NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Be the beneficiary of extraordinary effectiveness as you use Qualipak’s NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine. The machine that is used to make capsules automatically and quickly, but still ensures precision measurements. This means that they are capable of doing everything that a human being can do but much faster and with fewer mistakes. Get your production line well-organized by removing all the complicated processes in it and raise the level of quality using our state-of-the-art machinery.

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Parameter Specification
Model NJP-400
Capacity 24000 capsules/hour
Capsule size 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#
Power supply 380V 50Hz (can be customized)
Total power 5.5 kW
Vacuum degree -0.08~-0.06 MPa
Noise ≤75dB(A)
Weight 1200 kg
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1350×700×1600mm
Filling percentage ≥99%
Applicable industries Pharmaceutical, food, etc.
Suitable capsules Gelatin capsules
Material Stainless steel 304/316
Control system PLC control
Touch screen Color touch screen
Operator 1 person
Production capacity Adjustable
Warranty 1 year

The NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is the most modern technology in capsule filling. This machine fills capsules and assists in other processes in the production of capsules through the use of automation that was developed with meticulous engineering and that is advanced. Its purpose is to ensure that pills are produced quickly, meaning that it’s made for high-volume drug development.


Characteristics of the NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

High-Speed Filling: The NJP-400 comes with rapid fill mechanisms capable of filling a large number of capsules within one minute. This boosts production efficiency significantly, meeting the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent demands whereas quality is not compromised.

Precision Dosage Control: Precision is perfect as far as making sure that every pill has the right amount of medicine in it. For precise dosage control, the Company uses advanced dosing technology such as NJP-400 which reduces variations and ensures uniformity across all capsules.

Automatic Capsule Orientation: In manual or semi-automatic capsule filling machines, capsule orientation can be an extremely involved process consuming much time. On the other hand, NJP-400 possesses automatic capsule orientation ability so that they are properly placed before being filled hence further simplifying its usage and minimizing potential cases of error during production.

User-Friendly Interface: Despite its impressive capabilities, the NJP-400 has been designed to be user-friendly. It has an easy-to-use interface from where operators can monitor and control this machine effectively. Setup, operation as well as maintenance have been made easier thereby cutting down on downtime and improving productivity.

Versatility: Because it accommodates different sizes of capsules for diverse pharmaceutical formulations, NJP 400 is very versatile. This makes it possible for pharmaceutical firms to respond rapidly to changing market needs as well as production requirements.

Integrated Quality Control: In the pharmaceutical manufacturing process ensuring product quality remains important among other things considered by firms producing such products as NIP-400. The NJP-400 has fill weight monitoring and detection of empty or partially filled capsules among other integrated quality control devices that maintain high standards of quality and compliance.

Robust Construction: To withstand the utilization pressures in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, the NJP-400 is made with robust construction using high-grade materials. It is thus durable, reliable and performs over long periods thereby minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Pros of the NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Increased Production Efficiency: With an automated capsule filling process, better production throughput is achieved leading to increased production efficiency by using this machine. This makes it possible for faster time-to-market as well as enhance competitiveness within the pharmaceutical industry.

Enhanced Product Quality: It’s precision dosing and integration of quality control into its system make sure that the NJP-400 remains the epitome of product excellence since variations are minimalized and defects are fewer. This is important for regulatory compliance as well as consumer satisfaction for drug companies.

Cost Savings: Though the initial investment in an NJP- 400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine might be substantial, its efficiency and reliability eventually translate to cost savings in terms of labor cost reduction, decreased scrap rates, and more output per unit time hence profit maximization.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Such retooling or reconfiguration could be avoided if one chooses to have a versatile machine like the one designed by this firm called NJP 400. They can respond rapidly to market demands thanks to their flexibility which also encourages product innovation besides making diversification easier.

Improved Worker Safety: When repetitive tasks concerning capsule filling are automated, chances of injury or harm at workplaces are reduced significantly. In other words, by reducing manual intervention, NJP 400 ensures safer working conditions for staff employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing sites.

Applications of the NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine finds application in various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry such as:

Generic Drug Manufacturing: For generic drug manufacturers, NJP-400 is relied upon to produce capsules for various kinds of medication including OTC and prescription drugs in high quantities.

Nutraceuticals: Precise dosing and quality control are important aspects when it comes to encapsulating nutraceutical formulations such as vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements; hence, the suitability of NJP-400.

Clinical Trials: With its ability to rapidly produce capsules with precise dosages, the NJP-400 is an advantage for any pharmaceutical company that conducts clinical trials on new drug formulations.

Contract manufacturing: Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) utilize NJP-400 to offer capsule filling services efficiently and at low cost thus providing a relief for the customer’s manufacturing process that is outsourced.

Specialty Pharmaceuticals: Custom dosing and formulation requirements necessitated by specialty pharmaceuticals make NJP-400 appropriate because it can be used whenever specific product needs are expected.


What is the NJP-400 Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

The full automatic capsule filling machine known as the NPJ 400 is one of a kind in the Pharma Manufacturing Industry designed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturing purposes. Its functionalities include a high-speed filling mechanism, precision dosage control, automatic capsule orientation, and integrated quality control features all aimed at simplifying the capsule filling process.

How does it improve production efficiency?

By automating the capsule-filling process, manual labor is minimized while production throughput increases through the use of NPJ 400. The quick speed fill and precision dosing technology ensures fast accurate encapsulation of medications thereby improving efficiency.

What sizes of capsules does NJP-400 hold?

This, therefore, means that there are different sizes available from smaller pediatric medicines or up to adult preparations when we say diversified pharmacopeia range sizes that can be accommodated by NJP-400.

What are the quality control features of NJP-400?

NJP-400 is equipped with fill weight monitoring and detection of empty or partially filled capsules as integral QC features. This guarantees that each capsule meets strict quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Is it easy to operate NJP-400?

Yes, it is; hence the user-friendly interface of NJP-400. There are simple monitoring and controlling of its operation in which operators can be trained within a few minutes thus minimizing mistakes and machine downtime risks.

Can the NJP 400 be applied in the field of nutraceutical manufacturing?

Accuracy in dosage and product consistency for nutraceutical products to be achieved, NPJ 400 serves as a perfect encapsulating tool for such formulations as vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements due to precision dosing and quality control.

How does NPJ 400 contribute to cost savings?

The NPJ 400 saves pharmaceutical companies money by cutting down on labor costs; reducing scrap rates; and increasing production output. Over time, this leads to a positive return on investment because of its efficiency and reliability.

What safety features does NPJ 400 provide?

Repetitive tasks are automated to decrease manual involvement while carrying out the filling process using capsules thereby promoting personal safety at the workplace carrying out the capsule filling task manually reduces risks related to occupational hazards or injuries.

Can we customize NPJ 400 for specific production needs?

Thus, this machine may be made compliant with certain product specifications including dose forms, and capsule sizes among other things that meet particular customers’ demands so that they can effectively collaborate with the manufacturer concerned toward customizing their specific device accordingly but in line with individual manufacturing needs but this is a normal business where producers cooperate with clients responsible for setting unique norms associated with medicine production activities only via negotiations conducted between them both.

Is it compliant with regulatory standards?

Indeed, the NJP-400 has been designed in such a manner that it conforms to all relevant regulations and guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturing. It undergoes extensive testing and validation to ensure compliance with quality and safety protocols.


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