage through the filling process & stoppering process is possible due to the use of a conveyor system thus streamlining workflow efficiency.
  5. Quality Control: Integration quality control tools allow noticing deviations or any imperfections found throughout the process line guaranteeing product uniformity as well as meeting regulatory standards.




KFG2A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine offers a range of advantages for those who wish to improve their packing aspects among pharmaceutical firms

  1. Precision: It delivers highly accurate dose measurements thereby minimizing risks related to under-dosing as well as over-dosing which assures patient safety.
  2. Efficiency: This has the effect of streamlining the process of packaging by reducing time for production and labour costs that are related to landfilling and stoppering.
  3. Versatility: It can hold different sizes of vials and configurations, thus making it flexible enough to meet various packaging needs.
  4. Quality Assurance: The product is made in such a way that there are strong measures to ensure its quality, integrity and conformity with standards put by regulatory bodies.
  5. Reliability: Made up of strong materials as well as modern technology, the machine provides dependable service with minimal breakdowns maximizing production time.
  6. Cost Effectiveness: As much as it has advanced features, this machine offers a good value for money hence high returns on investments during its life span in operation.
  7. Scalability: Because of its easy scaling capacity meant for increased production rates, it is suitable for small-scale operations as well as large pharmaceutical plants.
  8. User Friendly Interface: With an intuitive user interface design which makes the operation easier thereby significantly reducing training requirements.
  9. Space Saving Design: The compact footprint saves valuable floor space in manufacturing facilities ensuring optimal operational efficiency.
  10. Compliance: It meets strict pharmaceutical manufacturing regulatory conditions thus assuring drug makers adhere to the industry’s standards or guidelines.


Roles and Advantages


Within pharmaceutical packing processes, the KFG2A Powder Filling & Stoppering Machine plays several critical roles accompanied by their own merits:

  1. Dosage This will be attained through proper measurement and dispensing of powder drugs that are necessary for precision delivery thereby minimizing errors associated with medication administration and enhancing patients’ safety..
  2. Product Integrity- Thus maintaining tight stoppering ensures that pharmaceutical products remain intact by protecting them from contamination, moisture or other environmental factors that might make them less effective.
  3. ProcessEfficiencyy-Having automated filling coupled with stoppering capabilities in place, machines make packaging activities more efficient so that throughput can go up while production bottlenecks are minimized.
  4. Quality Control- Incorporating cutting-edge sensors and monitoring systems, enables real-time quality control checks to be carried out by the machine to identify and rectify any deviations or defects that might arise to get consistent product quality always.
  5. Customization: This can be done within the machine to suit different packaging requirements by pharmaceutical firms hence easing variations in vial sizes, dosage formulations and well production volumes.
  6. Regulatory Compliance- Because of being designed and produced based on applicable regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry, it is said to meet quality standards and regulatory guidelines thus reducing noncompliance risks such as penalties and recalls.
  7. Market CCompetitivenessiImprovingpackage efficiency and product quality, helps drug companies remain competitive while meeting consumer needs for safe effective drugs.
  8. This technology solution indicates a commitment to innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing that leads to global advancements fueled by best practices.
  9. Risk mitigation minimises human errors, process automation has been used in the manufacture of this machine which therefore reduces variance consequently minimizing chances of recalls product defects even regulatory sanctions.
  10. Customer Satisfaction- In conclusion, customers who use these drugs can be assured about their safety (i.e., high-quality) because they have been made available through such machines that produce premium grade highly effective medicines thereby creating trust among patients and medical professionals.



What kinds of pharmaceutical products does the FG2A Powder Filling & Stoppering Machine work on?
It is quite versatile since it can deal with several powdered medications such as antibiotics analgesics and other forms of similar products.

Does the equipment accommodate options on varying vial sizes or configurations?
ye, it does accept different vial sizes as well as types hence allowing for changes in packaging specifications by drug makers.

How does this ensure dose accuracy?
The device utilizes precision measurement technology to dispense powdered drugs into vials with minimal chances for dosage mistakes.

Is the machine easy to use?
Yes, the machine has an intuitive user interface that makes it easier to operate thus reducing training time.

What quality control does this machine have?
The machine has advanced sensors and monitoring systems which are used in real-time quality control checks to enhance consistent product quality.

Can the machine be tailored for specific production needs?
Yes, pharmaceutical companies can tailor the machine according to their particular packing requirements such as vial size, dosage form and capacity of production.

How does the machine contribute towards regulatory compliance?
In alignment with regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry, the machine is designed and manufactured adhering to related standards on quality and regulation.

What are some of the benefits of using the KFG2A Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine?
Precision dosing delivery, process efficiency, product integrity as well as conformity with regulatory requirements among others are some of its advantages.

Is this machine designed for small-scale or large-scale productions?
Yes, it is scalable and can accommodate different volumes of production hence can be suitable both for small-scale manufacturing and large-scale pharmaceutical production facilities.

How does it support customer satisfaction?
It ensures the availability of high-quality medications that meet rigorous safety and efficacy criteria thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction and promoting confidence among patients and healthcare professionals at large.


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