GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press

The GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press is a machine used for pharmaceutical manufacturing that ensures unique and superior productivity. This tablet press is the most advanced on the market and it guarantees accurate compression, high output and adaptability in tablet making. Qualipak’s modern tablet press will help you upgrade your manufacturing capacity and increase profits.
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GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press is the top-of-the-range technology of tablet manufacturing. It works by compression where powdered ingredients are compressed into proper-sized and weighted solid tablets. Its double-sided design allows it to produce more tablets without compromising quality.

Working Processes

The working processes of the GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press have been painstakingly designed to enable a constant flow of work and consistency in tablet quality. These are among its operations

Feeding: Powdered raw materials into the hopper.

Pre-compression: The powder is pre-compressed to form a compact.

Main compression: Further compression takes place between two dies resulting in final tablets from the already pre-compressed powder.

Ejection: Finished tablets are released and removed from this press for any other necessary processing or packaging purposes.


The versatility of the GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press makes it a must-have tool across different industries, with pharmaceuticals being its main user. Applications include;

Pharmaceutical Tablets: various forms of pharmaceutical tablets such as OTC, prescription drugs and nutraceuticals are made using this machine.

Nutritional Supplements: Many nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts etc., are processed via this machine.

Confectionery; The GZPL: 680 can easily produce some forms of confectionery products such as pressed candies or mint tablets.

Chemicals: Catalysts, agricultural chemicals, etc., in chemical sectors, use the press to make compacted chemical products in them


There are several critical functions that the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press performs hence making sure that the production process is flawless and efficient;

Compression: To achieve solid uniform size tablets from powders through massive pressure exertion by the equipment.

High Production Capacity: The press has a double-sided structure and is designed to run at high speed, with the result that it offers vastly superior production potential compared to single-side presses, resulting in more throughput and effectiveness.

Precise Control: The press integrates advanced control systems that enable accurate gauging and setting of compression parameters thereby ensuring uniform tablet quality and consistency.

Versatility: Pharmaceutical companies can make a wide range of tablet formulations, shapes or sizes using this press; no other machine can provide such versatility.

Compact Design: Despite its outstanding features, the GZPL-680 has a small footprint which is suitable for use in manufacturing facilities having limited space.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: To guarantee safe and high-quality pharmaceutical products businesses are designed and produced by strict regulatory standards like Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


The GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press is the epitome of innovation and excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Advanced features allow for precise control over all aspects of production, while productivity remains unmatched. Forging ahead in technology, the GZPL-680 never wavers on efficiency, reliability, or quality when it comes to tablet production.


1. What is the GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press?

The sophisticated piece of machinery that aids in drug manufacturing processes is referred to as the GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press. It compresses powdered ingredients into solid tablets with specified dimensions and weights.

2. How does the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press work?

This occurs through a compression mechanism. Powders are fed into the hopper where they are pre-compressed before being fully compressed between two dies by some kind of rotating motion inside the machine leading to the formation of tablets. Finally finished tablets are ejected from the press for collection purposes.

3. What are the primary applications of the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press?

A wide range of tablets are manufactured through the GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press for pharmaceutical use, including over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, and nutritional supplements. It is also used to produce some chemical products and confectionery.

4. What functions does the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press perform?

Among other things, it performs such functions as compression, feeding raw materials into the press, pre-compression to lower defects in tablets being formed thereby ejection of finished tablets from the press and control of various parameters like pressure and speed for optimality in tablet quality.

5. How does the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press enhance productivity?

By having a double-sided configuration coupled with high-speed operations that enable greater output volumes in shorter time frames.

6. What are the advantages of using the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press?

Advantages include high production capacity, precise control over compression parameters, versatility in tablet formulations, compact design, and compliance with regulatory standards such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

7. Can the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press accommodate different tablet formulations?

Yes; hence it can allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to be flexible enough to meet their market requirements by making a variety of tablet formulations comprising different shapes or sizes.

8. How does the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press ensure consistent tablet quality?

Compression parameters like compression force can be constantly monitored and adjusted by employing superior control systems built into this press which enhances uniformity in weight hardness disintegration time etc. of any given batch of compressed powders.

9. Is the GZPL-680 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press suitable for small-scale manufacturing facilities?

Despite its great capabilities, the press has a small footprint that makes it suitable for use in space-constrained manufacturing facilities.

10. How does the GZPL-680 Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press help in cost efficiency?

The press therefore contributes towards cost effectiveness and increased profits for drug manufacturers by simplifying tablet production processes, reducing material wastage and enhancing productivity.


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