CGN208-D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

For maximum performance and accuracy in the making of drugs, the CGN208-D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine by Qualipak would be ideal. This machine has multiple functions that make it possible for you to enhance your production process, thus enabling you to achieve uniformity and high-quality end products. By engaging Qualipak, which offers excellent remedies that can improve your company’s delivery system, success in this sector is guaranteed.

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Parameter Specification
Model CGN208-D
Capacity 10,000 capsules/hour
Capsule size Suitable for sizes 00-4
Number of filling holes 8
Power supply 380V, 50Hz
Total power 2.2 kW
Vacuum pump power 0.75 kW
Vacuum degree -0.04 to -0.06 MPa
Noise level ≤ 80 dB(A)
Machine weight 700 kg
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1200mm × 700mm × 1600mm
Production capacity Adjustable
Material contact parts Stainless steel 316L
Control system PLC touchscreen control
Air compressor Not included (optional)

Understanding CGN208-D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The CGN208-D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine is a blend of advanced engineering and meticulous design. It is designed specifically for pharmaceutical companies, research labs, and nutraceutical manufacturers. At its core, the machine automates filling empty capsules with accurate amounts of medicine formulations to increase production efficiency and maintain product uniformity.

Key Components

Hopper: The CGN208-D has a big hopper that can hold empty capsules for continuous operation without interruption.

Powder Filling Mechanism: The machine is fitted with dosing units to ensure the correct filling of capsules with different kinds of powders or granules.

Tamping Mechanism: To achieve even filling, powder inside the capsules is compressed through the use of a tamping mechanism in the machine.

Capsule Closing System: After filling, a reliable closing mechanism tightly locks the capsules thus avoiding any leakage or spillage.

Control Panel: An easy-to-use control panel allows operators to set parameters, monitor operations, and modify settings as required thereby enhancing user convenience and control.

Operational Workflow

The operational workflow of the CGN208-D is simple and efficient:

Capsule Loading: Empty capsules are loaded into the hopper of the machine

Powder Filling: Precisely fills up powder or granules into the capsule using this system

Tamping: This ensures evenness by compressing powder within the capsule

Closing: So as not to allow spillage

Ejection: It ejects filled sealed capsules from it so that other processes can be done on them such as packaging.

Features and Functionality

There are numerous features available in CGN208-D semi-auto capsule filler that make it unique in its class:

High Precision Filling

Advanced dosing units coupled with precision mechanical parts enable precise amounts of medication to be filled in capsules to minimize wastage and ensure product uniformity in the CGN208-D.


For this reason, it is compatible with different sizes of capsules and may hold various types of powders or granules making it appropriate for diverse pharmaceutical formulations.

User-friendly Interface

CGN208-D also has an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to operate since users can set parameters, monitor operation, and make adjustments easily.

Robust Construction

The CGN208-D is made from durable materials using precision manufacturing techniques, which ensure long-term performance even under demanding production conditions.

Compliance and Safety

It finds wide application in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that emphasize compliance and product integrity because it adheres to strict quality standards and safety regulations.

Benefits of the CGN208-D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The adoption of CGN208-D opens up many benefits for drug manufacturers and researchers as follows:

Increased Efficiency

By automating the process of filling capsules, CGN208-D increases production efficiency thus allowing producers to meet tight deadlines in their operations as well as scaling up their activities accordingly.

Cost Savings

Precise dosing capability ensures minimal wastage thereby reducing waste costs for better profitability during production by the machine itself.

Consistent Product Quality

With high accuracy filling mechanism, batch-to-batch variations would be minimized therefore maintaining product consistency and leading to higher customer satisfaction levels achieved by the CGN208-D machine thus realizing constant consumer satisfaction through its high-precision filling mechanism

Flexibility and Adaptability

It allows manufacturers to quickly change between different capsule sizes/formulations enabling them to respond faster to shifts in market demand or other changes related to specific products manufactured by the machine.

Enhanced Compliance

Regulatory standards conformity and product integrity help manufacturers maintain compliance with industry regulations and quality standards for the CGN208-D, thus lessening the risk of regulatory issues or product recalls.

Streamlined Operations

Production efficiencies are enhanced through labor reductions and improved workflow with the adoption of this technology, which automatizes the capsule-filling process.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

The machine has been designed to allow manufacturers to expedite product development and come out with new formulations faster due to its efficiency and consistency while still being able to keep up with other players in the market.

Improved Productivity

Overall productivity is increased by increasing throughput at decreased downtimes on the CGN208-D hence more units are produced without compromising on quality.

Advancements in Research and Development

Precise dosing, as well as formulation, are made possible by CGN208-D, making it easier for researchers to engage in precision research that leads to new drug formulation as well as more effective delivery mechanisms.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

As such, it enhances processes related to quality assurance within any organization, specifically focusing on consumer health safety measures stipulated under GMP Guidelines by the FDA which outlines a system whereby every output is regulated hence there should be no variation from one batch production till another one from being an example of a standardization And qualifying organization – namely, good manufacturing practice (GMP), US Pharmacopoeia (USP) and Food Drug Administration (FDA).


What is the CGN208-D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine, and how does it work?

This is a modern semi-automatic that fills pharmaceutical formulations into empty capsules. It involves loading empty capsules into a hopper, filling them with powder or granules using dosing units, compressing to ensure uniform filling, closing securely, and ejecting further processing or packaging.

What types of capsules can the CGN208-D fill?

CGN 208D can be used with different sizes of capsules such as standard gelatin or vegetarian ones. A wide range of formulations including powders, granules pellets, etc are acceptable making it useful for many diverse applications in pharmaceutics.

What are the key features of the CGN208-D?

Some main characteristics of this product among others are:

Precise filling mechanism

They have various capsule sizes i.e., versatility in capsule sizes and formulations

A user-friendly interface containing intuitive controls

It is highly durable because it has strong construction materials

Adherence to both regulatory frameworks set by governments and industry standards relating to safety criteria.

How does the CGN208-D contribute to increased efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

By automating the capsule filling process and ensuring correct dosing, CGN 208-D improves the efficiency of production in volumes. Manual labor is reduced and there is less material wastage thereby increasing throughput resulting in the attainment of production goals by producers.

What are the benefits of using the CGN208-D?

The advantages include;

Reduced costs due to lower material wastage

Maintaining consistent quality and potency

Ability to respond flexibly to changing production demands

Improved adherence to legal requirements

Enhanced operator safety at the workplace

Is the CGN208-D suitable for small-scale or large-scale production?

CGN 208D can be used for both low and high-scale manufacturing firms as it has a capacity that handle different batch sizes and various production volumes regardless of whether they are large or small-sized pharmaceutical companies.

How easy is it to operate the CGN208-D?

CGN 208D has a user-friendly interface that includes an intuitive control panel making it manageable even for someone without much training or experience. The set up of parameters, watching operation progress on the display screen, make necessary changes quickly among others.

What maintenance is required for the CGN208-D?

For best performance throughout its lifespan, regular maintenance of CGN 208D is mandatory. This may entail cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of key components as specified by the manufacturer. Preventive maintenance programs should also be undertaken regularly to minimize breakdowns and lengthen the machine’s life span.

Can this capsule-filling machine be integrated into existing pharmaceutical production lines?

The CGN208-D is integrated into existing production lines or it may be taken as an independent unit depending on the needs of the manufacturing plant. It can be used in different production environments since it is compact and versatile.

From where can I buy the CGN208-D Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

Authorized distributors and suppliers specializing in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment stock the CGN208-D. The potential customers should contact either their local distributor or manufacturer for inquiries, pricing, and ordering information.


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