KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine

Introducing the KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling, Adding Stoppers, and Aluminum Capping Machine by Qualipak. Streamline your production process with precision and efficiency. This versatile solution ensures accurate filling, seamless stopper placement, and secure aluminium capping, enhancing productivity while maintaining quality. Elevate your packaging standards with Qualipak’s innovative machinery.

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Feature Specification
Machine Model KFG2-B
Function Screw Powder Filling, Adding Stoppers, Aluminum Capping
Capacity [Number] units per minute/hour
Filling Volume Range [Range] (e.g., 5-1000 grams)
Filling Accuracy ± [Accuracy] %
Bottle Size Range [Range] (e.g., Diameter: 20-100mm, Height: 50-300mm)
Capping Speed [Speed] caps per minute
Capping Torque [Torque] Nm
Power Supply [Voltage] V, [Frequency] Hz
Power Consumption [Consumption] kW
Air Pressure [Pressure] bar
Air Consumption [Consumption] L/min
Machine Dimensions [Length] x [Width] x [Height] mm
Machine Weight [Weight] kg
Material Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, etc.
Control System PLC, Touch Screen
Certification CE, ISO9001, etc.
Optional Features Vacuum System, Dust Collector, etc.
Manufacturer [Manufacturer Name]
Country of Origin [Country]

In manufacturing and packaging industries, technology is critical in enhancing efficiency, precision, and product quality as the industry is ever-changing. The KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine is an example of such innovation that has revolutionized the packaging sector. This modern equipment combines many tasks hence simplifying the packaging of different types of powdered products. This extensive article highlights how the KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine works, its uses, functions, advantages, positions, gains and frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Working Processes

The KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine consists of several complex operations aimed at enhancing efficient packaging. Here are some of its working processes:

Powder Filling: The machine features accurate powder-filling mechanisms for measuring and filling powders into containers or other forms of packaging.

Adding Stoppers: Once the powder filling stage is over, this machine now incorporates the addition of stoppers into the tubes in a seamless manner. This step ensures that the content inside does not spill out as well as prevents dirt from getting inside.

Aluminum Capping: Lastly, it seals up these cans with aluminum corks called caps using the aluminum capping method. Through this process, it preserves packaged product’s freshness and integrity thus maintaining their shelf life.



The versatility of the KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine makes it ideal for application in various sectors as well as different types of products. Some examples include:

Pharmaceutical Industry- Suitable for packing powdered medications including supplements and other drugs

Food Industry – It is used to package powdered spices like blends; coffee; powdered beverages; nutritional supplements

Cosmetics Industry – Applicable to beauty brands that have loose powder makeup powders like face powders; talcum powders; pressed or solid compacts such as foundations

Chemical Industry – Suitable for packaging powdered chemicals, pigments, and other powders



Many important functions are performed by the KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine namely:

Accurate Powder Filling: Ensures accurate measurement and filling of powder substances hence reducing wastage and ensuring uniformity.

Seamless Addition of Stoppers: It links the process of adding stoppers to that of packaging without any interruptions in between.

Efficient Aluminum Capping: The machine can cap containers with aluminum very fast. The machine ensures that packaged products retain their original freshness as well as quality.

Versatility: Packaging operations are made more flexible because they can handle many different shapes and sizes of containers.

Automation: It has automation features that help increase productivity by reducing human involvement thus minimizing labor costs.



Users of the KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine realize multiple benefits such as manufacturers in addition to packaging companies like:

Better Efficiency: This makes the packing process easier, increasing production output while also shortening the production duration.

Improved Accuracy: Accurate measuring and filling of powdery materials avoiding errors and inconsistencies.

Preservation Of Product Quality: Make sure aluminum caps are used to seal these cans tightly so that no foreign materials enter into them while also maintaining the product’s fresh condition.

Cost Savings: Allowing automatic processes lowers llaborcosts linked with manual packaging procedures, thereby minimizing waste generation hence total savings on expenses.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards- Such a device supports compliance with regulatory requirements and quality standards in pharmaceuticals, food processing industry; and cosmetics among others.


Roles and Advantages

The KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine provides key roles in packing therefore manufacturing industries have several gains from its usage:

Streamlining Production- The KFG2-B enhances operational efficiency by combining multiple packing functions in one single machine and reducing the need for other machines hence saving floor space.

Product Integrity Security: By ensuring there are no errors in powder filling, this machine goes a step further to add stoppers without any seams and then caps the tins using aluminum efficiently. Through these processes, it ensures packed products remain intact and undamaged thus meeting the expectations of customers as well as other sector regulations.

Coping with Differentities: It is developed to accommodate various bottle sizes, shapes, and different types of powdered substances that may be used in different industries and for manufacturing different kinds of goods.

Facilitators of Automation: The integrated automation features serve a twofold purpose; they help boost productivity levels and reliability while reducing human errors thereby sustaining uniformity in terms of packaging quality as well as minimizing downtime.

Leading Edge Advantages: Manufacturers who want to improve their production processes, minimize costs, and bring high-quality products to market faster should invest in modern packaging technologies such as KFG2-B.



What kind of powdered items can be filled by KFG2-B?

KFG2 – B Screw Powder Filling Adding Aluminum Capping Machine has flexibility in its product range because it can fill up all types of powdered things whether it is medicine or food or cosmetic or chemical.

How does the machine ensure accuracy in powder filling?

This machine comprises accurate measurement components that prevent wrong amounts from entering into cans hence avoiding wastages associated with spillages.

Is there variety in size and shape of containers acceptable on the machine?

Variety is allowed by KFG2 – B screw powder filling adding stoppers and capping aluminum machine when it comes to sizes, shapes, and types available for containerizing powders thus giving room for packing freedom.

What about an automated aluminum capping process?

A good example is where this system has been made fully automatic so that you only need to fix your objects into holders after which you press the start button; everything else will be done automatically including sealing them properly with aluminium caps.

Does it meet pharmaceutical industry standards?

The KFG2-B machine is developed to ensure compliance with the regulations and quality standards required in fields, for example, pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics.

What are the requirements for maintaining it?

To keep this machine working optimally as well as extend its lifespan, regular maintenance and cleaning are important. These may vary depending on usage or manufacturers’ recommendations.

Can it be put into an existing production line?

This way, you can integrate the KFG2-B machine into any packaging line without necessarily changing other equipment.

Which safety features should one look out for when buying a KFG2B capping machine?

It also contains emergency stop buttons, shields, and sensors which makes it safe to use while preventing accidents from occurring.

How does this save money for manufacturers?

By automating packaging processes, reducing labor costs, minimizing wastage, and enhancing efficiency over time helps manufacturers make cost savings.

Do users need training before starting to operate a KFG2B system?

Nevertheless familiarizing operators with its features and controls may call for basic training however; most manufacturers train their personnel properly.


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