TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press

Get started with Qualipak’s TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine and encounter unmatched precision, speed, and performance. Our advanced technology guarantees standardized tablet compression, flexibility, and ease of use. Benefit from our reliable solution to upgrade your pharmaceutical manufacturing. Realize high output with the TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine.

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Feature Specification
Model TDP-1
Type Single Punch Tablet Press
Maximum Pressure 15 kN
Maximum Tablet Diameter 12 mm
Maximum Filling Depth 12 mm
Production Capacity Up to 2400 tablets/hour
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Motor Power 0.37 kW
Machine Weight Approximately 65 kg
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 700 mm × 370 mm × 800 mm
Material of Construction Stainless Steel
Control System Manual
Compliance CE Certified

The TDP-1 single-punch tablet press machine is a marvellous piece of engineering aimed at simplifying the process of producing tablets. This machine is made using the latest technology and precision workmanship making it efficacious, precise and adaptable. In small-scale pharmaceutical laboratories as well as large-scale factories, the TDP-1 ensures consistency in performance and excellent results.

Key features and specifications

Precision Engineering: At the heart of TDP-1 lies a strong mechanical structure built with accuracy and fineness. Therefore, stable operation ensuring uniform compression leads to high-quality tablets with accurate dimensions and weights. It makes tablets have consistent hardnesses and dissolution rates which are within the range of acceptable standards for pharmaceutical companies.

Versatility: The most amazing thing about the TDP-1 is its versatility which makes it distinct from other types of machinery in this field. It can be loaded with different tooling options allowing various sizes and shapes of tablets that may be required by manufacturers depending on their specific needs. From round or oval-shaped pills to irregularly shaped ones, TDP-1 will easily adapt to changes in formulations hence becoming an invaluable asset, particularly to both small-scale and large-scale drug makers.

User-friendly Interface: Thanks to its intuitive interface, navigating through complexities has never been this simple while pressing tablets with our TDP-1 machine. The use of straightforward buttons plus the creation of an ergonomic design ensures that operators can monitor or change settings for optimal performance without any trouble at all. The learning curve for new users is greatly reduced through such a user-friendly interface not only cutting down on training time but also ensuring smooth running operations starting from day one.

Efficient Production: In pharmaceutical production timing is everything, where here efficiency is key since we are talking about efficiency; TDP-1 excels in this area. Through fast cycle times accompanied by less downtime, manufacturers can increase productivity yet maintain high levels of quality to meet tight deadlines. The efficient design of this machine then leads to less wastage of materials and energy thus resulting in cost savings as well as sustainable manufacturing practices.

Quality Assurance: The TDP-1 is engineered specifically for quality in the pharmaceutical industry. Every tablet produced; from accurate dosing to uniform compression down to meet compliance requirements that are set by regulators, is carefully controlled. Advanced sensors and monitoring systems on the device can also pick any deviations from desired parameters during production leading to real-time adjustments and thus quality assurance.

Applications of TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Given its versatility and reliability, the TDP-1 is an indispensable tool in different segments of the pharmaceutical industry. Here are some of its primary applications:

Drug Development: In the early stages of drug development, researchers use TDP-1 to create prototype tablets for formulation testing and efficacy studies. Thus allowing quick modifications as well as optimization of dosage forms for accelerated product development and faster entry into the market with new therapies.

Production Scale-Up: The role of TDP-1 in scaling up operations cannot be underestimated especially when drugs move from lab-scale batches to commercial production. Its performance consistency plus scalability feature helps manufacturers shift seamlessly from small-scale into bulk production without compromising quality. Its versatility further enables it to handle efficient scale-up processes which results in a smooth transition from R&D activities towards the commercialization phase thereby hastening time-to-market.

Clinical Trials: TDP-1 is involved in clinical trials of investigational drugs and the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with it. In clinical trials, this machine’s precision and reproducibility in tablet production ensure trial data integrity and participant safety. The reliability and consistency of this equipment make it the most preferred choice for manufacturing clinical trial materials; and supporting successful drug development programs.


1. What is a TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine?

The TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine is an advanced device used in the pharmaceutical industry to form compressed tablets from powder ingredients of exact size, shape, and weight.

2. How does a TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine work?

Using a single punch mechanism, this machine compresses powdered material into a tablet. The powder is dropped into the die cavity and later pressed with a punch to form the desired tablet shape.

3. What are some features of the TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine?

These are; uniformity in tablet compression due to precision engineering, adaptability using tooling interchangeability, easy operation on a user-friendly interface, fast cycle time for efficient production as well and consistent tablet quality through Q.A systems.

4. Which types of tablets can be produced by the TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine?

It produces many different shapes including round ones circles and other special shapes such as ovals. Different formulations like controlled release or an instant product may be accommodated by it.

5. What are some applications of the TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine?

There are several uses such as prototype tablet production for drug development purposes, upscaling from laboratory scale to commercial production level during the research phase or clinical trials compliant with GMPs for the manufacture of test drugs.

6. Is the TPD 1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine user-friendly?

This machine has an intuitive interface with simple controls that operators can use for monitoring settings. Additional design considerations were also made such as its ergonomic characteristics enhance user comfort.

7. What are the advantages of using a TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine?

These include; precision engineering, versatility, efficiency and quality assurance capabilities. Its utilization helps manufacturers to produce tablets of high quality at all times while maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

8. Is the TPD 1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine suitable for small-scale pharmaceutical labs?

Despite being compact, the TDP is ideal for use in small-scale operations as it offers the same level of accuracy and speed as large-sized machines. Its features make it applicable in research and development fields.

9. Can the TPD 1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine be customized for specific production requirements?

It can be fitted with additional tooling or accessories meant to serve special purposes during operation. This way, manufacturers can incorporate tablets having peculiar dimensions such as elliptical or round shapes or unique formulations into the machine.

10. How does a TDP-1 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine contribute to pharmaceutical quality control?

Onboard advanced sensors and monitoring systems among other quality assurance mechanisms ensure that each tablet produced complies with specified standards. Thus, regulatory demands are maintained while product reputation is preserved by manufacturers.


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