CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester

Qualipak is excitedly launching the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester! This accurate tool ensures easy quality control. It has been designed to test tablets in pharmaceutical industries to give precise results about the state of their durability and hence product integrity. Qualipak is a brand that is trusted for providing high-quality equipment, which will help you improve your manufacturing standards. Buy CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester today because it represents value for money!
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Parameter Specification
Model CYJ-300B
Tablet Diameter Range 3mm – 30mm
Rotation Speed 25 ± 1 rpm
Rotation Timer 10 seconds to 9999 minutes
Revolution Counter 0 – 9999
Number of Test Drums 2
Test Drum Material Plexiglass
Power Supply 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Dimensions (L×W×H) 440mm × 330mm × 310mm
Weight 20kg
Compliance USP <1216> and EP <2.9.7>
Warranty One year

In the field of pharmacy, the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester is a special equipment meant to measure tablet friability. The term friability refers to the propensity of a given tablet to crumble or break when exposed to mechanical stress. This property matters significantly because it directly influences on quality, integrity, and performance characteristics of oral solid dosage forms (OSDFs). Tablets with high friability may disintegrate prematurely thereby affecting drug release kinetics and bioavailability.


Working Process

CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester operates through the tumbling motion technique. Sample tablets are placed within a rotating drum which subjects them to controlled mechanical agitation in this process. During handling and transportation repeated drum tumbles allow tablet collisions within the drum which simulates stress conditions applied while carrying out these tests such as transport conditions like jolting and vibration encountered during handling. After a specified period of testing has elapsed, tablets are removed from the drum after which percentage weight loss is calculated to give friability.



CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester has found many applications within the pharmaceutical industry, research institutions as well as quality control laboratories. These include:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Determining how easily a tablet crumbles or breaks during product development optimization formulation design batch production;

Quality Control: Ensuring that all product batches contain equal amounts and uniformity of tablet ingredients as required by regulatory agencies;

Research and Development: Studies may be performed on how friability changes with variation in excipients, and processing conditions among other factors;

Stability Studies: This helps to determine the shelf-life of a drug under specified storage conditions.



The CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester is equipped with several functions to facilitate accurate and efficient friability testing:

Rotating Drum: It has a precision-engineered rotating drum where tablets are placed during the test. The drum rotates at specific speeds causing mechanical stresses on tablets.

Timer Function: A timer is provided for users to set the duration of tests according to specific protocols or standards.

Weight Measurement: Upon completion of the test, one weighs the remaining tablets to find out their weight loss as a percentage that indicates friability.

User Interface: CYJ-300B has been designed with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy operation and interpretation of data obtained.

Compliance: For reliability and accuracy, this instrument meets international standards and regulatory requirements concerning friability testing.



To pharmaceutical manufacturers, researchers, and quality control officers; CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester offers numerous benefits including:

Accurate Assessment: This equipment gives accurate measurements and repeatable measurements relating tablet’s hardness thereby allowing a thorough quality control process;

Time Efficiency: The use of CYJ-300B in carrying out tests saves time since many samples can be analyzed quickly thus streamlining quality control procedures.

Regulatory Compliance: With this tester one can be sure that it complies with all relevant regulatory guidelines for ensuring adherence to Quality Assurance protocols within firms given that it adheres also to standard pharmacopeial requirements.

Cost-Effectiveness: When formulation problems or manufacturing defects occur early on in product development due to such reasons the cost-effective CYJ-300B will help avoid expensive product recalls or production errors.

Enhanced Product Quality: Manufacturers can make their products better and of a higher quality by identifying tablets with excessive friability.


Roles and Advantages

Several critical roles are played by the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester in pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control. This offers some advantages:

Quality Assurance: Safeguarding patient safety is done through tablet friability assessment, which ensures that pharmaceutical products meet quality standards and specifications.

Process Optimization: Friability testing enables manufacturers to improve tablet robustness and stability by adjusting formulation parameters and manufacturing processes.

Batch Consistency: Minimizing variability in product performance and efficacy, and monitoring tablet friability ensures batch-to-batch consistency.

Risk Mitigation: Early identification of tablets with excessive friability during production facilitates proactive actions aimed at minimizing any risk of product failure or non-compliance.

Data Integrity: Documentation, and audit trails, essential for regulatory compliance and product registration are supported by the CYJ-300B and give reliable data.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is tablet friability, and why is it important?

Tablet friability means when tablets crumble or break under mechanical stress. It is important because it affects drug release, bioavailability as well as the quality of oral solid dosage forms such as integrity.

How does the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester work?

The CYJ-300B operates using the tumbling motion principle. Tablets are placed into a revolving drum where they undergo controlled mechanical agitation simulating handling stresses associated with transportation. Percent weight loss after testing indicates friability levels.

What are the key applications of the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester?

To evaluate tablet friability to ensure that regulations are complied with, maintain product quality standards within pharmacopeial limits concerning research studies on pharmaceutical manufactured products done during the stability analysis phase for all kinds of drugs in solid form(generally), etc., using this instrument in industries such as medicine manufacturing, quality control, and research study.

What functions does the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester offer?

The CYJ-300B offers a drum that rotates, has a time controller clock in it, can measure the weight of the tablet, and meets global standards which makes the friability test accurate and efficient.

What are the benefits of using the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester?

These advantages range from correct assessment of tests done on time to cost-effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and enhanced product quality leading to the maintenance of high standards of quality assurance by manufacturers them.

How does friability testing contribute to quality assurance in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

Friability testing helps manufacturers identify tablets prone to breakage or crumbling. They can then take corrective actions to improve product quality and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

What role does the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester play in process optimization?

Product performance can be improved through tablet robustness and stability enhancement; this is achieved by utilizing the instrument to optimize formulation parameters and manufacturing processes.

How does the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester contribute to batch consistency?

Maintaining such high levels of product quality is realized by minimizing variability in product performance together with efficacy across batches brought about by monitoring tablet friability.

What are the risks associated with tablets exhibiting excessive friability?

It is advisable for any pharmaceutical company or a researcher behind drugs you consume regularly to carry out this simple test on any drug or even food supplement prescribed for you. It might lead to health deterioration as there may be unavailability of medicine due to lack of enough amount of medicinal substance coming from fragmented particles disintegrated prematurely during their administration since some drugs come as granules after being crushed into small pieces before getting coated while others are just simply compressed at high pressure which make them tend to lose their shape as soon as ingested thus making it better active ingredient doses can be controlled (Sarvi et al., 2016).

How does the CYJ-300B Tablet Friability Tester support data integrity and regulatory compliance?

By providing reliable and verifiable data, supporting documentation, and audit trails necessary for regulatory submissions, the instrument guarantees safety in pharmacy by following ICH guidelines for preclinical toxicity testing (International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, 2008).


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