ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press

The Qualipak’s ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press! You want to improve the efficiency of your tablet making by using our highly flexible machine that is also very fast. This tablet press has been manufactured by Qualipak with an assurance of quality tablets for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food products through precision control and reliability. The latest technology from Qualipak will raise your manufacturing abilities.
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Parameter Specification
Model ZPY120
Type Rotary Tablet Press
Maximum Output 120,000 tablets/hour
Maximum Tablet Diameter 25mm
Maximum Filling Depth 20mm
Maximum Pressure 100kN
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz
Motor Power 7.5 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1100mm x 1000mm x 1700mm
Weight 1800kg
Material Stainless Steel 304
Control System PLC Control
Operating Mode Manual/Automatic
Compression Force Adjustable

The ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press is a high-speed rotary tablet press, which is designed to produce mass tablets for production purposes. This machine does not only have advanced features that enhance reliability, accuracy and productivity of the machines but also it’s precision-engineered. It is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries where they produce tablets with different shades, sizes and compositions.

Processes Involved

ZPY120 rotary tablet press works by passing materials through several processes thus altering them into finished drugs. These processes include:

Material Feeding: Raw materials are fed into the hopper of the tablet press at the start of this process. The raw material can be active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), fillers, lubricants or excipients.

Pre-Compression: Pre-compression stage involves compacting powders using lower compression forces to make pre-formed tablets. In addition, at this point air is removed and maintaining equal weight as well as thickness of tablets.

Main Compression: The main compression phase further compresses pre-formed tablets at higher pressures to attain specified hardness and density.

Ejection: After forming completely, the tablets are taken out from the compression dies for further processing or packaging.

Cleaning and Maintenance: To ensure hygiene standards are met; cross-contamination is minimized and preservation of equipment life span after production run; cleaning and maintenance operations must be undertaken on this machine.

Uses of ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press

Due to its flexibility and ability to adapt itself to various fields, the ZPY120 rotary tablet press finds its applications all over many industries in this world that we live in today. The major key areas where it has found use include among others;

Pharmaceutical Industry: In the pharmaceutical sector, solid dosage forms such as caplets or tablets are produced using ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press which is adapted to produce a wide range of formulations including enteric-coated, sustained-release and immediate-release tablets.

Chemical Industry: In the chemical industry, the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press is an important machine used to manufacture tablets for chemicals used in water treatment, agricultural chemicals, detergents and other commonly used chemicals.

Food Industry: In the food industry, this tablet press is applied to produce such types of compressed food as vitamin supplements, confectionery items and energy bars.


The tablet manufacturing process is made simpler by the following functions within the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press;

Compression: ZPY120 rotary tablet press mainly compresses powders or granules that are compacted into solid uniform-shaped tablets having equal weights.

Feeding: This unit has a hopper and feeding mechanism that accurately dispenses materials onto compression dies.

Compression Force Control: It includes mechanisms for controlling compression forces with precision so that tablet quality remains constant irrespective of the formulation requirements.

Tablet Thickness Adjustment: The thickness of tablets can be adjusted as per the demands of different formulations by using this tablet press.

Tooling Changeover: With ZPY120 rotary tablet press you can easily adjust to any new tooling thus making it possible to shift from one size or shape of a drug to another without wasting time on various procedures involved in this sort of changeover.

Duties of ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press

These are some roles played by the ZPY120 rotary tablet press in the process of manufacturing drugs;

Production Efficiency: Through high-speed operations together with automation features, manufacturers are able to meet large-scale production demands thereby improving efficiency as enabled by high volume operations with automated features incorporated in ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press design.

Quality Assurance: By regulating compression forces amongst other things, weight, thickness and hardness become uniform hence maintaining their standards; therefore resulting in consistent product quality through production processes where control is maintained at every stage like pressing.

Flexibility: The machine provides manufacturers with the ability to customize production, as such they can make tablets using different formulations, shapes and sizes as per market requirements.

Cost-Effectiveness: This ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press ensures that production operations are cost-effective because it streamlines the tablet manufacturing process and reduces material wastage.

Advantages of ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press

ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press is advantageous for making tablets for various reasons:

High Productivity: The productivity of this machine is very high due to its speed of operation and efficiency in design, allowing a large number of tablets to be produced within a short duration.

Versatility: Different materials and formulations can be handled by the machine making it usable in various industries.

Precision and Accuracy: Through advanced control systems embedded in the press, compression forces among other parameters can be precisely controlled resulting in consistent quality products (tablets).

Compact Design: It has a small footprint hence suitable for installation in space-limited environments where floor space utilization has to be optimized.

Ease of Operation: Its control panels are user friendly and it can work well even without sophisticated interfaces since it is operated with only little training provided to personnel if any at all.


1. What is the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press?

ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Presses are fast rotary presses used across multiple industries for tablet production. It is popular in making varied types of drugs both pharmaceutical tablets, chemical tablets or compressed food products due to efficiency, versatility and dependability when producing differently-shaped, sized or formulated pills.

2. How does the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press work?

Feeding material into the die compacts the raw materials into pre-compressed tablets, further compression occurs and then ejection takes place after which cleaning will be done in readiness for the next production run. The ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press operates through sequential processes such as material feeding, pre-compression, main compression, ejection and cleaning/maintenance.

3. What are the main applications of the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press?

The ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press is useful in pharmaceutical industries as well as other chemical and food industries where it is used to make different types of tablets like pharmaceutical tablets, chemical tablets and compressed food products.

4. What functions does the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press perform?

For instance, compression of raw materials into tablets; feeding materials into the compression dies; controlling compressive forces; adjusting tablet thickness; and quick tooling changeover for production customization.

5. What roles does the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press play in tablet manufacturing?

It helps to improve production efficiency by increasing output rate, and ensures quality assurance through uniformity, and flexibility in that firms can create tailor-made products hence making them competitive to meet demand while at high speed since these pills can be produced quickly if there is a need for more units at once.

6. What are the advantages of using the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press?

Some of its benefits incorporate high productivity whereby many tablets are produced within a limited period because it has a very fast operation mechanism; versatility when handling diverse types of formulations and materials; accuracy and precise in making various brands of pills; small size allowing installation on less space therefore optimizing floor space utilization; user-friendliness alongside compliance with regulatory standards.

7. How fast can the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press produce tablets?

However depending on factors such as formulation type, tablet size or machine settings generally depend on how fast this model rotates to facilitate mass production activities related to these drugs particularly those whose consumption increases abruptly leading to so many wares being demanded at once.

8. Is the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press good for small-scale operations?

Yes, the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press is ideal for small-scale production, but its efficiency is more evident on a large scale. This enables it to be used at varying scales of production thus making it versatile.

9. What should I do to keep my ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press working properly?

The best way to keep the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press in perfect shape will be through regular and thorough cleaning as well as maintenance practices that ensure a long life span and optimal performance of this one machine; this involves cleansing the machine parts, applying lubricants, examining worn out parts and calibration of controls.

10. Do I need training to operate the ZPY120 Rotary Tablet Press?

However user-friendly are the controls and interfaces of this machine, still operators may require some training on how to operate it safely, and maintain it, together with familiarization with its operation too. Training helps in ensuring effective use and safe functioning.


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