GM-8 Counting and Filling Machine

Qualipak is pleased to introduce the GM-8 Counting and Filling Machine, a solution for all of your packaging needs. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology that can accurately count and fill your products, thereby simplifying production processes. To improve efficiency and accuracy mistakes, get this dependable device which has been built with the best quality control in mind. Up your packaging game with Qualipak!
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Parameter Specification
Model GM-8
Capacity Up to 8,000 capsules per minute
Filling Accuracy ±0.5%
Counting Accuracy ≥99.5%
Capsule Size 00#-5#
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power Consumption 3.0 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 50 L/min
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1600 mm × 1400 mm × 1800 mm
Weight 650 kg
Material Stainless steel
Control System PLC control system with touchscreen
Operation Mode Automatic
Suitable for Filling and counting of capsules

In modern industrial settings, there is a great need for efficiency and accuracy. Precise counting and filling of products are paramount in the pharmaceuticals, food processing, and electronics manufacturing sectors. The traditional ways of doing things relied heavily on manual labor which had many challenges concerning errors. Nevertheless, technology has changed all this through the invention of a count-and-fill machine known as GM-8.

Working Processes

GM-8 employs cutting-edge technology to automate counting and filling tasks making it a highly efficient automated counter & filler machine. Below are some key steps involved in its operation:

Product Feeding: These can be done either manually or by use of conveyor belts to feed the products into the hopper of the machine.

Counting: Sophisticated sensors and algorithms ensure that GM-8 counts the incoming products with remarkable accuracy.

Filling: Once this desired count has been attained, then the product is dispensed into containers or packaging with great accuracy.

Sealing: For certain models, GM-8 also seals these containers ensuring no tampering and also safeguarding consumers from hazardous products.

Quality Control: The process involves a system that checks for any mistakes during each stage thereby making sure every time it gives an item out it must be uniform in quality.


The versatility of GM-8 makes it suitable for various industries and a range of products. Here are some common applications;

Pharmaceutical Industry: Essential in counting tablets, capsules, etc.,

Food Processing: Suitable for packaging pills; candies; nuts & seeds

Electronics Manufacturing: Used to fill small electronic components like resistors; capacitors & LEDs

Cosmetics: Used when filling creams; lotions, and powders on containers.

Hardware and Fasteners: Help in counting bolts; screws; nuts among other hardware items.


GM-8 offers several functions to suit different production needs;

Adjustable Counting: Where operators can set the desired number of filled items precisely.

Batch Processing: This feature allows product filling in predefined batches hence improving efficiency.

Integration Capabilities: It can be integrated into existing production lines for smooth operations.

Multi-Format Compatibility: This is for different shapes, sizes, and materials of products.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls and touchscreen displays make it easy to operate.


The use of GM-8 counting and filling machines by industries brings with it multiple benefits;

Increased Efficiency: Automation reduces human labor involved in manufacturing processes.

Enhanced Precision: Utilization of sophisticated sensors and algorithms ensures accurate count-and-fill, reducing the chances of mistakes.

Higher Productivity: It works without stopping thereby ensuring optimal output while minimizing downtimes.

Cost Savings: Businesses benefit from reduced workforce cost that comes along with less wastage of their products.

Conformity & Quality Assurance: Industries may adhere to national regulations as well as achieve uniform product and service standardization through the application of this machine.

Roles and Advantages

GM-8 plays various key roles in an industry providing a wide range of advantages;

Streamlining Production: Automating these tasks indirectly improves the process flow which helps businesses do away with bottlenecks or even let them go through this task once they come up within their systems.

Facilitating Scalability: An increase in production demands would not affect its efficiency or quality since this machine can scale up easily to meet higher volumes at any time.

Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency: Through its accuracy in counting and filling, GM-8 facilitates consistency in packaging thus preserving the image of a brand intact and maintaining customer satisfaction level.

Enabling Customization: With adjustable settings, compatibility with other equipment, etc. it can facilitate customization based on particular production requirements thus making flexibility possible during operation

Driving Innovation: The GM-8 counter & filler frees up employees from mundane work that could be done by machines. These workers are then able to engage in more knowledge-based activities including research or new product development.


Which kinds of products can the GM-8 Counting and Filling Machine handle?

GM-8 is a versatile machine that can handle many different types of products including pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, electronics components, cosmetics as well as hardware.

How exact is the counting ability of this GM-8?

Counting with high accuracy, reduced errors and differences in this GM-8 is guaranteed by advanced sensors and algorithms.

Is it possible to integrate the GM-8 into existing production lines?

It is designed for easy integration into currently operating production lines, to ensure smooth running and efficiency.

What are some of the maintenance requirements for the GM-8?

Regular maintenance is needed on the GM-8. This includes cleaning its parts, applying lubrication oil onto them, and periodically inspecting them.

How does it deal with different shapes and sizes of products?

The GM-8 comes with adjustable settings and customizable configurations that can be adjusted to suit different product shapes/sizes/materials.

Can anyone operate this gadget without any technical expertise?

There exists a very straightforward user interface that has been made intuitive enough even for non-experts to handle; therefore can this machine be manned by anyone else besides skilled personnel?

Which safety features does it have?

For operator safety during operation, safety sensors coupled with emergency stop mechanisms have been installed in this GM-8.

Can it support high-volume production operations?

Yes, it is perfect for continuous operation and thus can easily handle heavy demands from high-volume productions due to scalability.

How does it ensure product quality and integrity?

Through all phases of counting and filling, irregularities are monitored while maintaining similar quality levels at The GM – 8

What are the environmental implications when using this system?

It ensures accurate counting hence reducing product wastage as well as lessening resource consumption making steps towards sustainability.


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