SLP Bottle Arranging Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s SLP Bottle Arranging Machine Line Without Cover: Revolutionize your packaging process with precision and efficiency. Seamlessly arrange bottles without the hassle of covers, streamlining your production line for optimal output. Trust Qualipak for innovative solutions tailored to elevate your packaging operations. Boost productivity with our cutting-edge machinery today!

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Specification Details
Model SLP Bottle Arranging Machine
Capacity Varies depending on bottle size and layout
Bottle Diameter Range 20mm to 100mm (adjustable)
Bottle Height Range 50mm to 300mm (adjustable)
Speed Up to 100 bottles per minute
Power Supply 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption Varies depending on the configuration
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Touchscreen Interface Included for easy operation and monitoring
Material Stainless steel construction
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
Dimensions (LxWxH) Varies depending on the configuration
Weight Varies depending on the configuration
Additional Features Automatic bottle arranging and orienting
Adjustable conveyor speed
Easy changeover for different bottle sizes
Minimal maintenance requirements

The SLP Bottle Arranging Machine is an advanced piece of equipment whose main purpose is to make bottle arrangement a completely automatic process. The machine was developed by reputable manufacturers of industrial automation technologies, and it relies on modern technology to achieve accuracy when arranging bottles, as well as the ability to perform the task at high speeds and reliability. The SLP Bottle Arranging Machine optimizes production efficiency by sorting bottles according to size, shape, or type while minimizing human intervention.


Working Processes

The SLP Bottle Arranging Machine operates on automated mechanisms that handle bottles with utmost care and precision throughout its working principle. Generally, this involves some steps such as:

Feeding: Either manually or using an automated conveyor system depending on the production line layout and requirements, bottles are fed into the machine.

Detection: To determine the bottle attributes which include but are not limited to size, shape, color, or orientation; advanced sensors and vision systems are employed.

Sorting: Depending on what criteria pre-set by the operator should be the reason for putting those bottles into particular lanes or compartments.

Arranging: After sorting has been done, this machine will arrange them to be ready for further processing or packaging.

Ejection: It also gets rid of any defective/misaligned containers from their respective production lines so as not to lower quality standards.

Continuous Monitoring: For seamless workflow with zero interruptions due to downtime and maximum productivity attainable in any operation cycle; various parameters must consistently be checked during all operations of a machine.



The versatility of the SLP Bottle Arranging Machine makes it suitable for use across different sectors. Some areas where it finds extensive application include;

Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the correct arrangement of medication bottles helps achieve consistent dosage levels necessary for compliance purposes.

Food & Beverage Industry: Starting from bottling plants up to beverage production lines; makers of these machines ensure that they end up producing drinks contained within arranged containers ranging from water, and soft drinks to sauces and condiments.

Cosmetics: Precise arrangement of product containers is essential for the overall appeal of a brand and its products in this industry.

Chemicals: These are facilities that require a safe system of organizing containers that hold different chemical formulations hence SLP Bottle Arranging Machine becomes very important in those plants.

Healthcare: Sorting out medical specimen containers accurately with proper labeling for easy tracking purposes is another function served by this machine in hospitals and other healthcare delivery institutions.

Household Products: Manufacturers who produce household cleaning agents, detergents, and personal care stuff benefit from the machine’s ability to easily arrange bottles of diverse shapes or sizes.



The accuracy of some functions is what makes the SLP Bottle Arranging Machine effective in optimizing production processes. It has several major functions including:

Sorting: This machine can sort bottles depending on certain attributes like size, shape, color, or label orientation as available pre-set criteria.

Arranging: Here bottles after being sorted should be placed in a uniform pattern improving efficiency through space utilization optimization with the most even arrangements possible.

Quality Control: By employing highly developed sensors coupled with advanced vision systems detecting inferior or unaligned bottles; ensures only quality ones reach the last stages before being sold off as completed items inside factories.

Flexibility: With such capabilities the machine can be reconfigured rapidly depending on bottle sizes, shapes as well as requirements of any given production therefore it suits many different industries better than others do.

Speed: In terms of reducing cycle times thus increasing production output and throughput; this apparatus which has high processing speeds offers great benefits.

Integration: Streamlined incorporation with present production lines in addition to automatic systems leads to continuous workflow and interchangeability.



Manufacturers who are looking forward to enhancing their production efficiency, as well as competitiveness, can reap numerous benefits from adopting the SLP Bottle Arranging Machine. Some of them include:

Increased Efficiency: The machine helps reduce human error and the need for manual labor thereby raising productivity and output.

Improved Accuracy: The precise engineering of the machine allows for sorting bottles accurately hence reducing waste and reworks.

Cost Savings: This will lead to low cost of labor, less wastage of materials, and increased operational effectiveness which in turn means that a lot of money will be saved by manufacturers over a long period.

Enhanced Quality: Consistent bottle arrangement in terms of uniformity improves product quality as well as outlook thereby portraying a positive image of the brand which is important when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Scalability: The modular design of this machine makes sure that it can be scaled up when there is an increase in demand thus ensuring investment security and future-proofing.

Compliance: Therefore, adherence to strict quality control measures and documentation guarantees compliance with regulatory standards and industry requirements through this device. The machine is fitted with features like gentle handling mechanisms and adjustable conveyor speeds to ensure that it handles fragile bottles without causing any injuries or damage.



Can the SLP Bottle Arrange Machine handle containers of different shapes and sizes?
Yes, the machine has a flexible configuration, which can be adjusted to fit into any bottle shape or size due to its several attachment options.

What is the speed at which the machine arranges bottles?
However, it is designed with high-speed processing capabilities that meet demanding production schedules depending on elements such as bottle size, configuration, and production requirements.

What are some bottle types that the machine can handle?
Glass; plastic; PET; and HDPE among others most commonly used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage sectors as well as cosmetics and household products are examples of these bottles taken care of by this machine.

Is it easy to integrate this machine with existing production lines?
Yes, it is carefully engineered for smooth integration with other machines on an assembly line or within an automation system minimizing downtime when setting up and commissioning.

How does the machine ensure accuracy in bottle arrangement?
This means that errors are minimized through precise sorting methods using advanced sensors combined with vision systems as well as highly accurate mechanical components resulting in consistent bottle arrangement patterns.

Will this machine handle fragile bottles without causing damage?
Yes. The gentle handling mechanisms plus adjustable conveyor speeds assure the safe transport of fragile containers without any breakage thus no loss or wastage will be incurred.

What maintenance needs does this device have?
Cleaning; lubricating; and inspecting mechanical parts like gears, belts, chains, etc…as well as sensors form part of its maintenance routine hence providing optimum performance coupled with a long life span.

Can it be customized to suit specific production demands?
Through software configuration coupled with mechanical adjustments such as sorting criteria; arrangement patterns; throughput capacity etc., one can customize their own SLP Bottle Arranging Machine according to their preferences.

Does this machine have any built-in safety features?
These aspects include emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and protective guarding thus making sure that operators follow safety guidelines while working within industrial limits.

How much energy does the machine consume?
In this case, advanced motor control technologies and other power-saving characteristics were used to achieve optimized power consumption levels in line with the concepts of energy efficiency. 


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